Hot Encounter with Mother in Law -- Part 3

I’d come so hard and big that the gooey liquid was forming a huge splotch in the front of my pants. Add that to Louise’s cunt juices and I was a mess. I had a meeting in two hours and would have to go back home, a 30 minute detour each way, to change.

I liked Louises suggestion much better. “Let’s get those pants in the washer,” she said.

It struck me then that despite all I’d done to her, my mother in law had never seen me naked.

Louise took my hand and guided me into the laundry room where I removed my pants and underwear and handed them to her. “As long as I’m waiting for the wash, I might as well take a shower,” I said.

Turning around she was taken aback to see my nether-parts caked in cum. “Hmmm...” was her only comment. Then another brainstorm.

“You can use a shower too. Why don’t you join me?” I asked.

“That wasn’t on the list, but well...ok why not?”

I stripped off my remaining clothing and waited in the shower while Louise disrobed in her bedroom, which was next to the bath. She got into the steamy shower with me and of course I was hard again, hard as a rock to be up against her hot, wet, soapy body.

“Here’s your chance to scratch another item off your list,” I said.


“Clean me off. Clean the cum off my cock.”

Louise soaped up her hands and lathered me up, then again. “It’s still not clean” I instructed her. By the third cleaning she was fondling and stroking my cock with both hands. Reaching around her I grabbed her ass cheeks, drew her closer, and began rocking my hips to her sensual grip. Every other thrust or so my cock rubbed up against her. Then suddenly Louise looked up at me, “Gotta go” and pulled back the shower curtain.

“What do you mean?”
“I have to right back,” she said as she turned.

I grabbed her and held her firmly. “Pee right in here.”

“In the bathtub?”

“Yeah, in the bathtub.”

“But that’s not on the list either.”

She gave little resistance as I closed the curtain, grabbing her tits from behind while grinding my cock against her back. As the bright yellow fluid ran down her legs I reached down and rubbed her clit with one hand while fondling her tits with the other. As she finished she turned towards me and our lips locked. Our tongues intertwined as we continued rubbing and grinding. Louise let out a barely audible cry and came in two waves. As her body jerked towards me a second time I deposited another gooey load on her back.

I waited in a towel as the clothes dried, got dressed, and drove to my meeting with plenty of time to spare.
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2 years ago
Loving the series very hot
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very good
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please continue