Masturbation King Part 1

This is a true story. Let me start at the begining. I am an only c***d and both parents worked all day so I was home alone alot. As I snooped in the parents room I would find all kinds of kinky stuff. Dad's penthouse was a great way to get my young cock rock hard every time. And there was a new issue every Mo. In the back pages there were always adds for womens sex toys. Some times I would think how lucky woman were to have all these differnt size and shape toys toy fuck them selfs with. Then I got into reading the dirty stories in the magazine, there was some very kinky stories for a young teen to be all the insperation I needed to cum many times a day. I was getting good at masturbating for hours a day, and gallons of spunk. My kinks have gotten bigger and better over the years. So keep me going with your coments.
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1 year ago
Literally you're recreating the exact same scenario from my childhood...I would find my dad's Penthouse and CLUB magazines (CLUB was always dirtier and I loved it so much more...wonder why ;) ). I remember one day taking one to school to "show off" I was in 5th grade!! Needless to say...all those stories made me envious of the women in them, and as you know...our kinksides took over and lef us to where we are today! Hit me back my friend, I feel as if we're destined!
3 years ago
Get the the part about using vibrators!