Old Pervert 2

Following on from that memorable 3 years being used by 2 dirty old men,i tried to settle down into a normal routine, i finished college and went on to university and gained my degree.
I became engaged and eventually married and had a daughter,but over the years something was still stirring within me about the things that happened to me all those years ago, i tried to put them out of my mind for the sake of my f****y and did, until my marriage ended in divorce some 3 years ago.

The divorce was amicable to a certain extent,and i was now back to a single life at the age of 27,i found myself a flat and tried to get back in some sort of routine,id been thinking about calling on Ken but never really had the courage to do so,eventually 1 evening i drove to my old neighbourhood and parked up, to see if i could catch a glimpse of him.

I had been waiting about an hour when i saw him come to the gate, the gate where he first talked to me all those years ago, i wanted to get out and say hello but the boyish part of me was still apprehensive,i was just going to get out when i noticed a young man start talking to him at the gate,they were in conversation for about 10 minutes when the young man walked off and Ken finished his cigarrette and went back indoors.

I sat wondering for a moment and then thought its now or never got out of the car and walked over to his flat and knocked the door,the door opened and there was Ken staring at me, hello Ken i said, well il be buggered he said,hello young man, come in come in,i went in and walked into that same lounge that i had been in before and all the raw emotion and images were flooding back to me of the times i was in here and on my hands and knees being fucked by Ken and his big angry cock.
Well what brings you back here he said,long storey Ken suffice to say my marriage has failed and im back in the area living in a flat,oh thats a shame he said,but i hope your ok, yes i am now, so i thought id look you up to see how you are so here i am.

Well im so glad you did young man, its funny he said, i was only talking about you to Charlie not so long ago,when we were having dinner in here together and we were talking about old times and your name was mentioned,my heart started to flutter when he said that, oh i said why was that, il show you, with that he turned on his computor and said pull up a chair, so i did and he said would you like a drink, yes please,so he went off and when he came back he had suddenly changed into that old dressing gown again and came aand sat next to me at the computor.

There you go theres your drink, then he started pushing buttons on the computorand a video appeared on the screen and he said you will like this young man, he always called me young man and never by my real name,with that i was looking at myself on the screen in Kens bedroom on my hands and knees on that dirty mattress taking Kens cock in my arse and Charlies cock in my mouth,where did you get this from i said, you never new about this did you i filmed it many years ago whem you were my fuck slut do you like it does it bring back good memories for you, i didnt know what to say i was dumb struck.

I looked at Ken and he was smirking all over his face whilst stroking his fat angry cock in his hand, go on then suck it and lick it in your boy mouth, you know you want to,im afraid to say i did suck that cock again and he did come in my mouth,thats it you dirty boy just as you did before you cant get enough of my cock, he was right this is what i knew would happen if i went round there and here i was doing the very thing i new would happen, me on my hands and knees sucking Old Kens big cock in my boy mouth.

Thats it, suck that cock some more, when Ken had had enough he said, you know where to go, and i did, to that dirty mattress which was still there in that same corner of the room, now get undressed and let me see that cock of yours, i got undressed and get was on the phone to someone, when he hjad finished he said now young man on your hands and knees i want to see your boy cunt, with that the next thing i new Ken was behind me rubbing his fat cock head around my boy cunt, then he was pulling at my now rock hard cock, yes just as i remember it, then he was in my arse pounding away at my boy cunt just as i remembered it.

It was nt until i turned round that i noticed another person in the room, god it was that young lad i had seen talking to ken earlier, he was naked and sporting a very impressive hard on, very nice Ken i dont know where you get them from he said, oh this one i seduced many years ago just like i did you, but he has come back for more.
Come over here Tim and feed your young cock into his mouth he loves that, i didnt know what to do and just kept my head down, when i didnt respond to him he grabbed my hair and said suck my cock you slut and with that i had an 18 year old cock forcing its way in my mouth and he was calling me names like boy sissy and cum slut.

Id like to say that was it, but i stayed at Kens flat for a whole week just being used by young and old cock filling my holes with there spunk, and yes i was put on that dirty mattress on my hands and kness whilst Ken,young Tim and old Charlie fucked me one after the other, abusing me and talking dirty to me and i loved it.

There are many more storeis to tell but il save them for another time.

94% (22/1)
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2 years ago
you tell a great story
2 years ago
good boy
2 years ago
cock hot now xx
2 years ago
Very hot...what a good little cock-sucking slut you are!
2 years ago
yes what a good session you had i love it, ore soon please....
2 years ago
Your dirty bastard...Tell us more.
2 years ago
another hot story.
2 years ago
realy good,looks forward to more