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Just Found This Message In My Inbox !

"I want you to bend me over your table, take my hips and put your faggot cockhead on my faggot cunt, before you slide that cock inside of me i want you to tease me for a while,make me horny and beg for you to stick it balls deep inside with no lube so you can hurt my faggot asshole really bad,but i don't care because i'm soo fucking horny for your faggot cock and your cum inside,,fuck this faggot asshole deep and fast and smash your faggot balls on my ass while you ride me really fast and painful..and make me faggot asshole fart loud and make slopy sounds,that mean you are turn me into real fa... Continue»
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Sex Party.

I arrive at the party early and strip down to nothing but knee-high white tube socks and shoes. It’s a well designed play space: two big rooms that are partitioned to create a number of nooks and smaller play spaces, with a sling, swivel fuck chair, couches, and a couple of raised mats/beds for fucking.

Because it’s early, there are only around 10 or so guys there, but the raw fucking has already started in full f***e. Three in-shape, big dicked daddy types are surrounding a dude with his legs hiked up on the swivel chair, and they’re each having a go at his ass, turning the chair to slide ... Continue»
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[Story] First Raw Load ....

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CUMSLOPPY STORY || First Load from a Stranger
July 20, 2012 – 10:00 pm – 1 Comment

I had been chatting to this guy online for a while now and each time he gave me the same message: he wanted to fuck me and he would be in charge. I was nervous about it as I hadn’t done anything like that before. But I was also turned on and couldn’t deny how much I liked what he said. Eventually, I found myself in my car and driving to his place.

I knocked nervously. When he opened the door, he was exactly as he had explained. Older than me (in his 40s while I was 19), solid b... Continue»
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Picked up by a guy at the sexual health clinic ...

I went to get an HIV test at the sex clinic and tested neg.

I was walking out and I had to walk past the waiting room and saw this hot older guy sitting there. He was in his 50s, stocky bear build, bearded, sexy green eyes, all of which are my type. We made eye contact, I smiled and kept walking out of the clinic. I was crossing the street and heard someone yelling behind me, I turned and it was him. He came to me and said he thought I was handsome and asked for my number. I said sure and we introduced each other. He asked if I wanted to grab a drink, so I said sure. We had a few drinks and... Continue»
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[Story] My Mall Adventure ...

Mall Adventure....

It was decision time. Tom was on his back in bed. He wasn't resting, though. He had been struggling to pull up his impossibly tight Lee jeans over his muscular thighs. The rough denim caressed his legs every inch of the way, making every nerve ending tingle with delight. The decision before him was which way to position his throbbing hard-on when he finally closed his fly. There were basically two choices: down across the top of his right thigh, or almost straight up along his belly.

One of the factors Tom had to consider was how obvious his boner would be at the mall.... Continue»
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