Crushing Cousins Part 8

As I lay there under Kathleen I tongued her arse, as I had been told, my early revulsion at performing this task long since passed by the desire to please her. She was my ideal woman, tall, stocky and really quite cruel, I fancied her and would have walked across broken glass if she told me to. I was also listening to their conversation, as Janet squeezed my balls making me wince and every so often.
Janet whined, "I don't know if I should fuck him, he likes that and I really like hurting him" ! Kathleen answered, "Well you could crush fuck him, I do it to Andy Stevens all the time, it is good fun". "Euch you didn't tell me you fucked him, he is gross how could you" ? Kathleen laughed, "I know but he is like David, a little runt, when I sit on him he can't get me off and I can do what I like to him". Janet asked, "Any road up, what is crush fucking I have never heard of it". "That's because I invented it, you sit on the boy facing his feet with his cock inside you. If you don't move he can't come and after a time you get really heavy and he starts to beg you to finish him. It is really funny because if he starts to go limp you only need to wriggle a bit, you can keep him like that for absolutely ages. I often go round to Andy's when his parents go to work and crush fuck him". By now Janet was so intrigued she had mercifully stopped squeezing my balls so hard, "So how long can you keep him like that". Kathleen laughed, "Ooh ages, I once crush fucked him for over 3 hours, he was begging me to let him cum after only half an hour, you get so heavy on their tummy, the bonus is when you have got them like that you have your hands free to hurt their balls as well". Janet giggled, "I like the sound of that, let's do it to David".
Kathleen suddenly got off me, "O.K. lets get him on the floor, I am not getting anywhere here, you are right he is having too much fun". With that I was dragged to the floor and Kathleen had taken the condom back and deftly put it on me. "Right sit on it and when he is fully inside you stretch your legs out so your full weight is pinning him down, come on I know you are not a virgin". As Janet mounted me she giggled again, "I told you that in secret now David knows". As she settled herself on me Kathleen answered, "Don't worry he isn't going to tell anyone, anyway I am going to sit behind you and make him keep licking my marigold. Let's go for a record 5 hour crush fucking, with both of us sitting on him we can really make him suffer"! Before I knew it I was indeed under both of them, Janet on my stomach with my cock impaled in her and Kathleen on my chest, both with legs outstretched so I was taking all of their weight.
Kathleen playfully tapped my face, "There you go puny David, you are being sat on by both of us again, that makes about 29 stones on you, Janet is going to keep you hard and punish your balls and I am going to keep moving up onto your stupid face and see how long you can hold your breath". "No you can't do this to me for......." and I was cut off, as with one swift bounce Kathleen landed right on my face.
Yes they did keep me there on the hard floor with both of them sitting on me and yes Janet did manage to keep me, more or less, hard for the whole time. By the time they did get off me I was past the point of pain, just completely numb. I lost count of the number of times Kathleen came on my face, but I vividly remember that when, at Kathleens instruction, Janet finally made me cum, it hurt like it never has since. My balls ached from the regular squeezing and punching that Janet loved doing and my cock had got really sore. My face was also very sore as Kathleen had sat and wriggled on it so much between sessions of bouncing on my chest that it looked like my first shaving rash. Oh please God our parents won't be back until late tomorrow at the earliest, what would they do to me tomorrow ???
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4 years ago
Great I just love having my face sat on by ladies and giving long arse and pussy worship sessions.
4 years ago
4 years ago
once again great story and loved it , will be waiting for the next session