Crushing Cousins Part 7

As we ate our fish and chips the girls teased me constantly, asking me why I liked them sitting on me, which one I fancied the most, what things they had done to me did I really liked. I was blushing constantly and remonstrated that with Nan poorly we should all be behaving, to which they both burst out laughing. Kathleen said, "Oh come on she is a stroppy old bag and none of us even like her. This is probably the first good thing she has ever done for us as it means Jan and I have got all night and all day tomorrow to play with you David". "But it's not right, you shouldn't be doing those things to me and I don't like it when you hurt me", I shouted at her. Kathleen grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me close to her. "You really are a stupid fuck David, don't lie to us, why do you think we always fight you and sit on you when we visit. Don't you think we can feel your cock get hard when we hold you down and sit on you, admit it you love us squashing you". As I stammered to try and argue she shut me up saying, "You have finished your dinner go to the bathroom and get undressed I need a word with Janet". Still blushing I went off knowing it was useless to argue anymore.
When I ventured out both of them were also naked, sitting on the edge of their double bed, immediately I felt stirrings in my groin at the sight of their large naked breasts. Janet giggled as Kathleen said, "We have decided to give you a choice David, you can come and lie on the bed and do everything we tell you to or we are going to beat you up and both walk and jump all over you in our high heels"! Without answering I walked over and climbed onto the bed and lay down next to them. "Good boy David, we have decided Janet is going to sit on your face first so make sure you give her a good licking". Janet wasted no time in swinging around and quite nimbly for a big girl manouvered so she was sitting full on my face with her legs stretched out straight, her weight pushed my head hard down into the mattress. Immediately I was unable to breathe smothered hard by her musky cunt and I started to struggle. I heard the muffled sound as Kathleen said, "Jan be fair you have to let him breathe you are suffocating him". Thankfully she moved back a bit and I gasped air in, she looked down at me over her massive boobs and grinned, "Better get your tongue in me David or I will move back up again". As I started to lick I heard Kathleen laugh, "Yep he is enjoying that Jan he has got a hard on".
As I pleasured Jan before long I felt the unfamiliar sensation of something being pulled onto my cock and Janet asked, "What are you doing to him behind me Kathleen"? "I got some Jonnies when I was out, I am putting one on him", she answered. Janet stopped squirming on my face and with a shocked voice exclaimed, "bl**dy hell Kath you can't shag him, he's our cousin"! Kathleen answered, " If you think I am spending a week in this shithole without a shag when he gets a hard on every time he sees us you are mistaken. Cousin or not, keep wriggling on his face I am putting him in me". I felt her straddle me and then the unfamiliar and very pleasant feeling as she guided me inside and sank down onto me. "Is he in you yet"? Janet asked. "Ooh yes, up to the hilt, now shut up and let's ride him. Life then became a blur and admittedly I came before they did but eventually and I lay under my cousins as they sat on me.
Eventually Kathleen pushed Janet off me and I lay there looking at her statuesque body as she sat astride me with my shrinking cock still trapped inside her, feeling her muscles contracting on it. She wiped Janet's cum from my face with the back of her hand and breathlessly said, "There David I have taken your cherry that didn't hurt did it"? "No", I answered quietly, "It was really nice".
Kathleen moved off me and started to remove the condom and Janet immediately started, "If you can have a shag then so can I". Kathleen interrupted her, "I think he will need to recover first, but I am going to sit on his face and make him tongue my arse, my friend Jenny says her boyfriend does that to her and it is lovely". "No you can't make m.... umph", as Kathleen cut me off by landing squarely on my face. "Janet squeeze his balls hard until he sticks his tongue out, it is obviously time to start hurting him to make him do as we tell him. Immediately my afterglow of ecstacy turned to agony as Janet eagerly grabbed my balls and squeezed and as my eyes watered I pushed my tongue into Kathleens asshole.
Kathleen pushed back hard onto my tongue and Janet continued squeezing and twisting my balls and soon I realised that despite the pain and humiliation I was getting hard again. Kathleen handed Janet a condom and laughed as she said, "Good job I bought 2 packets, we know how to get him hard again let's shag his fucking brains out tonight. By the time he gets out from under us both his cock and his tongue will both be worn out".......
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4 years ago
those 2 bimbettes would have had a war on their hands to do that to me and it would have ended with me in charge not 2 lil'sluts
4 years ago
keep the good story's cuming nothing better then a ass on the face on love to eat a lady's ass