Caught Upskirting a Granny

So as you can all see i like to get up-skirt. I still consider myself a novice but i try and usually take risks. The penalty for up-skirting is not something i want to face. The two things that get me wanting up-skirts more and more is of course getting to see the ultimate prize of knowing what kind of panties a woman is wearing under her skirt or if she is even wearing any at all. The second thing is the adrenaline rush which comes from knowing you might possibly get caught.

It was about a week ago when i had went to the dollar store and spotted a sexy granny wearing a long purple skirt. She had to be in her late 50's but was one of those grannies that took real good care of their bodies as a younger woman and now she looked good. Her skirt fitted her nice and snug to the point where you can just see the whale-tail shape of her thong on top of her ass. Naturally of course i was ready and willing to catch an upskirt so i got ready and waited till we were alone in the isle.

The card isle is the best isle to upskirt being that it allows you to crouch down as to be looking at the lower cards at the bottom. I knew this was going to be a hot easy upskirt as the granny was focused on choosing a card for who knows what. As i got my cell phone ready my heart began to race as it always does. i had crouched down right next to her and pulled my phone out my pocket and set it right between her feet facing up into her skirt. As i continued to act like i to was looking at cards, tried to keep a lookout for anyone else walking into the isle.

Usually i leave my phone under a woman skirt for atleast a good three to four seconds, but this time since i knew we were alone in the isle, i decided to push my limits and leave the phone under her for a very long time. It must had been at least 30 seconds before i couldn't risk leaving it down there for longer that i reached under and grabbed the phone. At the moment all i could think about was how bad i wanted to go home and see what i had captured but just as i was putting my phone back into my pocket i look over to the end of the isle and see a younger BBW woman standing there looking at me with her eyes wide open and covering her mouth with her hand surprised at what she was seeing me do. Instantly my heart began to race as my mind was racing a thousand thoughts per second. I didn't know what to do. I stood there and looked at her as she just smiled and almost laughed.

At this point im thinking she is going to say something to the granny, but as i stood their pacing acting like nothing happened she walked toward me and as she passed in front of me she said in a low voice,"We all know she is wearing a thong, my guess is a nice leopard purple thong to match the skirt". I smiled as she continued to walk pass me and the relief i felt was like no other.

The story ends on the good note that nothing happened to me and i didn't' get caught. But the down side of it all was when i went to see the video of it all, her skirt was too long to get any light up there and all that was there was darkness. I couldn't see anything. Neither me or the BBW that caught me upskirting will ever know what color thong the granny was wearing, all i know is that if i ever see that BBW again, and she is wearing a skirt, i will make sure i find out what color panties she wears.
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1 day ago
I think so too. She probably wanted me to do it to her. I should have got her number lol
7 days ago
I think the BBW lady liked you
1 month ago
Anytime...summer is much easier, skirts shorter, people happier, and more distracted. Be safe bro!
1 month ago
Thanks for the advise. I've since been more cautious and aware of my surrounding. I've looked up the penalties in my state and have really thought about being carefully. Ur right I do have a lot to loose for the two minute rush when upskirting. Havent done any in a while but when summer comes around ill be back on the "hunt" with all thise skirts around. Thanks again man
1 month ago
lol. good thing the lady who saw you wasn't a bitch.
1 month ago
I had the same in a card store. Little different but sure another person saw me. Just make sure your stuff is in a vault that requires a password, and then there is at least plausible deniability. But the risk you took isn't what you want. Short quick easy ones are best. Consider yourself a hunter, hunt for it, make it right. Lots to loose in this world. Don't loose, follow your gut.