"Squashtoy" part 3, my wife involves her

I hope you enjoyed the quite tame earlier parts, this is where I hope it gets more interesting.

It quickly became clear to me that this was not going to be the normal squash and lick session as my wife pulled up her skirt to her waist while sitting full weight on my stomach. Briefly I saw that she had already removed her knickers, as soon she lifted up her skirt and moved up to sit directly on my face. this was not the usual seat high up on my chest allowing me tongue access to her clitoris, it was a full facesit.

As her pubic bone pushed up hard against the cartiledge of my nose she settled down onto my face and her weight pushed down hard on my jaw forcing my mouth open and her sex right onto it. It was immediately obvious her conversation with M had turned her on as she was already very wet and as her sex settled around my mouth it made a perfect seal. Already breathless from her recent bouncing I soon began to panic as in this position I was unable to even breathe through my nose. Frantically I tried to push her buttocks up and twist my head as panic set in due to my inability to draw a breath. Her reaction was to lift up off my face and slam back down hard on my chest forcing my quick in breath back out with a loud gasp.

"I told you, get your tongue inside me and make me cum or I am going to bounce on you so hard you will pass out", she yelled. Before I knew it she was back on my face and was pulling on the top of my head as she started to grind around. I pushed my tongue into her and started to try and please her, but her urgency made it difficult as frequently her weight ground it into my teeth and her weight was really starting to make my jaw ache. Thankfully, this face **** was fairly rapid as soon I realised her body was convulsing in the throes of orgasm, much quicker than normal and she actually gushed into my mouth. As the spasms came she gripped my head hard between her thighs and as they subsided I was able to catch quick breaths as she relaxed back to sitting on my chin and chest. Soon she moved back so she was sitting fully on my chest, breathlessly she said, "blimey that was the best yet, I think I will have more of that later"!

She lifted her leg and changed to sitting sideways on my upper chest as I heard her dialling on her mobile, I was finding it hard to get my breath back with her 15 stones sitting on me. As I strained to breathe under her weight I heard her talking to M telling her what she had just done to me. To my horror she invited her back to watch her continue to sit on me and I realised M had agreed. I started to plead with her not to do this and she made it plain that unless I could get her off me it was going to happen.

In the 10 minutes it took M to arrive I tried to beg J not to let her watch but every time she cut me off by lifting about a foot off me and dropping her butt down on me very hard. Soon we heard M come in through the back door and as she entered the room she exclaimed, "Oh my God you really are sitting on him again" ! J laughed, "I told you he really is my personal squashtoy with a variety of uses, hear let me adjust my position and you must come and join me.

J lifted her leg over me and ended up sitting on my chest facing my feet, so I was looking up at her back. "Come on M you can sit on his stomach, I'm sure he would love to be sat on by both of us. It was a very brief argument before I felt M's weight on my tummy and the pair of them start to joke about my predicament. J joked about how my puny arms could not move her 15 stones off, so I stood no chance with about 29 stones on me. It was very true and before long my body started to really ache under their combined weight

I soon started to whimper to be let up and without stopping her conversation J pulled her skirt out from under herself and wriggled back until her arse cheeks f***ed my mouth shut. I heard her tell M she was ready to make me lick her arse, but did not hear the answer as she lifted a little and moved back to sit with her anus right on my lips. Despite the ringing which was starting in my ears, I heard the order, "come on then squashtoy, get that tongue out and give me some arse worship" !

If, at the time, I thought this was the end of the days proceedings or a "one off" event I was soon to learn very different. Depending on the interest I may post a couple of the duo sessions my wife and her friend had with me.....
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4 years ago
You have gone this far already..continue the story or I'll come on sit on you..all my 400IBS!! lol
4 years ago
I have posted a 3rd part, but have decided to make it the last. I don't want the other person involved to realise I have written about it.
4 years ago
dont stop now , tell us more ,