please mom let me.....

hi this is mom left me and my s*s when i am 4 years old and she married another my dad married another women she is so good and she is so close to dad was died 3 years s****r marriage was me and my mom was only left in home.we have so much step mom loved me so much.I also loved my step mom very much and never thought anything wrong about her in the beginning. But when I grow and learn more about intercourse. Then I thought of many girls around me and thinking of them I masturbated. At that time also I never thought wrong about my mom. One day I went into my mom’s room to get some stuff and my mom was just changing her clothes and had forgotten to close the door.

I saw that she had wrapped the towel just over her waist and was totally topless. Mom got surprised on seeing me. By seeing this I just said sorry and came out of her room. When mom came out of her room I again went to her and said ‘Sorry mom’ so my mom replied ‘that is k’s not fault I forgot to close the door as I have to rush’ From that day I couldn’t forget that scene. I just saw my mom topless and saw that she had a very good pair of boobs.

They were a bit firm and were very much white.She just had perfects pair of tits as well. From that I just jacked off every day thinking of that scene. I didn’t knew what happened to me but I couldn’t forgot that particular day and that particular scene. Whenever I saw my mom from that day I used to get excited and my tool used to get harder and a there was a huge flow in my tool. After 1 month I made up mind that I want to fuck my mom.

My mom always used to have a pain in her legs as she used to walk a lot during her work. So at night I used to massage her legs. On that day I decided I will see my mom’s pussy as well. In night my mom called me and said to give her a message on her legs. So I went to her room with a bottle of olive was waring a shorts so it was clearly visible to her tights . While massaging her legs I reached till her tights and was scared that whether my mom will get angry if I would move more further upwards.

So I continued to message her legs till her tights. My mom was so tired on that day she was asl**p by that time so I gathered some courage and moved upwards and reached my hand and i am trying to touch her pussy from shorts. she was not wearing panty i can feel her pussy lips and her pussy is wet.I was very excited and didn’t wanted that my mom should know that what I was doing and I was bit afraid as well.

and now decided to fuck my mom.But I thought that how will make my mom to have sex with me. Then slowly I changed my behavior towards my mom and stopped talking to her as well. She was very confused about sudden change in my behavior and was also eager to know that why I stopped talking to her.

As I was very close to my mom she was very much confused. She asked my many ‘Son what has happened to you? Why are you not talking to me?’ but I always used to ignore her question and used to go out of the home. after a week like this behavior.finally my mom came to my room, I was just sitting on my bed and was watching TV, so she sat beside me on my bed and started to move her hand on my head and softly asked me “Son now tell me seriously what has happened?

You are behaving very strange and also not talking to me?” Then I replied “Mom I don’t know what has happened to me, there are some things around moving in my mind. The day I saw you in your room without clothes from that I am facing these problems. I feel that I did something wrong but at the same time I feel very good in my body,” So mom instantly replied “It’s but obvious to happens these things as you are now growing and there are some hormonal changes in your body.

As you saw me on that day without clothes so the hormonal changes took place at that time.” I then asked my mom ”But why do I feel both kinds of feelings the same time i.e. the good in my body and bad in mind?” so my replied “bcoz u saw me naked u feel good and its natural as u see a naked women or girl and u feel bad in your mind as I am your mother.” I then asked my mom that “can I see you again in that position? It felt very good and I can’t control my feelings” So my mom got a bit angry but then she softly said that “It’s not good soon as I am your mother.

It’s a sin to see me like this.” And then she stood up and went to her room to sl**p. From that day every now and then I used to ask her the same thing and she used to ignore that question. After a week at night I went to my mom‘s room and asked her that I want to see her in that condition again. Now she got a bit angry and told me “have u gone mad dear. It’s not a good piece of act, I have told u many times the same thing and you don’t understand. What is your problem.”

Then I replied to my mom “I am going crazy to see you like that again and I cant control that. Please help me or I will go mad.” I begged my mom for the same again that night. My mom was very much concerned about this and she thought that I would do something wrong so its better to accept his request. She told me “Look son this is now the last time I would do it for you but you will not do anything else and you need to promise me that” so I said “oK mom I promise” So mom asked me to wait on the bed and she went inside the bathroom.

After 5 mins she came out from the bathroom in a towel and was topless and she was looking very much hot. This was the first time i was watching my mom in total naked position and standing in front of me. I was very much excited to see her in that condition and the current went through my body, So I asked my mom to remove the towel which was covering her from her waist to her legs. So she replied “You didn’t asked me to that previously and u wanted to see me in that condition.”

I again requested her to do so. So she agreed and removed the towel and said to me “Is it ok now son. Are you happy now.” I said her yes and went near her and asked her “Can I touch your body?” So she said ok but nothing more than that and I agreed to it. Then I went near her and slowly touched her right boob. Then I slowly put my second hand on her left boob and slowly pressed it. Then I moved my both hands over the upper parts of her waist and in a seducing way. Then I slowly moved my hand towards her pussy.

Man her pussy was a bit wet. It was a clean shaved pussy. The slowly rubbed her pussy lips and my mom was biting her lips. I continued rubbing her pussy lips and the left boob. Mom was getting a bit excited. Then I inserted one of my finger in mom’s pussy. It was really hot and wet. So my mom saying that “Why did u inserted your finger in it?” then I replied that I was just touching it and my finger went inside. It is totally unintentional. I didn’t know how come it went inside it.”

Now my penis was very hard like a metal rod and was throbbing and pumping through my track. My mom saw this and didn’t said anything and I continued rubbing her pussy and then again i inserted my second finger in her pussy, I found it very tight now and then my mom shouted on me and said “now tell that this is also unintentional” this time I didn’t said anything and continued finger fucking her pussy and my mom also then didn’t said anything and closed her eyes and started moaning.

Now actually she was liking my act. I continued this for about 10 mins. Then I told my mom that “I love you very much” she replied me “I love you too son” and I continued my acts on her my mom’s sexy and seductive body. I asked my mom “Can I have sex with you”Then my mom got shocked and came back to her senses and replied “What did u say? You want to have a sex with me. This is sin as u r my son and I am your mother. We can’t do this and I allowed you just to watch and touch my body cause u were very eager to do so, but this I can’t allow.” I pressed my mom’s boobs harder and replied “

Please mom please let me do it. I just want to have sex with you once. I can’t control myself and don’t know what would happen if this you don’t allow me to do so” my mom replied “I can’t allow you to do this” I begged my mom very much and looking at me my mom at last said “is it once only?” then I replied “yeah once only”. Then she undressed me in a sexy way and looked at my tool. It was red and very hard and long as well. My mom was shocked to see this huge and thick cock. Mom told me that your penis is far more longer and thicker than your father.

She then opened her mouth and took my penis in her mouth and started giving me a blow job. I felt like I was in a heaven now and I was now out of my senses. She gave me a very hard stroke and gave me a wonderful blow job and the cum which was boiling in my balls shoot like a bullet in my mom’s mouth. My mom swallowed it and she asked me that i have condom and i said i dint have . Then my mom told me that we need to cancel this program and make it tomorrow. So I told my mom “that it will be very late and

I can’t wait for a single second now” so my mom replied that “we don’t have any Condom available at home right now and it’s not safe to fuck without condom” I heard a swearing word from my mom for the first time. I replied “it’s ok we are not going to face any kind of problem if we will have sex without Condom” mom agreed to it but she was only worried whether she will get pregnant then what? Finally I took mom to the bed again and made her sl**p in a missionary style. She laid down and I went near her pussy, I asked my mom to put it in her pussy for me.

She guided me to to suck her pussy and asked me to bring condom packet tomarrow. and i sucker her pussy for 30 min .and she sucked my dick for 30 min.and made me cum and she eat my cum.and we slept.after morning i asked to fuck her.she said that go to college and bring condoms.and we will do at night.and i went to college and i brought 5 packets of condoms.and i asked can we start it .she said me that go and fresh up first after diner we will start it .
and we both had our diner and i brought some porn movies and we see that while we are eating diner.after now i asked my mom to start and she said ok. and we went to bed room and my mom became naked and i also became naked.and she asked me wear condom .She guided me to her pussy and asked me “now push your dick slowly inside me. And also asked me to be gentle with her as she was not used to this kind of huge dick.” I tried to push in but could do it as it was too hard and my mom’s pussy was tight.cuz she had sex before six years.then i was pushing inside my mom she caught my back an gave jerk towards her and my whole dick went inside her pussy like a knife cuts the butter. My mom screamed “Aaaahhhh…” she was in great pain now.

I then started giving strokes to her and she was now moaning heavily “Ohhh yess.. Ohhh yessss..” After few strokes now she was enjoying saying “yeah baby fuck your momma hard..tear apart my pussy..its feeling so great…” I slowly increased my pace and she again started moaning “yeahhhhhh…yeahhhh…..oofffff….oooffff…Ohhh yeahhhhh…”then I became wild and was now at my full pace and after some time I told my mom that “I am about to cum” my mom told me that she is also about to cum and said “.my condom was teared when i am fucking my mom.

Don’t come inside me” but the same time my dick had emptied its load in mom’s pussy…Mom got a bit angry for this but as she was totally satisfied she didn’t said anything then. Then I felt on my mom and after some time I asked her “Hey mommy I want to now fuck your Ass” and she agreed on the same time..And that whole night I fucked my mom till morning. After that till now I am fucking my mom whenever I get a chance.

Hope you enjoyed .she is my step mom and she is like own mom
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hot story
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nice story
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here a video me fucking my mom
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nice on but look a little on the spelling mistakes i sometimes misread somethings completely
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Sounds like your mom is being well satisfied
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very good