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i worked as a bartender at a biker bar a few years back.i didn't ride but always wanted a bike.i saved my money and finally bought the bike i had been dreaming bartending was a great life for a single guy i was 26 years old. so i am working one day and this hot young thing comes up and says "so i hear you ride now" i say why yes i would love to take you for a ride she says there is a rally this weekend and asks if we could go this sounds promising so i agree. i take the weekend off and away we go.she drove her parents motorhome and i ride out with buddies.i'm anticipating a great time and hopefully some great sex with a new HOT girl.this is my first rally and have no idea what to expect.we roll in on friday and it's crazy i see girls flashing boobs everywhere,this is great.i even see a guy fully tattoo'ed walking around in only a little g-string.i make a comment and she tells me he is wearing more than he did last year.then i get a great surprise when her smoking hot friend shows up also yippee.things go as i hoped i was getting a great blow job from my date when i look over and her friend is watching she never joined in but she did like to watch,i was all for that.afternoon of day 2 i hear an announcement that the best boob contest is starting on stage by the lake and my date says lets go watch that.i'm all in of course so we take the LONG walk down to the lake and we get good seats for the was awesome the girl that won was fully nude,she opened a bottle of ice cold beer and incerted it in her pussy,played with it then drank it OMG.then they announce the best dick contest is starting. so i tell the girls i'm out of here i don't need to see this.but they had other ideas and told my to get up there cuz i could win this thing with my dick.after some perswading i agreed. the bleachers were filling up with all these biker babes and i was nervous as hell.i was wearing only shorts shoes and sunglasses and all the other dudes were in biker garb{jeans & black tee shirts}.i'm the last in line and there is a female security guard right by the corner of the stage.i am by one we are called out to show our these guys were all hairy and mostly just pulled out their dick and shook it.but when it was my turn i thought what the hell i dropped my shorts{no underwear and i had just shaved everything}i kicked my shorts to the corner of the stage and was standing in front of a LOT of biker chicks some of which i knew from the bar i worked at and i am wearing only my nike's.the croud went nuts,that was great then they chanted wood to win over and over.i was sooo excited a boner was fast and easy for i didn't win but was a close second. so i wait to collect my 50 dollars. it's over and time to take a long walk back to the motorhome when i realise my shorts are gone along with my date and her friend.i look everywhere i even ask the female security guard.she laughs and says "not my problem good luck"so i'm nude and like a mile from the motorhome with a crouded campground betweem me and some i put on my best smile and started walking.this was quite an adventure all those people around.i see a hay wagon coming towards my full of locals out to see what all the crazy bikers were up to.of course they stop and some housewife jump off to take pic's with me.omg what a thrill.i finally get to the motorhome to find two girls laughing hysterically holding my shorts.she says"want these" i'm like no i want we are still outside i pull her clothes off and tell her i need a blowjob.a small croud surrounds as we fuck like rabbits.when we were done all three of us went for a nude ride on my bike around the campground.this was maybe the best weekend of my life.of course when i got back to work i never heard the end of it and had to tell the story many times for people who weren't there.TRUE STORY...
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Great story!!!
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Love it