A dose for the day nurse!

We finally decided to bring in a day nurse to look after Granpa and somehow I was chosen to observe her on her first day. My f****y requested that the agency send an older and more experienced nurse since Granpa is quite a handful, the doorbell rang and when I opened the door I was quite suprised. The nurse was a short and busty black woman who looked to be in her early 40's, her look was very 70's retro, long wavy hair, thick full lips that were sporting shiny fire engine red lipstick and when I saw her uniform I thought that I was being pranked. She wore the traditional nurse uniform that looked about two sizes too small, her tits were round and perky, about the size of g****fruits about burst from her blouse and showing cleavage. She had on a short skirt with a long split and to top it off she had on white high heels. I let her in and showed her what she would be doing for Granpa, giving meds, baths, and prepaing meals but I couldn't help staring at her awesome ass filling out that skirt and those tits were to die for. Finally I asked did she have any questions for me, and she responded by asking me was I married or had a girlfriend. Neither, I said and watched her size me up from head to toe, after you get Granpa down for his nap we can talk more. I waited in the den until she finished her duties and could hear her walking across the kitchen tiles, she peered around the den door and said in a sultry voice, are you ready to "talk" now? Sure I said, feeling my cock begin to stiffen, she came in and sat next to me on the couch, we had a short conversation about relationships and how her ex-husband cheated, all the while rubbing my inner thigh, I leaned in to see if she was game for a kiss since all the signs were there and she responded by pulling me close and wildly tongue kissing me. Her hands were anxiously unbuttoning my jeans while it only took me undoing one button on her blouse to release those awesome tits, I palmed her nipples while she stroked my rod right out of my pants. She then stood up pulling me up with her while still holding my rock hard and then dropping to her knees and swallowing my entire dick on the first gobble, she sucked it fast and furious at first, wet and sloppy leaving streams of her saliva running down my leg but then slowed down to a passionate rhythm, painting my cock with her tongue. She pushed me back down onto the couch with my pants still around my ankles and started to hiking up her skirt, I scrambled for my trusty condom that i kept in my wallet, she sat next to me taking the condom and opening it while I kicked off my pants, she then bowed down giving my dick a few firm strokes with her hand while licking my dick head then raised up and slowly slipped the condom over my rock hard shaft, she stood up and mounted me holding my dick so she could get right on top of it, I felt myself plunge into her wettness as she began to bounce up and down, her pussy was dripping wet and I could hear the sound of my dick sloshing in and out while she moaned and bit her bottom lip. After grinding on me for a short time I could feel her body quiver for climax so I pulled her up and off so I could get a backshot. She was ready and willing, she bent all the over on her knees and elbows with her delicious ass high up in the air, with one hand a grabbed her hip and placed my cock inside, she let out a passionate moan as a began to bang her slowly and grabbing a handful of hair that I gently tugged. I then started long stroking her, gripping her ass while I watched it rippled after every thrust, I'm about to cum I said in a low murmur, then she turned around quickly pulling off the condom and deep throating my cock like a pornstar, I sat back down and let her continue until I could feel the semen race from my balls up through my shaft, here it comes baby...I said as I expoded in hear mouth sending the first down her throat, she backed up a bit opening her mouth with her tongue out showing me the pearl colored trail on her tongue, then jerked my cock getting the last few shots on her lips and nose, she then went back down on my dick and sucked every drop of cum until I went limp. Afterwards she got up and went to go clean her face, got her purse and left for the day. She's still the day nurse for Granpa but there is always a f****y member there when I go by so we can't be alone, but as soon as I get her alone again......well you know!
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