The Old Pervert And The F----y Member

So my life now consisted of going to work and being a big cock slave to Ken and his friends whenever they wanted me.

This went on for quite some time and i was beggining to get a little bored if im honest, i was going to call Ken and tell him that was enough for me now and that i was going to move on in life.

I called him and said what i had been thinking when he got really angry and said, i say when you have had enough young man you got that, and if you dont do as i say i will be posting that little video of you through your parents door of you taking my cock, im sure they will like that wont they he said,so here i was trapped,now be round my flat tonight at the usual time, and he put the phone down.

I went round and he greeted me as usual in his dressing gown, and he was being nice, he got me a drink and then said bedroom i want your cock to suck and your boy cunt to fuck,i just did as he said and went to the bedroom and got undressed he came in and said, good boy now sit on the chair, to which i did and he was straight between my legs hungrily sucking and licking my cock, making real slurping noises, and saying things like i love boy cock and spunk.

Its funny because i was loving him sucking my cock and i thought to myself i dont want this to end,just then something really weird was said by Ken when he knew i was close to cumming he said, i was talking to your the other day young man, what a lovely girl she is, shes 19 now isnt she and i could only say,yeeessss,as i was close to shooting my load, yes she certainly is well endowed with those big tits of hers i wouldnt mind having them myself, oh god i said as i started to leak spunk from my now throbbing cock, yes thats it young man give me your young boy cream, why i talk about fucking your s...ers tight cunt and giving her my dirty spunk just like i give it to you,ooohhh god his talk was tipping me over the edge and i started to cream, and ken just pulled away and started to wank my cock making me squirt up his arm.

Oh my god why was i getting off with him talking about fucking my, now get on your favorite place and give me your boy cunt, i crawled to that dirty smelly mattress and on my hands and knees spread my arse cheeks wide, when he was behing me, thats a good boy slut, and proceeded to slide his big horse cock into my now stretched arse, yes take that you cunt he said, and i was starting to get hard again,he stared to feel for me and wank my cock back to life and he stared talking about my s****r again, yes young man im gonna fuck your s...ers young cunt the first chance i get i cant believe i havant noticed her before, please Ken i said, please dont go after my s...ers, shut your fucking mouth i know you get off on me talking like that so just shut up and take my spunk, with that i heard them all to familier moans then he was shooting in my arse.

After i had left that night i wass laying in bed and remember thinking to myself, he would have no chance with my, she is not into old men like me, but he was right about one thing she was well endowed in the tit department.

The next week started just as much as the same really me going to work and coming home and sometimes working from home in the evenings,it suddenly dawned on me that i had not heard from KLen at all this past week and thought to myself thats funny he must be busy or something, so i left it til the following week and decided to give him a call.

Hello Ken its only me i havant heard from you for a couple of weeks is everthing ok, yes young man just been visiting relatives you know how it is sometimes, do you want me to come round this weekend as i need to know so i dont make any plans, no not this weekend young man i have visitors i will call you when i need you ok, ok i said and left it at that.

The following Friday i get a call from Ken saying i need you tonight young man so be round mine at the usual time ok, ok i said see you later, i got home form work and my meal and nice bath and thought id visit my folks before going to Kens, Hello Mum its only me you ok, hello love yes im fine, wheres dad, oh hes at the club, oh right, wheres me s*s, shes gone to her friends for the week left this morning as her friend has just moved to a new apartment and your s****r said she would help her get settled, oh good wheres thats coffee then i asked, we had our coffee and said i had to be going said my goodbyes and off i went to Kens for the evening.

On reaching Kens flat he let me in as usual and got me a drink and we made small talk in his lounge, then there was another knock at the door and in came Charlie the other dirty pervert who alays looked dis shelved and unkempd, hello young man he said nice to see you again, i hope your ready to take some cock in your boy mouth, i didnt answer him and just nodded in his direction, Ken came back in with a drink for him and they stared chatting when Charlie said, have you shown him the video yet Ken, sshhh Charlie theres plenty of time for that, i thought to myself ive already seen that video of me so theres nothing new to show me now, but if they want to put it on again why they fuck me its fine by me i thought.

Right bedroom you dirty boy now, so up i got and made my way to the dirty mattress as usual, i was feeling very horny actually only because i hadnt seen Ken for nearly 3 weeks and i was full of spunk.I was undressed and sitting on the mattress when they both came in naked sporting very big erections waving about in front of them, Ken sat down in the chair whilst Charlie walked towards me pulling at his cock, saying open your boy slut mouth which i did, theres a good boy and he pushed his 8 inch meat between my lips and told me to worship his dirty old fat hard cock, i started licking at first thinking it tastes dirty like he hadnt washed it for days,he then was forcing my head down on it saying, thats it boy slut clean my cock of the juices thats been on it, as always i was only to glad to oblige.

I looked over at ken who was now wanking his cock and he looked at me and winked which i thought was strange, when he said we have a surprise for you young man, he then got up and put the T.V on and pushed a video into the machine and grabbed the remote and went and sat back down.

Charlie said get up to which i did and he pulled the dirty mattress up and put it in front of the telly,get on your hands and knees and watch the screen Charlie said, i did as i was told and spread my legs and looked vaguly at the screen, Charlie was behind me me rubbing his fat cock against my raw arse then he pushed in me saying, yes just how i remember it Ken, Ken just laughed and said fuck that boy cunt of his Charlie and make his cock hard,Charlie started to fuck my arse with renewed vigour saying, watch the screen boy, i was watching when Ken must of pressed play, i was gob smacked as to what i was looking at, ther on the screen was my naked on all fours sucking greedily at Kens cock, No i said please no, shut your fucking mouth you cunt just look at your sucking Kens big cock in her young mouth.

I couldnt believe what i was seeing my mind was in turmoil why had my s****r let them do this,your fucking loved my cock Ken said just look at her, i couldnt bring myself to watch but Charlie held my head up and made me watch as Ken was fucking her mouth saying, thats it my little big titted slut suck daddy Kens big cock for him, uuummm yes thats it, just then he pulled out of her mouth and told her to get on the mattress, the very mattress that i was on now, taking the same cock.

Charlie was ready to come and told me so, here it comes right in your boy cunt,yeeeee arggggggg, good boy, i fell forward near enough at Kens feet, Suck my cock now boy slut,i didnt want to as it was the same cock that had been in my s...ers mouth, he pulled me by the hair and f***ed my head down on that cock and im afraid to say i did start to suck that cock, when they took great pleasure in telling me how they seduced my and how they both fucked her and have been fucking her for the last 3 weeks.

So thats why i hadnt heard from Ken, he was fucking my on that dirty mattress and spunking in her 19 year old cunt and mouth, and how they have made videos of her to taking both there dirty old cocks at the same time to.

Im ashamed to say they made me watch that video right through and were talking dirty to me all the time and making me hard again, i was watching it and they were telling how she loved old cock now, and how they took her to another mans flat and 3 dirty old perverts used her cunt and big tits all night,and to make mmatters worse the other man was a friend of my f...ers,and he told her that if she ever said anything he would show my Dad the video of her submitting to Ken and Charlies cock and no one would believe her.

So ther you have it they take turns on me and my whenever they want but the saving grace for me is that they havent told her about me,as long as i go along with what ever they want me to do.


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Great,,,now go to your sister and tell her
2 years ago
great trilogy. keep them coming
2 years ago
loved it,so hot and horny
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We love old perverts with teenagers! More please.
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WOW!!!! another hot story loved it mmmmm More please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!