More than he bargained for !

Unlike my previous stories this one is a pure figment of my imagination.

David stood nervously at the door of the large Victorian house wondering if he was making a mistake. She was the only one who had answered his advert who seemed to be serious, but her tone on the phone had worried him slightly. His advert had read, "Small guy wants to meet with a lady to sit on me for longer than I am comfortable with, very large ladies welcome". Before he could change his mind the door opened in answer to his knock. In front of him stood a real Amazon, one of the biggest women he had ever met. She had to be around 6 foot 7 inches in her very high heels and obviously very large under the large dressing gown she was wearing.
"You must be David, come on in and follow me to the lounge, shut the door behind you", and she strode off down the hall. By the time he entered the large back room she was already seated and waved him to sit on the armchair next to her. "You are much smaller than I imagined David, are you really sure you want me to sit on you, I think my 22 stones will crush you like a bug". "Yes Mistress Monica", the term they had agreed on the phone, "I have always like to be sat on but my wife always gets up when it is getting interesting. I have always wanted the lady to carry on even after I am begging her to stop". "Alright, it is really no skin off my nose, but I want the money up front and you must sign this", she said handing him a type written sheet of A4 paper. She added, "It is an agreement saying you want me to do this and absolves me from responsibility if you suffer any injuries". He was so nervous in her presence he quickly signed it and handed it back together with the sum they had agreed.
"O.K. David, strip down to your underpants and go and lie face up on the bench, time is money let's get started", pointing to a long low padded bench which he had not noticed before. As soon as he was in place she got up and walked over to stand next to him and dropped her robe to the floor. Blimey he thought, she is huge, dressed only in bra and pants and her heels it was now plain she big she really was. Without hesitation she straddled him and sat down gently on his torso, not saying a word, settling her weight on his torso and stretching her legs out straight. David had been sat on many times before but this was something else, this lady was heavy with a capital H.
He gasped as her immense weight compressed his body onto the bench and asked, "What is the safeword when I can't take anymore" ? She laughed and looked at him contemptuously, "There is no safeword David, you wanted to be squashed and trust me you are going to be" ! She reached into her bra and pulled out a mobile phone, "Now I have to make a call David so keep quiet and I won't have to move onto your face to keep you quiet" !
"Yes he is here now I am sitting on him already, he ain't going anywhere. He is a lot smaller than I expected, this is going to be so easy". After a short pause she continued, "Yes the camera is running, he didn't notice it and I just wanted to check you still want to see him really suffering some real pain". Again a pause and after answering with a chuckle, "Oh trust me he will regret this big time", she hung up.
"That was your wife David, she suspected the advert was yours and has paid me handsomely to really hurt you and film your suffering. The camera is up there on the shelf so let's get started". David gasped, "I don't understand what's going on here" ? She laughed, "Your wife is not pleased you are advertising for your fetish and found me before you did, I really love hurting guys and am built to do just that, so let's do some butt bouncing" ! With that she lifted up and slammed back down on his body, forcing the air from his lungs with a loud whoosh. Again and again she did it until she settled back to sitting on him. She looked up at the camera on the shelf, "That was thirty bounces, I am sure you can see how red his face is already, let's go for another thirty. If he could speak I am sure he would be begging me to stop, let's hope he doesn't pass out soon I am really enjoying this". By the time she stopped again he was close to passing out with the pain and as she got her breath back she started to slap his face. "Come on David stay with me, it is only fun for me if you are feeling this. It is so good knowing I am crushing your stupid male body and it turns me on so much to feel your heart pounding away under me". Again she called on her mobile, "Oh yes he is really suffering, I know it has only been about half an hour but I am sure he already feels as if a bus has parked on him". After another pause and some laughter, she continued, "If you are sure but I think you will need to come and pick him up. I don't think he will be capable of walking and may need to go to A&E. She hung up and slapped him again.
"That was your wife again David, she wants me to carry on so I think we will go for another hard bouncing session by which time I should be really ready to make you give my fanny and arse a good licking. You may well end up with some some damage but it is going to be another hour and a half before she can get here". "Please no more I will give you more money", he gasped under her crushing weight. "Oh David she has already paid me for this and anyway it is not about money now, it is about giving her a good dvd to keep. By the time she arrives I am going to have squashed you flat and loved every minute of it, I may even have her bring you back when you have recovered for another session, I didn't realise I would enjoy this so much".
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