train journey via ecstasy

i was catching the train to bristol and the train was packed to the brim.
it was hot that day and i'm talking hot,it was like sitting in boiling water.
i was sitting squashed up against the window,sitting in front of me was a woman in her forties with a rack you could hang your entire wardrobe on.
i turned my head to my right and a fat woman was devouring a pork pie
'would you like a bite' she asked
'no thanks treacle'i replied.
the train rolled on and it seemed to be getting hotter by the minute,maybe i thought the woman with the rack sitting opposite was partially responsible for my sudden fever,by this time the sweat was pouring down her big hooters.
she pulled out a flask out of her handbag began to screw the top off gave me a look 'would you like a taste of my orange.....................juice mmmmmmmmm it's tasty,she gave me a little wink.
'thank you i would love a taste of your orange..................juice.
as i took the flask from her, my hand accidently brushed against her huge knocker,or should i say slide as it was wet as rain.
suddenly i threw my head back putting my knuckles to my mouth to stop me screaming out in ecstasy
'thankyou for the orange..................................JUICE,i screamed.
i collapsed in a heap,my last recollection was of a mass lesbien orgy erupting like a volcano through the train.

now thats what i call a train journey.
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