Crushing Cousins part 4

My mind was in a turmoil, here I was with my 2 older cousins cousins both naked as I had imagined them to be so many times. The only trouble was Janet was sitting on me with her legs outstretched and I was torn between the suffering I was feeling from her squashing me into the caravan floor and the fact her immense breasts were only a couple of feet from my face. Kathleen who was sitting cross legged next to my head was threatening to stand on me in heels and although she was not as fat as her younger s****r she was tall and sturdy.
"Please don't hurt me any more", I gasped as Janets weight was really making breathing in difficult. "Please Janet let me up you are too heavy, it hurts". Janet looked at Kathlenn and said, "Cheeky little little fucker, he is insinuating I am fat, what should I do Kathleen" ? Kathleen laughed as she got to her feet, "If I were you s*s. I would bounce my arse on his stupid body until he apologises and begs you to sit on his worthless face again" and walked out of my sight behind Janet. "Good idea Kath" and she pulled her legs back to get her feet on the floor. Before I could protest she lifted several inches off my body and crashed back down again slamming the air out of me with a loud gasp. Again and again she did this before settling her legs out straight again. My ears were ringing and once again I could taste bile in my throat from the pounding my body had just received. I was groaning in pain as Kathleen returned to sit on my bed, but I noticed she was putting on her white high heeled shoes.
"O.K. Janet that should have stopped any arguments move up I am going to see how much it hurts pervy boy when I stand on him in these heels". Janet did seem shocked as she answered, "Do you think that's a good idea, you might really hurt him and I bet he will scream, someone might come". As Kathleen stood up she laughed, "Of course it will bl**dy hurt him and it isn't going to matter if he screams as you are going to move right up and sit on his face again really hard". I was terrified, "No no, please don't", managed to gasp out before hearing Kathleen order, "come on s*s shuffle up, I will lean on your shoulders to steady myself". Janet scooted her body twice finally landing fully on my face and I found myself looking up past her big belly at the underside of her breasts.
The next thing I felt was an immense stabbing pain on my lower stomach as Kathleen stood firstly with one foot on me and then both. The pain rapidly intensified as presumably she leaned back on her heels and yes I screamed, but it just made a farty noise against Janets crotch. Frantically I tried to twist my head sideways to get a breath, crying with the pain Kathleens heels were causing me. I heard Janet say, "Ooooh Kathleen that felt great against my marigold, hurt him more so he does it again". "I'll lean forward and you let him get a couple of breaths first and we will keep going". This carried on for what seemed an age until Janet obviously orgasmed on my face and finally they both got off me. I was sobbing and unable to move, everything hurt, my shoulders, my neck, my jaw and most of all my stomach.
Kathleen knelt down and Janet squatted on the bed, "Fuck me Janet look at the marks my heels have made on him, he is going to have some serious bruises soon". She pulled me up into a sitting position, still sobbing as I started to rub my tummy. Janet had her hand on her crotch, "Blimey kathleen that was incredible the best ever" ! Kathleen slapped me, "SHUT UP, STOP CRYING, you obviously enjoyed it your willy is hard again". "No, no it really hurt, please no more", I sobbed as I rubbed my belly.
Kathleen suddenly pushed me back down and moved to sit on my chest facing my feet. "Alright David youv'e had the pain here comes the pleasure" and she grabbed my erection and started to wank me. Janet giggled, "I have always wanted to watch this you do it to all the boys, you are famous for it". "Watch and learn s*s. boys will do anything if you wank them off" and very quickly I spurted as I came again. Kathleen laughed, "Too easy, I lied, the pleasure is followed by a bit more pain" and she grabbed my ball bag in her left hand and squeezed. As I went to scream out loud she moved backwards and sat on my face. "Come on puny boy get licking and the pain will soon go away". As I licked she kept squeezing my balls and soon she also came, grinding onto my tongue as did.
She stood up leaving me lying on my back and said to Janet, "There you go little s*s. hurt them enough and they will do anything to please you. Go and wash your face David it is covered in our cum and remember to wash your willy too. Come on Janet we will make us all a snack and then we will still have about 2 hours to play before we have to get ready before our parents get back".
I got up and shuffled off to the bathroom as they went into the kitchen area laughing and giggling, both still stark naked. As I washed my cock and belly I could see the marks Kathleens heels had made and wondered how I was going to stop them hurting me anymore. Truth was I really wanted them to stay naked, indeed my willy was even stiffening again at the thought....
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another good story ,