my friends mom

This is a completely true story that happened a few years ago when I was 16. As young lads are at that age we used to stay round each other’s house sneak in some booze and sit on the play station till early in the morning. This time were stopping round Dean’s house which was always a bonus as his mom was hot and nice.

Me and Mark get round to dean’s about 6pm with some cans for latter his mom is upstairs getting ready as she’s going out to some school reunion or something, deans dad left a few years ago and although she is total stunning she isn’t confident and hardly goes out. When Lisa comes in me and mark stop she smiles and makes small talk. She is wearing a black and white dress which comes down to her knees and black high heels. Lisa tells dean she won’t be back to late and leaves. We start the banter telling dean his moms a MILF and he laughs it all off and we order pizza and drink. It gets to about 1am and deans decides to fall asl**p me and mark talk about his mom and we decide to look round her room. We find her underwear draw and find her boob size is 34dd, mark opens her laptop looking for pictures but that comes up empty, but we find she is on dating sites and look through her messages and find she talks a lot to a black guy he is 32, Lisa is 43 the emails are very flirty emails in the last email he says if you get back and want to meet me call me and I’ll come over, we both know what for.

We decide to stay up and see about 2.30am we hear the door open and turn off the play station she comes into Dean's room and we both pretend to be sl**ping but we can tell she is at least tipsy by the way she is walking. She closes the door and goes back down the stairs we are both hoping she calls this guy. We sneak to the door and open it slightly, after a few minutes we hear her chatting we know exactly who it is. The guy must have asked if he could come round because she answered yes the k**s are asl**p but I’m a ill d***k and then she laughed. After about 15 minutes we hear her open the door and hear his voice they are flirting loads we know we have to get closer to this so we move to the hallway to the top of the stairs that leads into the living room. Lisa has a large glass of wine and the guy is sat next to her on the sofa with his hand running up and down her leg. They started kissing and me and mark knew exactly what was going to happen now.

The guy stands Lisa up and unzipped her dress and it just fell off her leaving her in her white bra and French knickers and high heels. He puts his fingers to her knickers and mentions how wet she is to which she replies she hasn’t done anything like this for 4 years. The guy stood up and took off her bra then slide her knickers down and she stepped out of them revealing a hot pussy with just a line of hair the rest was smooth. The guy told her to get to her knees to which Lisa obliged and he unbuttoned his jeans to show a long and thick black cock. I looked at mark and he gazed at me in amazement. The guy said you still sure you can handle this? She didn’t say a word before he put his cock in her mouth, it started slow but soon he was forcing most of it in and Lisa was gagging with her mouth full of cum and spit was just running out her mouth and down her body. He stood her back up and lay her upside down on the sofa and again started fucking her face, we had a great view of her pussy which was now drenched with spit and cum. The guy was brutal her face was covered and how hot she looked earlier she now looked like a cheap whore you can find in any city.
The guy turned her around on the sofa and put his dick on her pussy and pushed it in making Lisa scream he softly started to fuck her pleasing her my the noises she was making, but again he started getting harder and rougher with her going in so deep she would shout out in pain but that didn’t stop him at all. He pulled her off the sofa and got her on all fours and again started fucking her hard pulling her hair and slapping her ass I knew he was going to cum soon he stared to cum her body twitched as he rammed it in harder and harder her big tits were all over the place and both of them were covered in sweat. He stared fucking her fast and in a few minutes was pulling himself off her after Cumming inside her. He told her to stay on all fours and went into the kitchen, he came back with a spoon and gave it to Lisa he told her to get his cum out and swallow it she did this sat on the floor in front of him on the sofa Lisa ate it all then they kissed before getting dressed the guy left and me and mark knew it was time to go back in the room.

We never told dean about his mom but always talk about it with mark unfortunately we have not seen a repeat performance.

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3 years ago
Great Story!
3 years ago
Who in the Hell voted for this story?
3 years ago
Love the part where he had her spoon that blackdick cum out of her white MILF pussy and swallow it. All white women should be fed blackdick cum at some point in their lives!