College Roomate's Dad

My first man to man experience was with an older man, and I had continued to be turned on by older men, rather than the guys my own age. When I met my roommate’s dad, I was totally hot for him.

I had never talked to Devin, my roommate, about my attraction to men; he had no idea. Although Devin and his dad looked almost exactly the same, I was never sexually attracted to Devin. We had become very good friends, and I accompanied him to his parents on several occasions. When his parents were in town, I was always included in everything they did.

Don had played every sport in high school and had stayed in top form. He was 38, but was in better shape than most guys my age. He was about 5’9” and had a rock solid build. From his fingers, across his large hands, over his forearms and biceps, to his broad shoulders was covered in dark, coarse hair. And it didn’t stop there. From his shoulders down his back and across his chest and stomach to his thick meaty thighs, ample calves, broad feet, and his thick toes was also covered in fur. Even his knee caps were hairy! Don was very fond of wearing baggy sweats that he had cut off into shorts, about mid-thigh length. Every time I looked at him, my cock would start to chub.

I had gone home with Devin to help him and his father install a brick patio in their backyard. We arrived fairly early Friday evening, and went straight to work. Don was wearing a pair of his shorts as we worked, and I loved the way they would snug up on his ass when he bent over. I couldn’t help but wonder if his ass cheeks were also covered in that beautiful dark fur. It was difficult to concentrate on the work.

We worked until after dark, then we all hit the showers. We were pretty much exhausted, so we turned in early. We would start again before sun rise.

As expected, we started early Saturday morning. It was pretty warm, but we stuck with it. Just before sundown, we finished spreading the sand into the cracks between the bricks. We sat on the new patio and had some iced tea before we cleaned up and had dinner. After dinner, we all watched a little television. We were all pretty tired again, so we ended going to bed before the news came on.

After lunch on Sunday, Betty, Devin’s mom, was going to take Devin’s s****r, Cindy, to the mall. Betty asked if Devin and I would like to go. Devin was gung ho for it, but I elected to stay at the house and watch basketball with Don.

We had been watching the game for awhile when Don got up to get another glass of tea. He rose very slowly out of his recliner, placed both hands on his lower back, pushed his hips forward, and stretched. I couldn’t help but steal a glance at his crotch. As his hips moved forward, the fabric of his shorts tightened on his crotch, and I could see the outline of his cock and balls. His cock looked average length and above average girth, and his balls were large low hangers. My dick went half hard instantly!
“Man, I’m gettin’ old,” he said. “I’m really sore.”

“It looks like it,” I replied. “You want me to get that for you?”

“I’m not that old,” he laughed as he strode toward the kitchen.

“Think I’ll just stretch out here on the carpet for a minute,” he said when he returned. “My back is killin’ me.”

He gingerly lowered himself to the floor and stretched out. My eyes darted from the television to Don’s body constantly.

“I just can’t get comfortable,” he said as he rolled onto his back. He raised his arms above his head and stretched.

My eyes immediately zoomed to his crotch. I thought this man was a god!

“Damn,” he grunted, “that’s not any better.” And he rolled back to his stomach.

We watched the game in silence for a few minutes. Then Don asked,” Didn’t Devin tell me that you’re a trainer for the athletic department?”

“Yes, sir, I am,” I replied.

“Are you the one that gives the players a massage when they have sore muscles?”

“Yeah, that would be me.”

“Would you mind rubbin’ my back for a bit? It’s stiff as a board.”

“Sure,” I replied, maybe a little too enthusiastically. My hands were shaking at the prospect of touching his body.

He pulled off his shirt and settled back onto the floor, face down. He raised his arms above his head and kind of wiggled to settle into the carpet.

“This will help you relax more,” I stated as I brought his arms back to his sides, his hands at his hips. “Where is it the sorest?”

“Lower back”

I immediately went to work on his lower back. I could feel the tightness as soon as I touched him. I also felt a bolt of electricity shoot through my body.

I worked on his lower back for a few minutes, relishing the feel of his hard muscles and coarse hair. But my hands would not glide over his skin as smoothly as they did with guys at school.

“Do you have any lotion or oil?” I asked. “It’ll make my hands move better, and won’t pull your hair.”

“There’s some sun tan oil in the bathroom,” he said. “Or, I think there might be some baby oil in there, too. I can get it.”

“No, that’s OK; you stay put,” I told him.

I returned with the baby oil and squeezed a generous amount into my hands. It made a world of difference.

“Oh, that feels good,” he groaned.

I worked on his lower back for a couple of minutes. I then filled my hands with oil again, and took one of his hands in mine and started massaging his fingers and hands, working my way to his shoulder. Then I did the other hand and arm. After that, I applied more oil, and I worked his shoulders and upper back, gliding my way down to the top of his shorts. All the while, he is telling me how good it feels.

When I get to his waistband, I add more oil to my hands. I lift his leg and begin pressing into the ball of his foot, working my way to his ankle, calf, and thigh. When I reached his upper thigh, I moved to his other foot and leg. I was so turned on, but also very nervous. My cock was a little less than half mast, and I was sweating profusely. He continued to tell me how good my hands were.

“OK,” I said, “This side’s done. Let me get a towel so you can roll over and I’ll get the front.”

I spread the towel next to him, and he rolled over onto it. I again filled my hands with oil. This time, I started at his hands and up to his shoulders. From there, I moved to his pecs and started working my way down to his waist. When I reached his waistband, I re-oiled my hands and went to work on his feet. This time, when I got to his thigh, I pushed the leg of his shorts up to go higher on his thigh. His shorts were bunching up and getting caught on his thigh.

“Hey,” I announced brazenly, “pull these off and we’ll finish up.”

Without hesitation, he pulled his shorts off, revealing a pair of tiny navy bikinis. It almost took my breath away. I could see the outline of everything, enough so that I could tell he was uncut. I could feel the sweat bead on my forehead and back.

“Roll back onto your stomach,” I instructed. As he rolled over, I drank in the sight of his fur covered ass. I was in heaven!

I began on his lower back again, able to go much lower than before. I went right down to the top of the crack of his hairy ass. Then, I skipped down to his thighs. As I worked my hands up his thighs, I intentionally grazed his nut sack. He didn’t flinch. I continued to work his thighs for another couple of minutes, grazing his nuts as often as I could.

“OK, now spread your legs,” I instructed as I moved in between his legs. I placed a hand on each of his thighs, and began moving upward.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” he croaked.

I rubbed all the way up to his scrotum. Both thumbs grazed his nuts on my way to his hairy ass cheeks. I massaged and kneaded his ass cheeks, as I continued to sweat. I couldn’t believe I was getting to touch this incredible man.

“OK,” I said, “Roll over.”

Again, he rolled to his back. I could barely breathe as I moved back between his legs. I started working his abdominal muscles, and went all the way to his waist band. Then, I skimmed down to his thighs, letting my fingers brush over his cock. I thought I saw it pulse.

I placed a hand on each thigh, and moved up to his groin. Again, I grazed his nuts as I moved to his hips. After his hips, I leaned over him and began rubbing from his pecs down to his waist. As I stretched over him, his cock was right in front of my face. Each time my face was close to his cock, I would breathe out heavily, wanting him to feel it.

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Excellent. I think you've got a good series starting.
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excellent... terribly horny
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oooooooohhhh!!! my!
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great start!
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mmmm sooo... HOT!!!