What my gf wrote for me...

you walk out from work see me stood there staring at u smiling u walk up to me cuddle me and kiss me u take my hand and say come with me so i do wer walking down a road and you stop turn around and push me against a wall and kiss me slowly and really passionatly and ur hand wanders up my dress but then just walk off and turn to smile at me u see me stood smiling but looking shocked so u walk back take hold of my hand and carry on walking we walk down a little lane and into a wooded area u push me up against a tree my hand wanders down and i start rubbing ur cock through ur pants u undo ur button and ur zip and my hand wanders a lil further into ur boxers i gently rub ur cock getting u harder and harder i bend down and take ur cock out of ur pants and flick my tung over the tip i start to slowly suck u off but u stop me and pull me bk up and push me against the tree kis sme again then slowly kiss down to my boobs and run ur hand slowly up my leg and kiss up the inside of my thigh u slightly move my thongs out of the way and start flicking ur tung over my clit and up and down my pussy getting me wetter and wetter u stand up lift my leg and ease ur cock in side my pussy gently and gently thrusting making me moan louder and louder so to stop me u kiss me really hard ........................ just as your about to cum u pull out and push me to my knees and tell me to suck u off and take all ur cum in my mouth so i carry on sucking u off and u cum in my mouth and im just about to spit it but u stop me and look into my eyes and ask me if ill swallow i look at u and u see me swallow u help me stand up and laugh at my face im pulling u kiss me slowly and say thank you we sort ourselves out u take my hand and we carry on walking and find somewhere to sit and cuddle u kiss my neck i turn and kiss u slowly we stop and i smile at u u kiss me again and push me backwards and pin me down so i cnt move u kiss me i try to get u off me but u dont move u kiss me again then get off me and lay back so then i pin u down u ask me to move bk jst a lil bit u put ur hands under my dress and undo ur pants and get ur cock out i lift up a little bit and u ease ur cock inside my pussy i start fucking u gently but u here someone so u tell me to stop but stay where i am so i do u pull me towards u and i kiss u so we jst stay where we are and talk as theyw alk past and all we here is aww young love and we laugh then when they have gone i start fucking u again but harder making us both moan louder and louder we both end up cuming but we have to stay as we are because the people are walking past again they c our faces are red and whisper to each other as they walk past they dissappear so we cn again sort ourselves out then just lay there cuddling each other and kissing and smiling at each other hehe xxxxxxxxx
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