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I am writing this quick story that one of my mates told me about and I wish i could have seen this as he caught good video footage on his iphone as proof.

My mate works in the building trade and he and two of his mates were working on a refubishment of an old house. It was supposed to be a eight week job However they were ahead of everything and they used to take alternative days off. One afternoon one of the lads went home sick and the other lad was on a day off, my mate was left to work the rest of his afternoon alone.

The house next door was owned by an indian f****y consisting of Mum , dad, two sons and daughter. On this particular afternoon he could hear loud indian music playing in an upstairs room from next door. My mate was putting a door on a door frame in the attic and wanted to pass sometime away. The music stopped after a short while and he decided to be a bit nosey and removed a tempory dry plaster wall out seperating both houses he entered in to the attic space of the neighbours house and he thought everyone had gone out.

He saw a light shining through a gap in a light fixture and took a sneaky peek.He said he was directly above the mum and dads bedroom and he saw the mum in a see-through sari standing in front of a full lengh mirror she was admiring herself. She had no idea that she was being watched he described her as mid 40's large build and medium sized boobs with large errect nipples and a large wide ass. She stood looking at herself and then turned around and started to rub her hands on her bum and carried on looking at herself in the mirror. She then lifted up her sari by pulling it up from halfway down and started to rub her knees and work in towards her inner thighs. It wasnt long before my mate pulled out his camera phone and recorded her. He showed me her sliding one hand into her sari top and pulling her nipples and the other hand rubbing away against her hairy pussy untill she cum and sqeeled with pleasure.
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