"Squashtoy" part 2

While my wife and her friend, who I will refer to as "M", were talking in the front room I listened at the door. I was quite embarrased as J told M all about the stories I had told her in confidence about how my cousins used to sit on me and make me cry. There was quite a lot of laughing as she carried on to tell M how she now did the same thing to me and how much fun it was to squash me for a long time and f***e me to beg her to move onto my face and let me lick her out, just to try and get some relief from the squashing.

M asked a lot of questions laughing at how surprised she had been to arrive and see J sitting on me on the lawn. She wanted to know why J was doing it and my wife carried on to explain that normally she either sat on me on the bed or on the crush bench in the back room and that this had been the first time outside. She told her how it turned her on to know I couldn't get her off and detailed how she loved loved to feel my heart beating under her buttocks as I struggled to support her weight and how much fun it was to bounce on my body and listen to my gasps and pleas for her to stop.

M asked her several questions and wanted more detail of what she made me do when she sat on my face, complaing that her husband had never given her oral sex in the 4 years they had been together. Much to my continuing embarrassment my wife continued to detail several of my sessions on the crush bench and also the Sunday ritual where she always sat on my chest on the bed watching her soap opera omnibus. I was horrified to hear her detail how she would gradually move backwards until her arse was on my face. There was a lot of giggling as she she told her in detail how she would get her bottom right on my face and order me to push my tongue into her arse. M was amazed to hear this and kept on saying "you never do" between laughter and J told her that was the fun thing about using me as her "squashtoy", she could f***e me to do anything.
I could hear that M was getting ready to go so I quickly went back to the kitchen and pretended to be busy cleaning. After she had seen M off J came into the kitchen where I was emptying the dishwasher.

"I know you were listening at the door you stupid bugger I could see your shadow under it, I think we have some unfinished business". I turned round and started to tell her that she had no right to tell M the things she had, but she shouted me down. She told me in no uncertain terms that she would tell her best friend anything she wanted and it was me in the wrong for listening. She went on to say that I still owed her an hour and a half under her and told me to go and lie down on the crush bench as she didn't want to get interrupted again.

I did as I was told, knowing from her face she was not going to take any more arguments. She followed me in and as soon as I was layed on it she straddled me standing over my body. "Telling M what I do to you has actually made me quite wet, so get ready because I am going to quickly make you beg me to move onto your face and make you lick my clit". Before I even had the chance to answer she landed hard on my stomach, causing me to grunt and gasp out loud. 3 more times she lifted herself right up and slammed down hard on my stomach. "Right squashtoy, now I have your full attention you will keep quiet and listen. I pleaded with her not to bounce as it really hurt and she laughed and told me to keep quiet or she would carry on until there wasn't enough air left in me to speak. "I am now going to move up and sit on your face and you will work very hard to satisfy me, if I even think you are not trying you may find breathing very difficult".....

Part 3 will follow soon, if you are interested to hear how J involved her friend in the sessions.
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4 years ago
Very much enjoyed reading your story..got me laughing..