Crushing Cousins

They say early experiences shape our psyche and in my case it is certainly true. My fetish for being pinned down and sat on by larger ladies was started during my mid teens in the 60's and influenced me enough to lead to my marrying to a much larger lady and subsequently becoming her "Squashtoy". As the smaller, subservient one, I and spent many hours of being, squashed, facesat and performing long arse worshipping on her and latterly her best friend.
As I said in an earlier story I was always a very small boy and and whenever my 2 older female cousins visited with their parents we were despatched to my room. They loved to wrestle me and take turns sitting and bouncing on me to make me cry, making me promise not to tell anyone. This carried on into my teens and secretly I always teased them to make them angry so they would sit on me.
When I was about 15 both families holidayed for a fortnight in a mobile home in the south. There were 2 bedrooms which the adults claimed, myself and my cousins slept in the lounge separated by a blanket hung between us. As a young teenage boy I was really excited to be so close to them. The oldest, Kathleen was a tall, sturdy girl, my head barely came up to her breasts and her s****r, Janet was a couple of inches shorter but carried a lot of "puppy fat". I quickly started started to spy on them whenever I could, trying to see them in states of undress.
On the 3rd day our parents decided to go out for the day, leaving us to amuse ourselves in and around the park. We made up a picnic box and decided to find a spot to set up, soon finding an empty field close behind the park. As she unpacked the stuff Kathleen realised we had not put in a blanket and an argument started as to whose fault it was. Kathleen said that she was not going to sit on the grass and would just have to sit on me. A scuffle ensued and very quicky her and Janet had got me down and Kathleen was sitting sideway on my chest.
As I started to protest Kathleen said, "We know you have been spying on us so we planned this. You are always teasing us to get us to sit on you and we plan to spend all day hurting you for fun". With that she twisted round to sit on my chest and threw her skirt over my head, "there you go pervy boy, you wanted to see my knickers, there they are. Come on Janet get behind me and sit on his stomach". Soon I felt Janets weight add to her s****rs and they were both sitting on my body with their legs out straight so all of their weight was on me. "Come on Janet now we have a comfortable seat let's start our picnic".
As I lay there under both of them they rapidly got very heavy and my body started to ache under the pressure as they ate and laughed about how uncomfortable I must be.
After about half an hour I was pleading breathlessly to be allowed up and heard Janet ask how long they should keep me there. Kathleen pulled back her skirt and laughed, "you are very red David and I can feel your heart beating", Janet laughed and added, "his stomach is very squidgy. I'm sure it's getting flatter". Kathleen looked at me and the expression on her face scared me, especially when she said, "I think we should soften him up a bit more Janet, bounce very hard on him, 20 times should do for a start. I felt her lift off me and then without warning she landed hard on my gut forcing the air out of me with a loud grunt. Kathleen laughed, "one down 19 to go, and again Janet".
By the time Janet had done my head was spinning and my body was really hurting and it was with lots of relief when they both stood up and stepped off my prone body, too sore to move.
My relief however was short lived as Kathleen suddenly dropped with both knees into my stomach, causing me to cry out loudly and double up as far as her still kneeling on me would allow. "That's right pervy boy cry as loud as you like nobody is around to hear you, Janet sit on his chest I am going to stand on him and do some more of those knee drops. Janet did as she was told and Kathleen did indeed do several more knee drops and kept on standing on my stomach. By the time they had done and let me up I was feeling really bad and threw up several times.
This obviously scared them and when I had recovered enough Kathleen said to me "you mustn't tell anyone about this or we probably won't be allowed to see you again, but no more spying or next time we will carry on no matter how sick you get".
As we walked back I started to feel better and asked them, "I won't spy on you again but please will you both sit on me again soon" ? They both burst out laughing, Kathleen stopped and crouched down in front of me. "We knew you liked it really, carry on trying to see us in our undies and we will soon have another picnic". Janet added, "next time David we might even try and really hurt you, lets go for 200 bounces and knee drops each Kathleen and then both sit on him for a couple of hours". The look of panic on my face reduced them both to helpless laughing, but as it turned out they were serious.............
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