Crushing Cousins Part 5

As I was about to leave the bathroom Kathleen called out to me, "Come on David lunch is ready and don't even think about putting any clothes on, we haven't so you can't either". I entered the lounge where there were sandwiches on the table and Kathleen was sitting on the bench seat on one side and Janet was sitting facing her. Kathleen patted the bench next to her and ordered me, "Come and sit next to me David, I want to see what my heel marks look like now". Still embarrassed at being in the presence of my 2 cousins, both undressed, I sat down trying not to look directly at them. Kathleen pushed me back into the seat and looked at my stomach, her big tits jiggled in front of me, "Fantastic you can really see the marks have left, do they still hurt David" ? "They are very sore", I complained and rubbed my stomach. "Oh stop moaning puny boy, you are very lucky, Janet wanted us both to sit on you while we are eating but I said you need a rest before we start again. Eat some sandwiches and then we can get going again I want to see if I can mark my initials onto your chest with my heels".
Janet exclaimed, "Oh Kathleen I want to sit on his face and make him lick me again and you told me I can wank him next time". Kathleen laughed, "Don't worry s*s. we can do all of that and much more". I complained, "Please, why do you want to hurt me, I don't deserve this". Kathleen reacted strongly and slapped me, "You don't think we came here because we wanted to do you, we were told we had to to keep you company so we will do what we want with you".
When we finished eating Kathleen, who was obviously still cross with me, pushed me off the bench and pushed me again so I fell onto the floor. "Come on Janet, sit your big arse on him and bounce his stupid body to a pulp, I want to hear him beg us for mercy". Janet jumped up and moved to stand over me and looked down at me, "Are you ready" ? and she dropped her arse heavily on my stomach. "Ooooomph", exploded from my lips as the air shot out of me and my world was suddenly one of pain. She just lifted again and again pounding me repeatedly under her bum, howling with laughter as my gasps got weaker. Eventually tired she settled to just sitting on me, panting from her exertions. Kathleen laughed, "That should have softened him up s*s. turn around and sit on his face and I'll teach you how to wank boys off".
Janet turned round and shuffled backwards until her massive backside engulfed my face, I panicked as my airways were cut off by her bulk, but thankfully she moved back a bit further until I could just breathe, but it positioned my nose right up her arse. I tried to move my head to one side but she was to heavy and her weight on my nose cartiledge was really uncomfortable.
"Ooh Kathleen, I have got his nose right up my bum", she chuckled. "Well move a bit" ! "Not bl**dy likely it feels good". Kathleen laughed, "Right let's teach you how to wank a boy, look he is already hard and ready, grab his cock in your right hand and his balls in your left. Then start to move slowly at first and squeeze his balls lightly, hard if you want to make him lick you", much laughter. The next thing for me was a great pain shot through my balls, "Get your tongue in me David", I heard Janet yell. I licked and licked as Kathleen instructed Janet in the art of wanking until eventually I shot another load over her hand and my stomach. "Yeuck", she yelled, as she squeezed my balls really hard and started to grind her arse hard onto my face until I finally managed to make her cum as well. Any thoughts I had of a quick escape vanished as she continued to sit full weight and squeeze my balls.
Eventually I heard Kathleen say, "Come on Janet get off him before you suffocate him" and Janet swung herself off me, still clutching my ball sac. "Drag him over to the wardrobe, so I can steady myself I can't wait to mark his chest". I went to protest but Janet immediatly silenced me by viciously twisting and squeezing my balls. "Aaarg", I grunted as Janet giggled, "Oh you are so right Kathleen it is really easy to hurt these".
Janet let go of my aching ball sac and grabbing both my legs easily pulled me in front of the wardrobe. Kathleen said to her, "Kneel on his arms and cover his mouth this is going to make him yell a lot" ! As soon as I was pinned Kathleen stood up on my chest and started to dig her heels in moving every couple of minutes to reposition them. I screamed into Janets palm as Kathleens heels dug into my skin again and again until after what seemed an eternity of suffering she finally stepped off me. When Janet released me as well I was sobbing uncontrollably and rubbed my chest which felt as if it was on fire.
After inspecting my chest and declaring she would do much better next time Kathleen said, "Right we had better go and get dressed so we don't get caught". Janet moaned, "Shame I am really enjoying this", Kathleen laughed, "When we are dressed lets sit on him until their car arrives, it might be over an hour yet. Don't forget we still have another 4 days to go before we go home". My thoughts were very mixed, more pain but would I keep seeng them naked ???
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4 years ago
this was awesome plz keep the story going