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Taking old Black cock

My time with Ken and Charlie was gathering momentum all the time,they would use me whenever they wanted but if im to be honest the first time i looked at Charlie he wasn,t a very nice person, he had a real hang up like everyone owed him something, he was very unkemped and his flat was very basic and rather dirty really, but i suppose for a man in his 60s what else was there to do.

I had decided to find out a little more about him as i only really new him as Kens mate from round the corner, so i quizzed Ken on it without him really knowing that i was snooping.

So whilst at Kens for dinner one Sunday i asked a few questions, so how did you and Charlie meet then Ken, oh it was many years ago young man,hes not a bad man really he just likes to be in charge, he was in the Army and always gave out the orders until one day he was caught fucking a young recruit in the showers and he was slung out and hes been angry ever since.

Oh i see so has he always been Gay then, yes he likes what he likes and thats it really,he likes young men very much, but he doesnt come around here a lot does he, no only when the mood takes him or i invite him round when i have young meat for him to use, you know he has a very select ring of friends that supply him with willing young men for him to fuck and abuse, young men like me you mean, yes,he also has a black friend with a very large penis shaped like a Banana and that spunks for England.

Oh really i said,your eyes lit up then young man did that turn you on when i said that, no i was just curious i said,but secretly i was getting hard under the table.

I havant mentioned this before young man as the man in question is just like Charlie has a very large chip on his shoulder about sex the rougher the better thats how they like it, no not for me either i said but secretly i had to meet this man with Charlie if i could arrange it.

So that evening i walked to Charlies flat not that i wanted to because he was always rough with me when he spoke to me and when he fucked me but i thought how else would i get to see the Black man with the big Banana cock, i knocked on the door and he eventually answered and said well well what do you want, nothing really Charlie just passing and thought id give you a knock to see how you are, well dont fucking stand there come in then and shut the door behind you.

I followed him into the lounge where he had parked himself in his chair next toi the fire, why arent you at Kens getting fucked like you normally are, no reason i had dinner there today and i have been to my Mumms and was just going home when like i said i would give you a knock thats all,did he fuck you then today, no i said he didnt even mention it, well dont just sit there show me your cock,i got undressed and he said stand in front of me and wank, i did as i was told and stood before him and pulled at my ever growing cock, thats it you dirty cunt pull that cock, his dirty talk was turning me on, when he pulled open his dressing gown and was sporting a very big erection, now get on your knees dirty boy and lick and suck me.

I did as i was told and proceeded to lick and suck that cock whilst he talked to me running his fingers through my hair and pulling so my head went back and i was looking him straight in the eye whilst sucking him,yes thats it you dirty cunt i like telling subs what to do suck and worship that cock,i sucked and licked for ages when i stopped for breath and said you have a cock like a black man Charlie very big and angry, have you had black cock before in your boy cunt, no i said, wait, he got up and pulled open a drawer and came and sat back down,keep sucking so i did then he was showing me a photo album with him and a very big Black man fucking a young boy of about 18 spit roasting him, god that made me hard, would you like some of this black cock in your boy cunt and mouth ay would ya, oh yes i said i would love it.

Then he was on the phone talking to someone,all the time i was still sucking his cock, about half a hour later there was a knock at the door, and Charlie told me to answer it naked, i was unsure but he shouted at me to dso it so i did,i went to the door and opened it and there stood the big black man, he walked in looked me up and down and said,good white boy and then he pushed me backwards and i stumbled into the lounge again, sit down you cunt he said and then took his clothes off and stood there naked with the biggest cock i have ever seen even bigger that Kens and Charlies.

Get on your knees and worship the cock thats gonna fuck you you cunt, i crwled to him and took his cock in my mouth and it started to grow as i was sucking it and he was saying yes thats it cunt suck it good for Douglas, while he was doing that Charlie came behind me and was putting a pair of white knickers over my legs and pulled then up around mt groin, then he said Douglas likes boys in white panties,then he slapped my face and said suck that black cock good and sat back in his chair.

Douglas then said spread your legs and show me your boy cunt, i did and then i realised the panties were cruthless, i was so hard and leaking spunk but also aprehensive of what was to come, yes thats it and then i felt lube being smeared around my boy cunt then he was behind me, here it comes white trash and then he was pushing in me, it took me a while to accomodate him fully but as soon as he was mostly in he was fucking me hard calling me names like white trash and i love white boy cunt around my black cock, he was fucking me hard and pulled my hair so my head came back, thats wken i saw Charlie filming the abuse of my arse, dont worry i need this to bargain with, then he leant forward and slapped my face and told me, you like black cock in your boy cunt dont you, i nodded my head yes when he told me, you will be getting a lot more to, we also want your s****r to, Douglas also likes young white big tits also, so my fate was sealed yet again i thought.

Douglas was at me hard now telling me he has seen the video of Ken and Charlie fucking my young s****r and he wants some and my s****r has agreed, why do they keep telling me and talking about my s****r when they fuck me i thought, thats when Charlie said we own you now and you will do anything we say.

Douglas was near to cumming then he shot his load into my used boy cunt and it felt like he was pissing in me there was spunk everywhere, i fell forwards and laid flat at Charlies feet, now go to my bedroom and wait for me and dont you dare clean yourself up, i did as i was told and went to his bedroom and waited.

After about 10 mins i heard the door open and close then Charlie was in the bedroom, he got into bed beside me and cuddled up to me, god he smealt of BO,then he said did you enjoy black cock in your boy pussy in a soft voice which i thought was strange, yes i said then he slapped my face and went down and started sucking my cock back to hardness, when he finioshed he turned me over and got between my legs and pushed into me, oh yes i like a nice wet used boy pussy and started to fuck me whilst slapping at my arse cheeks and face calling me names and pulling at my hair, take my cock you slut then he was cumming in me, oh yes oh yes, now clean my cock with your mouth which i did to his enjoyment, now fuckoff out of my flat you cunt.

I got home and took a bath having a long soak and thinking about the night i had just had, god i loved being used like that and there have been many more nights of me being used by dirty old men white and black.

Posted by squirt66 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Love it as always. Looking forward to your next recollection!
2 years ago
another great story. thanks