Knock three times

My cousin is a long legged, fair skinned red head. She also has the greenest eyes I have ever seen. When we were younger I used to jerk off with images of Anna kneeling in front of me, looking up at my thick cock as I stroked myself to orgasm.

Fast forward 10 years and we became roommates. Although I haven't fucked her yet, nor will I ever get the chance as she is a confirmed carpet muncher. BUT that hasn't stopped us from playing together. Let me explain.

One or the other of us takes turns bringing home a hot chick that has had too much to drink, the other returns to the apartment "unexpectedly" and walks in on the action that is taking place in the livingroom.

Last Friday night was Anna's turn to bring home the plaything and let me tell you, she chose a winner. A little older than both of us, probably late 30's or early 40's, but a smoking ass and nice, firm titties. When I walked into the room, it did not surprise me at all that my cousin was in between her legs sucking on her puss because that is what she does, that is what she is good at. The MILF was hanging on to Anna's hair and looking straight at me as I pretended to be shocked that my cousin had company over.

Anna didn't skip a beat, in fact she added two fingers to the older woman's cunt and began to suck and fuck her at the same time. Her eyes widened as she realized that I was watching and hadn't taken a step back. She closed her eyes again and smiled lightly, which I took to mean that I was welcome to stay. I wasn't interested in watching though, I opened my pants and joined them on the couch and lightly tapped her on the lips with my cock as Anna made low humming sounds as she lapped pussy.

Without hesitation, (Sandy it turns out her name was) began sucking my dick and moaning as she was getting eaten. I switched spots with Anna and got down on my knees to taste Sandy while my cousin positioned her tight, clean shaven box on Sandy's pretty face.

I looked up at Anna and she smiled at me as she rode the older bird's face, I went back to licking and sucking and added my own fingers to her cunt and fucked her the same way as I had watched Anna. Her hips bucked as I ripped orgasm after orgasm out of her, much to the enjoyment of my happily bouncing cousin. I couldn't take it any longer, and without asking, I stuck my cock straight into Sandy's leaking cunt. She attempted to say something but her words with muffled by Anna's cunt and thighs. I quickened my pace and leaned into her as I fucked her as hard as I could.

From that point it didn't take me long to bust my full nut into her thirsty cunt. As I spewed into her I could feel her tight walls convulse against my thickness as she milked and caressed my veiny shaft. I thrust one more time deep into her and collapsed against her. I could feel Anna's hands run through my hair as Sandy rubbed my shoulders.

I pulled out of her with a plop and got up to go to my room, Sandy laughed and said "now where do you think you're going?"
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1 year ago
good story...
1 year ago
Damn that was awesome...pls tell more.