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Picked up by a guy at the sexual health clinic ...

I went to get an HIV test at the sex clinic and tested neg.

I was walking out and I had to walk past the waiting room and saw this hot older guy sitting there. He was in his 50s, stocky bear build, bearded, sexy green eyes, all of which are my type. We made eye contact, I smiled and kept walking out of the clinic. I was crossing the street and heard someone yelling behind me, I turned and it was him. He came to me and said he thought I was handsome and asked for my number. I said sure and we introduced each other. He asked if I wanted to grab a drink, so I said sure. We had a few drinks and I had to run to the mens room.

The place was empty so I took my time, I was in a stall and I heard the door open and close and lock. I suddenly heard a knock on the stall door, I opened it and it was him. As I opened the door he pushed me back and locked the stall door and starting kissing me. He then said he wanted to fuck me right there, he then asked me if I was neg, and replied yes, he said good me too. I reached behind to get a condom and he said he only fucked bare and started to unbuckle my pants while making out. I told him I don’t do bare and he just told me that I would love it. He pulled out some poppers and shoved them under my nose.

I melted into his arms and he spun me around. Pulled my briefs down and pushed me into the wall, his arm was pushed into the back of my neck pushing my face into the dirty wall. He spit in his hand for lube and rammed his hard cock deep into my ass. I yelled out and he put his hand over my mouth to muffle me. He started ramming my hole hard and he kept me in the ideal position for him to pound me hard. He started to moan and whispered in my ear that he was about to make me his. He started to fuck me faster and he started to moan quietly. He leaned in and said welcome to the club my friend. I said what club, he replied that he lied about his status and he was poz and not on meds… !

I took a deep breath and tried to get away, he just pushed me back into the wall and started to fuck me hard again. He pumped 3 loads into me. I Don’t know my status yet - but that day turned me into a bareback bottom forever.

Posted by spurtnow 2 years ago
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1 month ago
I would so luv for this to happen to me
11 months ago
Nice and hot story...except last paragraph.Life is just too shoort...so try to live it the safest you can.Make some blood tests and believe you still neg.Enjoy life and sex, safe and tell us some hot stories, woof
1 year ago
I've had 3 guys who are positive bareback me,love the risk.x
2 years ago
Nice story
2 years ago
wow what a downer
2 years ago
nothing better then a poz story
2 years ago
sexy but so wrong, sue him or cut his dick off or make him think your going to.
2 years ago
For some reason this really turns me on. I've only fucked bareback and am still negative. I'm sure at least some of the many guys that have seeded my ass must have been POZ guys.
2 years ago
So sexy but also very stupid on his part!