Crushing Cousins 2

For the next 2 days nothing really happened, everything we did was as a group with our parents. The closest my cousins came to me was on a trip out where they opted to travel in my parents car and as we rounded every corner slid over the back seat to squash me between them. My parents thought this was funny and my dad was going as fast as he could around the corners to help their game. My young mind was in a turmoil as I knew I loved to be squashed by them but was worried about what they had said to me. They had already hurt me on the picnic, but had threatened to do it harder. They had made me be sick with their bouncing and knee drops, what else were they planning. During the 2nd night after the picnic I found out.
Embarrassed by the fact they knew I had been spying on them despite the modesty blanket hung between us I had stopped doing it, but their constant whispering and giggling intrigued me. Hearing them getting dressed and undressed was truly captivating for my adolescent brain and I took to quietly masterbating as I listened to their whispering the other side, imagining what they were talking about. Fast asl**p I was suddenly woken by a hand over my mouth and felt someone climb on top of me. As I came to I realised it was Kathleen and could see her outline in the moonlight as she straddled me, pinning me to the bed under the sheets.
"Shhush", she whispered in my ear, "everyone is asl**p, if you promise not to make any noise I will take my hand off your mouth". I nodded and she sat up, giving me a full view of her in her nightie. "What do you want" ? I whispered and she bent back down to whisper in my ear again. "Me and Janet know you like it when we sit on you and we can hear you playing with yourself when you are in bed, do you want to go on another picnic with us" ? I whispered back, "Yes but you said you were going to really hurt me, why" ? She giggled quietly, "because we can, you are so weak it is easy, we know you love it really pervy boy, don't you" ? I was grateful it was dark and she couldn't see me blush, but it was the truth and I knew it. She continued, "we know you really want to see us with no clothes on and will let us do anything we want to you, so tomorrow you are going to say you are not well and me and Janet will offer to stay here and look after you". My mind raced, what were they planning ? With that Kathleen sat up, still straddling me and lifted her nightie up to her neck, for the first time in my life I gazed at a nude female torso and those large tits that fascinated me.
"Is that what you want to see David" ? she whispered and pulled it right off over her head. I was in complete shock and before I could answer she got off me and pulled the covers back leaving me lying there in my PJ's. She put one knee onto the bed and immediately I was confronted for the first time by a full view of a fanny in the moonlight. She bent down again and whispered, "you can have a close up of my marigold if you want but you will have to be quiet", in total shock I just nodded. Kathleen moved round to the head of my bed and sat back onto my chest, her fanny was just inches from my face. "I am going to let you lick me and if I like it I will do something for you" and she moved up so her fanny was on my lips. She reached behind her into my PJ's and grabbed my cock, not surprisingly fully erect. I started to lick, despite the musky taste as she started to slowly wank me, I was in absolute heaven !
Unsurprisingly I came very quickly and she continued to push her fanny onto my face as I carried on licking, totally ignorant as to whether I was doing it right. After a short time she got off me and wiped her hand on my PJ jacket as she crouched down and whispered in my ear. "Not bad pervy boy, just remember to be poorly in the morning, I think we are going to have some real fun tomorrow". With that she picked up her nightie and slipped back behind the curtain. I pulled the covers back over me, my mind racing with the things that had just happened. Unsurprisingly I didn't fall back asl**p and just lay there with my damp PJ's drying.
The next morning I heard the girls wake up and straight away heard the whispering and giggling, often intermingled with outright laughter. When my mum came through to get me up I feigned a bad stomach and told her I wanted to stay in the caravan. I lay there as they all got ready, breakfasted and discussed what they were going do as I was ill. I heard the girls tell our parents to go ahead with plans to visit a nearby castle and they would see I was o.k. Eventually the adults agreed and as they left I heard my mum say, "thanks girls look after him, I am sure it is only a bug and he will feel better soon". I heard Kathleen call back, "Don't worry Sue we will certainly look after him" and the girls came in, shutting the door behind them. As the car pulled away the blanket curtain was suddenly pulled back and Janet ran over to me and plonked down on my stomach.
Kathleen stood laughing and said to me. "Well done pervy boy, I have told Janet what we did last night and she is up for it". With Janet still sitting on me I said, "I've done as I was told, please don't hurt me a lot". Kathleen laughed again, "we have the caravan all day so we won't need clothes on, Janet and I are going to sit and bounce on you, stand and jump on you, make you lick our cunts loads of times and wank you silly. O.K. Janet, bounce hard on him, lets start to soften him up". Janet laughed, "my pleasure, then can I sit on his face and make him lick me" ? Kathleen started to undress, "Trust me s*s. he is going to be licking us both lots, he may have to learn to breathe through his ears by tonight. Start bouncing and when he is begging you to stop get his PJ,s off, I'm sitting on his face first" .......
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