Happy time busted!

True story.

Ever since I can remember I have had a fascination with exhibitionism. Since an early age I've exposed myself while masturbating in front of complete strangers and even members of my own f****y.

Opportunities to explore my fantasies dissipated when I got married. The consequence of being caught was also too extreme. For years my fetish was f***ed dormant until early one morning when I thought I was alone enjoying some PDA porn.

Finding time to masturbate is difficult after marriage, even more so after having c***dren. The only time left to a dirty old man is early in the morning usually in the shower. Kinda hard to enjoy porn in the shower though!

Masturbating to porn was only an option when the k**s and mom were not around. A very rare occurrence.

I had purchased my wife a PDA as a college graduation present, she used it religiously for a while but like many gifts it was soon discarded and forgotten. I was able to connect it to our home wireless network and soon was able to download at least pictures from mobile porn websites. So much for the shower!

Early in the morning was the most opportune time. While the wife and k**s are still asl**p I had time to spend on my favorite hobby. My wife likes to sl**p in and the k**s aren't usually up until hours after I wake. A cup of coffee, news on the TV in the background, me in my robe, PDA in one hand, and the hobby in the other! I was a sad, happy camper once again. I couldn't count the times I had performed this ritual in blissful solitude, well at least I thought I was alone.

One Saturday morning I was performing my ritual when I heard a sound from the stairwell leading to the basement just behind a door to my immediate right. I was confused for a minute until I remembered that my young daughter had had a sl**p over with one of her friends. They had spent the night in her bedroom upstairs (we have a three level house) but must have gotten down stairs. The door to the basement doesn't close all the way due to the stain swelling in the door jamb. There was a crack along the side of the door and at the bottom. Again, I heard stirring...this time...giggling?

I, like most men, am a habitual creature. Each morning once out of the shower I let out the dog and then go into the garage to fill her food bowl. Next is the coffee (on a timer), the dog is let back in and I'm in the easy chair watching the news and deciding if I have enough time and the inclination to work one out. More often than not I do....it doesn't take long and my day goes so much better.

So here I am with my semi rigid cock in rosy palm trying to reason out what the noise behind the basement door was? I realize (with the giggling) that it has to be my daughter and her friend in the stairwell. They must have moved into the stairwell before or after I got up. My chest tightens and I start for the bathroom just a few feet away...but something stops me?! I realize that just a few feet away are two girls that have chosen to SPY on me! They were there on purpose and they wanted to see what happens when a man masturbates! My daughter obviously knew my schedule, had watched me before and now she had told her friend about it, I couldn't let her down could I?

My heart was trying to beat it's way out of my ribcage as I eased back down into the chair. I started slowly stroking my cock again, it was quickly at full mast. I turned down the TV slightly and listened at the stairwell. They were trying to be quiet which must have been as difficult as me trying not to ejaculate simply at the thought of them watching me! My very young daughter and her very cute young friend were spying on me while I masturbated! I heard a couple of excited hushing sounds from behind the door. I turned in my chair to give them what I thought was a more advantageous view and started to cum, hard!

I stood and went into the bathroom and quickly cleaned up and returned to the TV viewing room where I caught the girls leaving the basement and heading back up to my daughters bedroom. Red faced, they giggled and gave me some story about playing rock paper scissors in the stairwell but quickly were out of sight and back in my daughters room upstairs.

I poured another cup of coffee, masturbated again (did not need porn), and began thinking of how to enjoy my new willing audience. But that is another story :)
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9 months ago
good one
3 years ago
fun was had by all and no one got hurt ! Good job!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very interesting and good,,keep us posted,,thanks