College Roomate's Dad--Part II

It worked. I was watching his cock grow before my eyes. I continued to do this over and over. I watched as his cock grew. I could see where the foreskin ended and the head protruded. There was small dark spot at the tip.

Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer; I placed my mouth on his underwear, over his cock, and began licking and sucking. I could taste his precum. His hands shot to my head, holding my mouth in place.

“Awwww, damn,” he groaned.

I unceremoniously ripped his bikinis from his body, freeing his cock. I tossed them to the side and sucked his cock fully into my mouth. He grabbed my head and pushed down as he lifted his hips to my face. His precum was flowing freely. He pushed his cock into my throat and held it there.

By the time he pulled his cock from my throat, I was fully hard. As he continued to fuck my face and throat, I pulled off my shorts.

“I’m getting’ close,” he warned.

I immediately d**g my lips from his cock. I began licking and sucking his balls, occasionally taking a swipe at his scrotum. He spread his legs further and raised his knees, like he was going to do sit ups. There it was: his hairy ass hole. Right there in front of my face. I dove into it with my tongue.

At first, he squirmed away from my tongue. But then he quickly grabbed my head and pulled my face into his ass. He smelled great and tasted even better. I continued to rim his ass for a few more minutes, and then worked my up to his nuts, and on to his cock. The entire trip, he kept his hands on my head. As soon as my lips were on his cock, he began thrusting into my mouth and throat. Quickly, his nuts pulled up against the base of his cock. Again, I pulled my mouth off his cock.

“For the love of pete, Mike,” he gasped. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“Look,” I began, “I’ve wanted you for a long time. I want to savor this.” And I went back to work on his nuts. After he calmed down a bit, I sucked his cock back into my mouth and let him push it into my throat. It wasn’t long before his nuts pulled up against the base of his cock again. I pulled off of him.

“DAMN!” he hissed. “Are you ever gonna let me cum.”

“How bad you want it?” I asked.

“BAD!” he grunted. “Whatever it takes. Let me cum.”

I took a deep breath. I moved my legs to either side of his waist. I reached between my legs and grabbed his cock. I guided it my ass hole, and I lowered myself on to his cock.

As the head of his cock entered my ass, he exhaled loudly. As I pushed his cock fully into my ass, he moaned and sighed. He moved his hands to my waist as I began to ride up and down on his cock.

“Awww, shit,” he moaned. “Awww, shit. I’m gonna shoot this time.”

I immediately lifted my ass from his cock. My hole hovered just above his cock.

“You’ve gotta be k**din’ me,” he sighed.

I hovered with his cock head just barely brushing my hole. I reached between my legs and d**g it back and forth over my ass hole. Occasionally, I would lower my ass so that just the head would pop in, then I would lift off.

“You’re driving me nuts,” he said, exasperated.

“Before you cum, I want you to fuck me.” I said.

He stared directly into my eyes. “What have I been doin,” he asked.

“You’ve been laying there while I rode your cock. I want you to fuck me.”

In an instant, he had me on my back and was on top of me. He pushed my knees to my shoulders, raising my ass into the air. His cock was even with my hole. Slowly, gingerly, he began to push in.

“Fuck me, Don!” I commanded. “Fuck me! Don’t make love to me; fuck me! I can take it!”

It felt like some one else was speaking. I had never wanted anything so badly, and I had never been so f***eful about wanting it.

I felt his fingers tighten behind my knees. He pulled back slightly. Then, he rammed his cock into my ass.

“Yes!” I bellowed. “Yes! That’s what I want! Do it, Don, fuck me!” I shot my load onto my stomach.

He pounded his cock deep into my ass. His strokes were long and fast and hard.
He moved one of his legs from kneeling to flat footed; he pushed into me deeper.

“You like this?” he panted. “This how you like it? Huh, Mike, this how you like it?”

“YES!” I hissed. “Fuck me; Fuck me; Fuck me.”

Suddenly, he pulled his cock from my ass. Then he rammed it back in, all the way to his balls. His pelvic bone crashed against my own. Over and over he pulled his cock from my gaping hole and rammed it back in. My dick was so hard it ached!!

He rammed his cock into my ass as far as he could. He held it there. I came again.

“I’m gonna cum this time!” he smirked. And he began jack hammering my ass. His hips slapped against my ass each time he drove into me.

“Give it to me,” I said through clenched teeth. “Shoot your load in me. I want to feel you shoot your load in my ass.”

“Here it is, Mike,” he grunted. “I’m gonna blow in your ass! I’m gonna hose your ass with cum!”

He buried his cock deep in my ass. I felt the tube on the underside of his cock swell as it pumped each shot of cum into my ass. He was shaking; his entire body was shaking as he filled my ass. He came, and came, and came. Although his orgasm lasted for quite a while, it ended too soon for me.

He collapsed on top of me. One hand moved to the carpet above our heads, the other covered my face from chin to forehead. He turned my face away from his as he gasped for breath against my neck. We remained this way for a while. Slowly, his cock softened and slithered from my ass. I grunted as it exited.

Don sat back on his haunches. “What about you,” he asked. “I can’t give you a blow job; I just can’t. And there’s no way I’ll let you fuck me.”

“I wouldn’t want to do either,” I replied. “I –“

‘I’ll jack you off if you want me to,” he interrupted, “I don’t really want to, but I will.”

“You don’t have to, Don,” I explained. “When you rammed into me the first time, I came all over my belly, and, then, when you pushed all the way in and held it there, I came again.”

“Oh,” he said, the relief obvious. “I’ve never done anything like this,” he stammered. “I’ve never even thought about it. Honestly, the thought of touching your dick kind of grosses me out.”

“You don’t have to touch my dick,” I said. “I wanted to feel yours; you don’t have to feel mine.”

“Do you and Devin do this?”

“No, never,” I spoke honestly. “He has no idea.”

We sat in silence for several minutes. I could feel his cum seeping from my ass.

“Look,” he began, “Betty and I haven’t had sex since right after Cindy was born. For almost sixteen years, the only sex I’ve had has been with my hand. Nobody can ever know about this.”

“I would never put you in that position,” I promised.

Again, we sat in silence for several minutes. We were both still naked, and I could not pull my eyes from his sexy, hairy, muscular body. Then, I saw it; his cock twitched.

I didn’t even think about it; I just acted. I lunged forward and sucked his cock into my mouth.

“Awwww!’ he groaned. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth onto this cock. He rolled over on top of me and pushed his cock into my throat. I grabbed his hairy ass cheeks in my hands and held him in my throat. He pulled out and then plunged back in. This time, my grip on his ass was firm. I held him, as I bathed his cock with my tongue and milked the head with my throat.

“Ummmmmph,” he grunted. I felt his cock expand as he came again. As his spasms subsided, I pulled his cock from my throat so that I could taste him. It was delicious, and I savored it on my tongue.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and rolled onto his back on the carpet. He bent his elbow over his face, covering his eyes. He lay there a moment or two. Then he lifted his arm from his eyes, looked at me, and spoke.

“Mike, I don’t think I want to this to be a one-time thing. But, I want it to be just like this time. You can do what ever you want with my dick, but I won’t touch yours. And no kissing, ever.”

A warm smile spread across my face. “I would like that very much.” I stated. “Very much indeed.”

He grinned at me. He stood, offered my his hand and pulled me to my feet. He shook my hand. “We’ve got a deal,” he said. “Let’s get cleaned up.”

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8 months ago
man you have to continue this as a series
10 months ago
Loved the story. Got me hard. Thanks
1 year ago
very well told. hot hairy men for me too.
1 year ago
Good stuff. Keep up the good work.
1 year ago
Your stories are all so hot! I have been jacking to them all afternoon and night!
1 year ago
please continue this hot story
1 year ago
mmm more plz ;)
1 year ago
So fucking hot. Wow