The Silent Entertainment

So i had left my number with man that accosted me in the public toilet and went about my daily routine as normal.I was at work a couple of days later when i recieved a message on my phone telling me to be at the same address the following Friday.

I was secretly thrilled, as if im honest the whole experience with that old couple really turned me on,i couldnt wait for the day to arrive all be it with a bit of trepidation as to what was installed for me.
I arrived at the time requested and knocked on the door,i was greeted by another gentleman who i had never seen before and who invited me in and instructed me to go and wait in the drawing room until someone came and got me.

I made my way to the drawing room and sat and waited for about 10 minutes when the lady of the house came in and greeted me in a very nonchelant way, like i wasnt fit to lick her boots,she gave me a bag and said put these clothes and il come back for you in awhile and she left the room with me feeling a little worried as she never really acknowleged me as look right through me.

I opened the bag and inside were a white pair of knickers along with suspender belt and stockings,shit i thought this might be getting out of hand as i have never really been into cross dressing before,before i knew it she had come back into the room and said in a stern voice, hurry up you are keeping people waiting so i put the clothes on and thought this is it ,no going back now.

The woman whos name was Brenda looked me up and down and said, very nice young man,now put this blind fold on and take my hand, to which i did, my heart was beating at a rapid rate by now as she led me to another room.

On entering the room it was silent, Brenda let go of my hand and said kneel SLUT,so i knealt down on the floor and then i felt hands all over me, some strong hands and some very gentle hands,these hands were pulling at my knickers and grabbing and pulling at my cock, i became instantly hard,because i didnt know who was doing these things to me,suddenly my mouth was f***ed open and fingers were inserted into my mouth and i was told to suck,i sucked on them fingers while other fingers wre being pushed into my arse.

I was then pushed forward so i was on my hands and knees when i felt someone in front of me, then a voice said open your mouth boy slut, i opened and i then felt a hard cock being pushed between my lips, god i was so turned on knowing that they could see me but i couldnt see them,suck you slut i heard voices say, i sucked that cock followed by another then another,jesus how many are there i thought,then i felt cream being rubbed around my arsehole along with heavy breathing, then a voice said ive been waiting for this all week Tom ever since you told me about this young man, then he was pushing inside me followed by quite foreful rocking movements,yeeeeeesss such a good slut you are boy, you are a teachers delight,now tell me do you like my husband fucking you young man came a womans voice,i was about to speak when a hard slap was put upon my bare arse cheeks, then a voice said you are not permitted to speak tonight you are a boy slut brought here to silently entertain my guests do you understand SLUT,just nod your head if you agree with what im telling you SLUT,i nodded in agreement with my now master.

The fucking went on for quite some time with men changing places, whilst 1 was fucking me another would be filling my mouth.
With all the fucking and sucking going on my blindfold had slipped a little just enough for me to see into the room, and before me i saw 3 men and 4 women all naked playing with each other, they were all older people not 1 youngster among them, there were women licking and sucking other women, women sucking men and men sucking other men, great i thought im not alone here and started to relax a little bit more.

Just then the lady of the house came and told me to lay on my back, which i did,then she squatted over my face again and told me to lick her and suck her like i had the previous week, yeesss young man bring me off with your tongue,and i started to lick every inch of that bold twat,i bit into her cunt lips which made her wince and moan then i saw a hand appear and start to rub at her swollen clit,yeeeeeessss do it make me cum make me cum you slut,then she was squirting, and the lady that had been rubbing her swollen clit was talking as Brenda was cumming, thats it mother in law give me your juice,to which she squirted everywhere covering me with cunt cream.

And thats how the night continued with me in the centre of the room in various positions be used by both men and women, with there cocks and shaven cunts and me being made to lick and suck at all of them.

The night finished with me be led to the shower covered in spunk and cunt cream,all my holes had been filled and cream was dripping from me as i was being washed by Brenda,you are a good boy slut young man, you are our boy slut always remember that, your body belongs to us and when we need you, you will come to us do you understand that, i just nodded as she was still washing me.

She then got me out of the shower and laid me on the floor where she squatted over my face again only this time in the 69 position and told me to rough lick her while she sucked my cock, she then got up and squatted over my now solid cock and proceeded to fuck me roughly, saying you want to cum dont you my sweet, yes madam i do i said, just then the door opened and in walked the lady that rubbed her swollen clit to orgasm,mother she said are you being greedy, with that the other woman was in front of mother in law and pushing her cunt in to her face and telling her to lick her clit, i on the other hand was fast cumming and said as much when Brenda got up and her daughter in law took her place and fucked me and rode me hard making me cum in her married pussy.

The evening could not have gone any better, i felt well used but very satified to say the least,i was made to get dressed and told to leave the premises and await another call when they needed my services again.

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2 years ago
I just love your stories. Please write more :)
2 years ago
realy good,just gets better