You Naughty Little Voyeur

After a hard day's work you enter your apartment and pour yourself a well earned drink. You then walk out onto you balcony and look out at the night sky, and then you freeze. In that spot your gaze is focused into the bedroom of the apartment directly across the street. And what do you see?

You see me taking off my clothes. My long brown hair obscures my face as I bend to unzip my skirt and slide it down my legs. Your instantly entranced as I slowly begin to unbutton my blouse. You're watching with hungry eyes now as it slips from my shoulders and joins the skirt on the floor. The white cups of my bra gleam against my tanned skin.

Your pulse starts to race as I reach behind my back and unhook the white bra. I toss it aside and pick up my hairbrush, shaking my long hair. My soft breasts shook too. They are big and round and firm and you groan as you imagine burying your face between them. I brush my hair, working the bristles through my thick curls, and with every movement of my arm you watch my breasts bounce.

Suddenly, a naked man steps behind me and runs his hands around my body to cup my bouncing breasts. You imagine your own hands holding, caressing and kneading them.

I stop my brushing and allow the man to cup and stroke my breasts. He has a swollen mound in each hand and you can see the soft flesh overflowing in his palms. He pinches my nipples and my mouth opens as I gasp. He then squashes my breasts together causing a deep, inviting cleavage as he smiles to himself in the mirror.

You're wondering if we know were being watched as you wait to see what will happen next. You don't have to wait long as the man releases my breasts and yanks me to my feet. He pulls the chair I had been sitting on out of the way and then bends me over the dressing table. It looks a little rough in your eyes, but then you notice my obedience as I support myself on my arms and thrust my arse back towards him.

You try to read the expression on my face, but I'm too far away. Not too far, though, to watch as my panties are pulled down my legs. If only you were close enough to see what that man is seeing, you're thinking.

The man grabs his thick cock and strokes it slowly as he grins down at me. With his other hand he licks his fingers before pushing them between my legs. I tense up and push backwards as he positions his self behind me. You imagine your own knees bent behind me, guiding your cock into position, ready to slip it into my silky smooth hole. And then he was inside me. I slump forwards as he rams into me, and you quickly groan your approval as he pulls me back up by my hair. My pussy is gushing in anticipation of the fuck I'm about to receive.

As my head is pulled back your gaze is instantly drawn to my breasts, bouncing violently. The man pumps harder, making my whole body shudder. You're close to cumming but you know you want to see more as you struggle to keep your climax at bay. The man pulls out and sits on the chair. I throw one leg over his lap and sit down with my back to him, you can't believe it, but right there facing you is my juicy bust. Whilst holding his thighs for support he positions the swollen tip of his cock at the slippery entrance between my legs. I balance on top of his cock for a few moments, teasing, before I slither downwards; the entire length of his thick cock disappears inside my body, filling my tight pussy.

You feel your stomach churning with lust and jealousy as you try to come to terms with the emotions that are now storming through you.

For a moment I sit still, and then I try a little jerk, then another, before I'm able to raise myself up and down the thick pole in my belly. But now my pussy has stretched to accommodate him, I seek my pleasure, lifting and sitting, grinding my arse down harder into his lap. His hands grab my hips and he helps to move me up and down, harder, faster and deeper.

Suddenly our bodies clutch and lift and heave together in a blur until, with a scream that you're sure you heard, I cum all over his thick cock. You can only imagine the sensations I'm feeling as my pussy clamps around his meat before drowning it with my hot juices.

I climb off him and sink to my knees. You see his cock, imagining it glistening with my juices. I reach out a hand and begin to stroke the pole that is now inches from my face. The man smiles encouragement at me, his eyes flashing. I tease him a little more, wrapping my fingers round the thick rod. It seems to you that I can't grip him all the way round, and you're right. His cock is too big for my tiny hand.

I lift the head of his cock and dip my head. You can see me admiring his tool before I take him into my mouth. If only this were you, you gasp out loud. My other hand reaches up for his heavy ball sack; I cup them, hold them, and gently squeeze them. His cock is twitching, jerking, dancing as I take him deeper into my warm, wet mouth.

You notice the man saying something to me with the expression of pure lust on his face. You know what's about to happen, you can almost feel it yourself, and then, it happens.

I let go of the cock as the man grips it tightly in his hand. I open my mouth, preparing myself for the hot sticky mess that's about to erupt onto my face and into my mouth. One ... two ... three strokes of his cock and the first jet blasts out of his engorged head and lands a long, thick streak of hot cum down my face. I can feel its heat from my forehead to my chin. The second jet fires straight into my mouth and burns the back of my throat. I quickly swallow it and then the third jet covers my lips. I can taste the salty juices as I open my mouth and receive the remaining jets.

My face is covered in thick cum; I can taste it in my mouth and on my lips. I reach between my legs and rub my pussy
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