Window of Opportunity

Frank was all alone and had exhausted all available ways of entertainment. Forty, divorced five years back, and with a few friends, he was pondering what to do that evening. That was when he looked out of the bedroom window and saw the apartment next to his. A man wearing only jeans was doing exercises. Frank wondered whether he was so desperate to look at half-naked men.

Frank sat in front of his laptop and checked his mail. Apart from the usual stuff, there was a message from Amanda who always flirted with him and teased him about other women. She was happy with her husband but wanted a little bit more from life as far as sex was concerned, like sexting, extended foreplay, verbal sex etc. But her love for her husband prevented her from extending her hand and reaching for the nearest dick available. She had sent a photograph of a lovely nude women with only a balloon between her thighs with the caption, pleasure is just a prick away. He smirked.

He wrote a reply to her describing the man he saw in the window and within a few minutes Amanda came online and began chatting.

'Tell me about the man, is he sexy?' she asked.

He described him.

'Hey Frank, now look out for him and let me know if he strips or screws someone. I want you to describe him to me.'

Saying this she signed off. Frank smiled to himself wondering how far a woman like Amanda would go. Would she stop with just flirting or go further?

* * * * *

The next day was the same for Frank. He went out to buy groceries and met some friends and slept in the afternoon. He had worked for sometime as a manager for an export company and thought he would take it easy for a while before looking for another job.

It was evening when he looked out of the window, at least he would be able to say something to Amanda. The man was sitting on a couch reading a magazine. Dull day for all, Frank thought. Later when Amanda came online, she was eager to know what happened. When Frank told her, she was disappointed.

'Why doesn't he screw someone?' she asked.

'People don't have as much sex as you imagine,' Frank told her.

'My friend tells me she has much sex, at least 4 days a week, in various positions. Her husband experiments and they watch porn too,' Amanda said.

'Some are lucky, aren't they?' he asked.

'Sigh. You and I can have only online sex. And you refuse to talk sex.'

'Hey, Amanda, I wanna ask you. What would you do if you had a neighbor like him and you watched him having sex?'

'Hmm I would strip and finger myself till I came thrice or four times. That is another wishful thinking, daydream. OK bye, gotta go now.'

* * * * *

Next day evening Frank looked out of the window and saw the man getting up and welcoming someone, a woman, a shapely, sexy, hot woman. He hugged her and caressed her behind and slid his hand under her skirt and fondled her ample ass. She slid her hands into his boxers and played. The woman looked familiar, Frank thought as he switched off the light. It was then that the man turned her around and Frank saw her face. It was his next door neighbor at the apartment!

The man was kneading her boobs and then lifted her skirt and knelt down and ate her. She pulled down her skirt and panties and sat nude on the couch. Catching the man's boxers and pulling him to her, she pulled it down and released the erection struggling inside. He was big, Frank observed, compared to him. The woman took him in her mouth but the man hid the view and Frank could not see much. It was the man's turn to take position between her thighs, eating her pussy hungrily and to the woman's satisfaction, going by her expression.

After two minutes of licking, the man poised himself to enter the woman who had raised both her legs, offering her vagina for penetration. With a sudden lunge he smoothly entered the love passage. With both his hands on the couch, he worked himself deep into her as she moved with his rhythm. Their tempo increased and the man jerked once or twice and shuddered, signalling that he had emptied himself into her. They hugged and kissed till the man slid out. She dressed and left. That was quick, Frank thought.

The 30-year-old woman's husband was a businessman and often left her alone. Bored, she should have looked around and hooked the man. Frank wondered why her eyes had never fallen on him. He was to blame; leading a lonely life and confining himself to beer, TV and sl**p would hardly attract any woman.

He went to the living room as the sexy neighbor would come home soon and he wanted to talk to her. Five minutes later he heard footsteps and it was she.

'Hi,' Frank said as she came to their corridor.

'Hi there,' she said lighting her lovely face with a sweet smile.

'Care for a drink,' he offered.

'Hmm, why not,' she said coming into his house.

He poured her a drink and offered it to her.

'Thanks for the drink,' she smiled.

'I thought you needed it,' he said.

She looked at him as if seeking an explanation.

He said: 'You look exhausted and you had to climb the steps, so I thought you needed it.'

'Do I look exhausted?' she asked looking at herself and adjusting her hair.

'No you look lovely, but your dress looks crumpled. You are sweating too. Is your husband out of town?'

She looked at herself again and said: 'yes, he is coming in half an hour.'

'Then you better wash yourself clean, I can smell a man on you,' Frank said boldly.

She looked surprised but smelt her hand.

'Can you really smell a man,' she queried.

'Yes, between your thighs You are not wearing panties too,' he said as he had seen her stuffing her panties in her handbag.

'How do you know so much,' she smiled naughtily and spread her thighs allowing Frank to catch a glimpse of her shaved pussy.

'Do you want to prevent me from telling your husband'? Frank asked.

'I can shut your face with a sweet smelling thing I have between my thighs,' she drawled sexily.

Frank approached her and slid his between her thighs and cupped her vagina.

'Some other time,' she said but without removing his hand.

He squeezed her some more and she got up to go.

'How did you know all that?' she asked.

'Next time when you come to see me, I will tell you,' Frank said.

She got his phone number and as she left Frank thought Amanda would have much to chew on today.

Later when Amanda came online she was eager to know about the man in the next building. Frank was pondering whether to tell her everything, including his encounter with the sexy neighbor. But he preferred not to and confined himself to describing the sex between the man and the woman and left out the fact that she was his neighbor.

Amanda was pretty aroused and said she was fingering herself.

'Did you get an erection and what did you do with it,? she asked.

'Of course, I did get an erection and I did nothing,' Frank said.

'Oh! I wish I had been there. I would have pulled down your pants and milked you from between your thighs as you turned your back to me and watched them,' Amanda said,

Amanda did get some great ideas, Frank thought. She left soon, promising to be back for more.

* * * * *

As the neighbor said, her husband was back in town and hence she was busy. Frank felt bored with nothing much to do but watch movies, drink and chat with Amanda. He found himself chatting more about sex with Amanda. She was not sexy, according to him. Being chubby and always giggling put him off. But Amanda always said love, sex, lust never had anything to do with appearance. If you were with a person for sometime, you were bound to sl**p with that person, was Amanda's claim, philosophy, belief and hope. He too was slowly veering towards that suggestion. Why else did he feel aroused by Amanda telling him she would milk him as they watched the action at the neighbor's house? To compound the situation, he found himself enjoying sex chat with Amanda!

* * * * *

Four days later, he got a message on his phone. It was the sexy neighbor telling him she would be around to see him at 4 in the evening.

He was ready and waiting for him. She came dressed in a red tight skirt carrying a bag which she placed on the table and took out a bottle of wine and beers.

'What do you think of me,? she asked pouring the wine in a glass he had taken out and continued without waiting for him, 'I am a whore fucking about when my man is not home? I do that. But what can I do? I like his money and he likes my hot body. I met Alan at a gym and yes we have sex, with no strings attached.' She finished and looked at Frank who was sipping a beer.

'I think you are sexy and don't think you are a whore.'

'I was easy game, don't you think so? I am here to bribe you with sex so that you won't tell my husband.'

'That is a friendly mutually beneficial deal,' Frank said finishing his beer.

'Tell me how you found out about me,' she wanted to know.

He took her to his bedroom and opened the window a bit and showed her. Alan was on his couch as usual, reading a magazine. Frank was standing behind her and touched her slender hips and caressed.

'I love to see his sexy body,' she moaned.

Encouraged, Frank slid his hand to the front between her thighs and fondled her pussy. She was not wearing panties. He ran his finger from the top of her slit to the bottom, up and down repeatedly. Then he sat down between her thighs and licked her as she spread her thighs, never taking her eyes off Alan. Juice was seeping out of her now swollen vagina and he was slurping. She slowly took of her skirt and unzipped his pants and removed his shirt and turned around, thrusting back her chiseled ass. He fondled her ass and kissed and smelled her smooth skin. She guided him to stand against the window and took his erection in her mouth. He closed his eyes and wondered if this was really happening.

She held the window bars and asked him to lift her by her thighs and spike her cunt with his erection. Hanging in mid-air supported by his hands on her thighs and holding the bars, she rocked herself gently against him, sliding his manhood in and out of her.

'I want to look at him, while I am having sex,' she moaned in his ears and kissed him.

He had never experienced sex in this position and plunged into her deeper as she egged him on towards his orgasm. The juice oozing out of her opening and dribbling down his thighs spoke of her reaching the peak. He lunged into her faster and she rocked against him in perfect rhythm and he shot his load into her, exacting a sigh and a moan from her.

When he had squirted all his accumulated lust into her, he slipped out and let her down.

She dressed as did he and she sipped wine and he took another can of beer.

'Alan and I had practiced this position many times. Exercise has its own benefits,' she said winking.

'When do you plan to see Alan?' he asked.

'His cousins are visiting him today, and maybe tomorrow evening I will see him. Will you be watching?' she asked.

He nodded in embarrassment as his intentions were so transparent. She finished her glass of wine and left.

* * * * *

When Amanda came online, he had to tell her an imagined sex encounter between Alan and the neighbor. He described what they did, replacing him with Alan.

'Wow,' Amanda said 'I am going to imagine this and masturbate tonight.'

'Hey Amanda, do you want to watch them?' he asked.

'Ya sure. You think it is okay.'

'Tell me if you want to watch them,' he said wondering why he had suggested that.

* * * * *

Next day there was a message from Amanda saying she would love to watch them. She came around 3.30, prepared to watch the show. Frank took her to the bedroom and opened the window to show her Alan's living room.

'Let's wait and hope we are lucky,' he said as there was no one there. Will there be action today as the woman had promised?

Frank and Amanda chitchatted for sometime and he kept looking out of the window. It was finally at 4.15 that Alan came in and five minutes later she came in. The duo wasted no time and stripped, as Amanda looked through the partially opened window.

The woman stroked Alan's big organ and Amanda gasped,' Man, he is large.'

Amanda was opening her thighs and parting her panties to finger herself and moaned,'Help me Frank.'

Aroused by seeing the nude woman mouthing Alan, Frank pulled down Amanda's panties and lifted her skirt and parted her bush from behind. She had never shaved for sometime, he thought as he slid two fingers and then three. Amanda grunted her approval and Frank found himself massaging her boobs which were big. Frank pulled down his pants and rubbed his erection between Amanda's ass crack as the neighbor spread her thighs for Alan to eat.

'Hot,' was all an excited Amanda could say.

Frank slid his hand from the front and rotated his finger around Amanda's clitoris and he entered her willing pussy from behind. The neighbor was now sitting on Alan's erected pole and sliding up and down. Frank was deep in Amanda who was spellbound, watching in silence. The neighbor bobbed up and down and then bent down, her head coming down as she raised her ass. Using the couch for support Alan raised himself up into her cunt and pumped her. He came soon and she sat on him hugging and kissing.

But Frank was still inside Amanda plugging her. He pulled out when the action stopped at the next building. Amanda lay on the bed and spreading her thighs invited Frank to eat her. Frank was much aroused and knelt between her thighs, parted her bush and tasted her. To his surprise, she tasted good. Then it was Amanda's turn to mouth him and she did it well, coating him with her saliva. She sat on him and gyrated herself on him as he watched her boobs dash against each other and up and down. When he came, she pressed herself on him and kissed him deeply and for long even after he slipped out of her.

Amanda departed soon, leaving Frank alone with his thoughts. Where did things go from now. Would the neighbor come to him again and would he and Amanda continue with their new-found relationship? He felt a tinge of remorse in Amanda, or was it a quiet acceptance of the new direction in their friendship?
Things became clearer the next day when Amanda began their chat saying, 'I thought of what we did when my husband was inside me,'

Frank smiled, nothing had changed and Amanda would be his chat friend and lover. Well, he wondered about the sexy neighbor, who was not seen for sometime and one day a friendly maid working in their apartment told him that she had moved. That settled the matter, didn't it? It was Amanda and himself. But now and then Frank looked out of the window and checked on Alan's room, just in case the sexy neighbor made an appearance.
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great story
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Let me be the 1st to tell you how much I enjoyed that. Thanks