Amanda and her 2 friends

i've been a perv for a long time but this is the incident that really got me started. i worked weekends as a bartender and happened to get a random friday night off work so i thought i would see if i could find some mischief i could get into.a small town near my house was famous for a cruise night.people take their cool cars out to show off so i headed there with my little european sports car.when i got there i was dissappointed the streets were pretty i drove around a little and decided to head home or whatever.but as i'm pulling up to a red light there is a camaro in the other lane waiting for the light to change.i can't help but notice there are three REALLY cute girls in the camaro.i pull up next to them and shoot them a smile. next thing i know they are laughing and i thought o no this isn't going too well. but then the driver starts telling the girl in the passenger seat to "show him,show him" now this gets me very interested so i say yea show me. now i am expecting a boob show but instead she pulls up a sign that reads "show us your dick" well now i am super interested but i say i would love to really but my car is so small i can't. then the driver {Anita} says we will follow you somewhere if you will show us. I'm all in so i say lets go. I drive to a close parking lot, they park next to me. My heart is racing i never did anything like this before. They get out of their car and surround my little car and as i'm pulling dowm my pants i look in the mirror and o no COPS. So i pull up my pants as the cop is walking up and he asks whats going on here? I say i'm just talking with these ladies. but he tells us to leave cuz it's private property DAMNIT. so off we go they are following me to another spot. I find another parking lot. this time i jump out of my car also and drop my pants almost immediatly. Anita is the first one there and she says o my god i didn't think you would do it then starts asking a lot of questions about where i live, do i have roomates or do i live alone. i pull my pants up and tell her i rent a house and my roommate just moved so i have the place to myself. then the girl that was in the back seat starts complaining that she missed it. now Anita jumps in and tells her to hang on a second and asks if it would be ok for them to come over and see my place.NICE. It's a short drive back to my house thank god. When we get there she explains that they told their parents that they were sl**ping at each others house and asked if they could crash there. I can't believe my luck so i say sure why not.I only had like five beers or so and i offered them some. when the beers were gone i decided to unbutton my pants to see what they said. the girl that was in the backseat asked why my pants were unbuttoned so i said you never did get to see it. she says i still can't but i would like to. Now i'm trying to act casual and didn't answer her at first. my heart is pounding and i'm trying to come up with a good plan in my head. Then Anita steps up and says yea lets see it again. this is my plan. I offer up options,pull dick out,pull pants down,Take pants off or get totally naked. she says right away NAKED. I come back with i'm not sure and let me think about it and tell them if i get naked i will stay naked all night but i never do anything. after a few minutes i excuse myself for a minute and go into the bathroom. They are in my living room watching some t.v. and facing the opposite direction from the bathroom. Now you probably know whats coming next. I strip naked and fluff up a little open the door and walk out. OMG i'm freaking out standing there naked but they are still facing the t.v. So i say i've decided i will get naked if you still want me to. They all turn around and started squeeling like schoolgirls when they seen me standing there nude. The backseat girl {i think she was the youngest} freaks out and runs into the kitchen. I ask Anita whats wrong with her. She say it's because i'm naked and she has never seen a naked adult male before. So i go in the kitchen to try to calm her down.{ok not really i was just being a perv}. I talk her into going back into the living room with the others. I was doing my best to not get hard right away but it was not easy. we sat and chatted for a while and the backseat girl asked if i was going to get dressed soon. I reminded her that the deal was i would stay naked all night. i had long hair at that time and the third girl {who was very quiet till now} asks if she could brush my hair. So i sit on the floor and she starts brushing my hair. So i have one girl behind me and one on either side watching and they take turns brushing.Now this is way too much for me and i get hard as a rock. They all point at my cock and laugh. I was in heaven! Brushing time over i stand up with a big boner still and Anita asks to see the upstairs. As we are going up the narrow stairs she grabs my cock like a leash and pulls my up to the bedroom. When we get there she says she's been dying to touch it all night and starts playing with my cock. I am very horny of course. I notice she is chewing gum so i tell her she should spit that out so it doesn't get stuck to my cock. She does and immediatly starts sucking on my dick. I could tell she had never done that befor so i give her some instructions but she didn't seem to get the hang of it. I'm so horny and ready to shoot my load and tell her that i can do it myself. So i start jacking off right in front of her face and when i feel it coming i grab her head and shove my cock in her mouth. She was not expecting that and pulled back and i shot my cum all over her. I said i was sorry but she should have kept it in her mouth so as not to make a mess. At this time backseat girl yells up {are you guys dressed}.I reply yes we are. of course, i lied because i have no clothes up there. I hear her coming up the steep stairs and i time it so when i walk around the corner my red swollen cock would be right in her face. I timed it perfectly. The look on her face was priceless. We all go back downstairs to chat some more and she keeps asking {doesn't it bother you to just sit there naked like this, I always answer no not at all because i don't really see myself naked like you do sitting across from me. I never asked any of them to get naked and they never did. We all just fell asl**p sitting in my living room. I was the first one to wake up in the morning
so i decided to start jacking off watching them sl**p sitting right in front of me. right when things were going well i see backseat girl open her eyes. another priceless look. She is looking right at me when i shoot cum all the way up to my chin,I am covered in my own spunk.Then again a gasp and yet another priceless look. Now the commotion must have woke the other two girls and they freaked out and said omg we gotta go. I think they were trying to get away from me know so i said i will walk you out to your car. they looked very shocked when i walked outside naked and stood next to their car and waved as they drove off. I am sure they never forgot me and i will never forget them either.
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