"SpUnk coCK!"-LESLEY

when your a boy and your name is leslie-not female version ie lesley,
your first day at school is a real nightmare!-and it dont get any better
all the way through your school years.
boys are never gay but they sure get up to some strange games ,which if
any one else did would be "sooooo gay" i was teased and bullied a bit all
through my teen years,even though i soon learned too use my fists if things
got to "

crazy,i enjoyed hiding behind a "soft" image to see how far the guys
would go with "lesley anne" the S,punk rocker,yeah i was into punk too,
always was the tough guys who would find me and show me how macho they where
always starts with lesley you must be a girl,and slowly gets to well if you want to be my/our girl friend you need to dress pretty ,do you have pretty clothes lesley? no im sorry i dont i tell them and the tough guys always seemed to be able to get hold of some really cute girls clothes,s****rs ,mothers,aunts must wonder where all there best stuff goes! well i wish they could have caught me wearing them!,ive never been gay but i started slowly to love dressing up like the tough guys fantasys,yeah they always wanted me to be there best buddy except when other guys where around,the guys ive seen begging me to wank them or more,
wish i could start all over again knowing what i know now,maybe i will tell you more later?

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2 years ago
Looking forward to more. Only diswcovered dressing in the past few months.
3 years ago
So this has to lead to something looking forward to it thanks