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Well, thanks!

So the first story got an enthusiastic response - it even made the list of Top-Rated Stories for the week. Thanks to all who gave it a read, and an extra tip of the cap to those who voted for it.

I've already got the second installment well under way and I expect to be posting it here in the next day or two. Just doing some editing, cleaning it up and making it easier to read, and then it'll be up.

One thing about the story that's surprised me is this: it's probably gonna be a novel. I've got a clear arc for the narrative sketched out and I'm realizing that by the time I'm through with it, it'll probably be 100 pages or so.

So, as a result, I'll probably have to change the name of the first story to reflect the fact that it's actually a first chapter ...

Thanks again for reading.
Posted by splattercat 2 years ago
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