The Public Toilet

It was a warm Saturday afternoon and i had decided to get out and get some air and to clear my head after the long week at work.I headed out and drove along the coast taking in the scenary and just enjoying the sunshine.

It was about 3 ish in the afternoon when whilst driving i needed to take a piss and found a public toilet on the coast road, i pulled in and went inside,it was your typical public toilet a little the smell of stale urine floating about everywhere,i found the urinal and unzipped my fly and began to let it flow, whilst standing there an elderly gentleman came in and planted himself right next me, which i thought was odd as there were 6 other urinals around us so why stand right next to me.

I was quite consious of him looking at me so i turned my head to face him and he just smiled at me then looked down at my cock, which i in turn looked down at his, he then said to me nice girth there young man,i smirked and said thankyou, he then started to shake his dry and zipped himself up,i was still pissing when all of a sudden he put his hand down and grabbed my cock right at the base and started to squeeze my cock tight, this brought a tear to my eye as i hadnt finished pissing myself yet,very nice he said and then proceeded to put a card in my top shirt pocket and said call me if you dare, he then let go of my cock at which i let out a sigh of relief and wlked out and went on his way.

I stood there thinking to myself did that just happen, i must attract dirty old men, i finished up washed my hands and left the toilet and made my way to my car and sat there trying to take in just what had taken place.

It was then i remembered the card he had placed in my pocket and proceeded to take it out and have a look what it said, it had an address on it not to far from where we had been and the name Thomas on it, that was all a very bland card i thought if he was a buisness man.

I left it a week and decided to give it a go just to see what this man was all about and what he had in mind for me.I found the house parked up and made my way to the front door, the house was very big and rather old looking not shabby but could of done with sprucing up a bit, i rang the bell and waited for a minute or two, when the door opened i was greeted by a well to do lady of about 55 who said can i help you young man, to which i said, i had been given this card by a gentleman last week and if i wanted to come round then to do so, she looked at me and said ahh that would be my husband Thomas she said come in and follow me, i followed this lady and was admiring her from behind and thought very tidy nice breasts and quite a nice looking arse for her age.

She led me into a rather large drawing room and told me to sit while she went and got her husband, i was looking around and thought there were no photos of f****y around which i thought was strange then thought maybe they didnt want k**s and wanted to persue other things in life.It was then the door opened and in walked the man that had accosted me in the public toilet that day followed by his wife, ahh i see you have taken up my offer young man to visit me,he then was pacing around the room while his wife sat in a high backed arm chair just staring at me.

Stand up young man and undress, what i said, you heard me UNDRESS in very stern voice, added to which his wife said , i would do as he says young man he can be very nasty when he wants to be, i stood up and removed my clothing until i was naked, my cock had started to stir and was semi hard when Thomas said, i told you dear he would submit to me, i couldnt believe i was hereing this and thought his wife was going to be leaving the room once i had disrobed, ok dear you were right she said, now come over here young man the woman said, i walked over and she placed my hands upon either side of the arms and held onto me, when all of a sudden her husband was behind me prodding at my arse with what i can only descibe as a thick heavy cock.

Breathe young man she said, my husband will not hurt you and then he was rubbing cream all around my arse, then he was pushing until he had buried his meat right inside me, his wife was smiling at me while i was grimmacing in front of her when she reached out and started to stroke my cock in her slim but slender hands, very nice penis you have there young man, she was talking to me while her husband was forcfully rendering my arse into submission with his masterful cock, ahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh were coming from his mouth when he said make him cum Brenda make the dirty boy cum, and she started to wank me very fast, he was cumming now and let out and slow moan whilst filling me with his man seed.

I was spent leaning up against the armchair when the gentleman said leave your phone num,ber with my wife il be calling you soon young man,i have friends who will be needing your services, with that he left the room.

His wife was looking at me and said lay on the floor young man to which i did and she got up out of the chair and proceeded to undress, once fully undressed she walked over to me and stradled my head and squatted over my face with her shaved cunt inched from my lips, she grabbed the top of my hair and pulled me up and said EAT, i pushed forward and started to lick and suck at her cunt lips with vigour, ahhhhh yessss you do that well young manthats it arggggggggg yes, then she got up and said i need to make good use of this young cock, do you need to cum my sweetie yes you do dont yoy, with that she she strddled my cock and sunk her wet cunt down on it and proceeded to ride me she had been riding me for 10 minuted when she got up and straddled my head again and said bring me off with your tongue young man and dont stop until i squirt my juice all over your face.

She was riding my tongue like i had never expericenced before screaming and bucking, then it hit me she started to squirt in jets cum was cascading everywhere, in my mouth and hair and she just kept my head there, goddddd so good , so good,she then turned around and started to wank my cock which had been leaking cum profusly, thats it young man give me your young cream you dirty discusting boy, yesssssssssssss thats it as i started to cum all over her slender fingers.

I was spent and was just laying there when she had got up and got dressed, she told me to dress and to leave my phone number on the cabinet by the phone and to shut the door behind me when i leave.

What a day i thought as i made my way to my car and headed home,i did leave my number and they did contact me again, added to which the next time i visited them they had invited friends and i was the entertainment for the evening.

Part 2 will follow shortly you will not be disappointed.

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1 month ago
God I wish I could meet a perfect couple like you
2 months ago
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
let's hear about part 2. Please
2 years ago
Another entertaining story! Definitely got me rock hard again. Looking forward to the next one.

2 years ago
Very hot!!! cant wait for the next one!
2 years ago
MMMM yes nice start, cant wait for part 2!!!!!! x
2 years ago
A good time was had by all! Very nicely done, thank you. More please.
2 years ago
Nice story, will wait with anticipation for the next enstallment x