I have been given strict instruction that I am not allowed to relieve my sexual tension in anyway. I am not allowed to use my fingers, toys or shower head. I am expected to continue to surf through porn and pick out the things that interest me and send them on to Sir. I know I will be getting messages that will make my imagination run wild and my body shiver. But I am not allowed to release myself from this ache until the next time that we are together.

Here is the hard part. I will see him several times this week. I am helping out at the house clearing out the crawl space. But there will be c***dren around so there will be no outward submission. I will have to endure brushing up against him as we carry boxes out of the crawl space. I will be spending hours in the same room knowing he will find ways to torture and tease me. The knowing looks and innuendos that the k**s don’t pick up on and the occasional grope when he can. I know that while I am at work or at home and I am online he will at fuel to the fire.

I have no idea how long this will last. Oh he has told me that this will go on till we can have some free time together. But since we are on a time crunch for this cleaning project I know that this Wednesday night will most likely be spent bend over and hauling boxes in and out of a hobbit height space. I will not be bent over and begging for more.

I know exactly what Sir expects when we are able to come together. I will be tied down. My rabbit will be put in its place and I am to convince him that I am the filthy cock slut that I am. I am to beg and plead for the privilege of wrapping my lips around him and sucking him off. I am required to debase myself with my desire to have him fuck my face with his fingers wrapped around my hair.

This is what I think will happen.....

I am kneeling on my living room floor. I am naked, I am cuffed and collared and I am waiting. The sharp biting pain of the nipple clamps has my attention. The fan in the window is blowing a cool breeze across my over heated skin. I can feel a bead of sweat start on my forehead and slowly roll down my face. I want to reach up and wipe it off. But I know you will be walking in that door any second. My heart beat quickens. You have already called to say you are on your way. “Rose, be ready.” are the words that I heard.

So here I am waiting for you just how you like me. Naked and on my knees. Up off my butt and my hands palms down on my thighs. One the coffee table are the clips that will later hobble the movement of my arms and legs.

The seconds seem like minutes. Each minute is agony. My eyes are closed and I try to compose myself and prepare my mind for the evening to come. I am excited that you are coming over. My body is quivering in anticipation of submitting myself to you. I have spent time with you over the week but this will be the first time that we will be able to slip deeper into the roles we naturally desire.

I think I hear something. I breath in hard to calm myself. The front door of the building slams shut. I see the knob turn on my front door. You are here. I have been waiting for this for days. Not just for the sexual release that I might get before the end of the evening. I have been waiting to submit. To feel your hands on me. Hear that voice guiding me, demanding and bending me. This is what I crave.

The door swings open and there you are. I fight the urge to smile. I slowly look up as you survey my form. The look in your eyes says it all. I am yours and you are pleased and you have many things planned for this evening. You nod slightly to tell me you are pleased with how I have presented myself. Without saying a word you close the door and lock it.

You turn around still not saying a word. Walking behind me I can feel you kneel down and clip my ankle cuffs together with the small length of chain. A hand wraps around my hair and my head is pulled back. Your words whisper along the sensitive skin of my ear. “Put your arms behind your back.” I comply. This time my wrist cuffs are linked together with a slim chain about shoulder width long.

Your hand tightens in my hair and I am pulled back against your chest. Suddenly I feel your other hand wrap around the front of my throat. Just tight enough to just barely make breathing a little harder. You know this sends me over the edge and flips a switch in my body. I am no longer myself. I am now Rose, your sub. All the cheeky thoughts and smart ass comments are gone. I moan in desire and anticipation. My entire body feels like it has been electrified. My eyes half close and my mouth forms an O to let loose with a soft moan. One hand tightens in my hair and the other caresses my throat. Your lips are nearly touching my left ear as you growl that I have pleased you and asking me if I am ready for what’s to come.

I nod my head slightly and whimper out a “Yes, Sir.” The hand in my hair begins to pull me toward my bedroom. I try to scramble up as fast as I can to keep up. Hobbled by the chain between it is more a bit difficult to stand. You ask me what I think I am doing, did I really expect to be getting off my knees so soon? “No Sir.” trying to crawl as quickly as I can. I feel the sting of a crop on my ass as I try to keep up.

Once in my room you tell me to put my ass in the padded wooden chair that sits in the corner. This is my reading chair, my catch all, the place I toss things on as I come into the room. Now I'm being tossed onto the chair. You are kneeling before me and pulling rope out of your black messenger bag. My heart begins racing again when I see your bag. I know what has come out of it before. The images it brings to mind make me sigh in pleasure and anticipation.

Your hands caress my legs before slipping the rope around my ankles and binding my legs to the chair. The soft rope sliding across my skin causing me to shiver. I can feel it tightening around my ankles. Tight enough I can not get free but loose enough so that I am comfortable. I watch as your hands slide up my thighs and around my seated ass. You pull me forward my ass forward on the chair a little so I am leaning back, your hands press my thighs open wider.

My skin tingles and muscles jump at the touch of your thumbs spreading me open, teasing me. Your thumbs stroke my sensitive clit for a moment before you continue with the job at hand. Nails rake over my skin, over my naked breasts and belly. I lean my head back and close my eyes just taking in the sensations. I can feel your breath on me. Your body so close to mine. My wrists are now being bound to the chair. You flick the end of the rope across my nipples a few times.

With my eyes still closed, I hear you walking around my room. I hear a drawer open and things being pushed aside and rearranged as you look for something. The draw closes again and I hear you coming back to where I am bound and spread open for you. I can hear the buzz of my rabbit turning on. I wiggle my hips slightly in the chair to find a comfortable position and in eager anticipation of that buzzing.

I am once again teased. The rabbit is run up and down my body. Over my nipples, across my thighs getting close but never quiet touching where I so badly want to be touched. You are so good at this game. Knowing I am not allowed to speak yet but dying to beg you. Beg you to place that buzzing toy on my clit and end my agony. Knowing I am dripping wet and aching for your touch. I am wiggling and rocking in my seat, panting and whimpering.

Finally I feel your hand spreading my open and the touch of my rapidly buzzing rabbit touch my needy clit. After a week of arousal at every turn and no way to release it I nearly cum right then and there. It's only your voice reminding me that I am not allowed to cum till you have that I remember to hold back. FIght the tidal wave of sensations and breath deeper and slower and slow my body down. As I relax you turn it up a notch and firmly slide that rabbit home. Toes curling and fingers turning white as I grip the chair, hips lifting as you slide my rabbit in and out a few times.

The next time the rabbit slides home I feel you bring rope around my legs and waist. I look down and I see you are tying my rabbit into a rope harness to make sure it wont slip out when you stand up. You look satisfied with yourself, standing there watching me wiggle and shake. I feel your eyes on me and it helps pull me back from orgasm. I know whats next. I am waiting for your words to release me to talk.

You want this don't you Rose?

My eye half close in pleasure as I nod. You know how much I enjoy giving you pleasure. how much it turns me on to wrap my hands, lips and tongue around you. I get pleasure from every moan, every muscle shake and every thrust of your hips driving you deeper into my mouth. I watch as you free your thick hard cock right before my eyes.

Show me Rose. Tell me how much you want my cock. Tell me what a slut you are for my cum.

Your cock in your hand you slap my breasts. The other hand is in my hair holding my head still. Tears spring to my eyes as your hand tightens a little more. You rub your cock across my face now. I try to steal a lick but you catch me and pull my head back hard.

Not till you tell me how much you want this cock. I want you to beg and plead and convince me you are a worthy enough cock slut for this cock.

Yes Sir, Please Sir give me your cock. You know I'm your cock slut. I love sucking you deep and hard till I'm choking on your big thick cock. I need your cock Sir. I want your cum dripping down the back of my throat and leaking out of the side of my mouth. I need you to fuck my face till I can't breath. I want you to cover me in cum and make me wear it all day long. It so hot outside your cum would stay wet and sticky, slowly sliding down my body. Everyone I work with would smell your spunk on me and know what a dirty slut I really am. Please Sir fuck my mouth I need your cock. Fill my mouth till I can't take anymore. I want to feel your hand on my throat while your are deep in my mouth. Your hands in my hair while your hips thrust your cock deeper and harder till you spill your cum down my throat forcing me to swallow or choke.

Very nice Rose. I think you might be ready for my cock.

You are now straddling my legs, your hands buried in my hair. I feel you pull my head toward you as you thrust your hips driving your cock into my eager mouth. I swallow you whole. Taking every inch till I choke and you pull back a little. Gasping for air before sliding my mouth along your thickening length. Sucking hard and twisting my head. Up and down your cock. I feel you shake and hear you moan.

Words falling out of your mouth. Praising me for the cock whore that I am. Dirty filthy things that should make me blush or feel embarrassed. But I'm not I love your cock and I am your cock slut and I am showing you that with each pull. Your hips thrusting back and forth as you fuck my mouth. Both hands in my hair pulling my head onto your thrusting cock. I'm choking and crying and gasping for breath when I can. I am loving every second. I feel your sack slap against my chin as my mouth devours your cock. licking, sucking, stroking holding on for the ride. Tied down so all I can use is my mouth.

Your hands suddenly tighten in my hair and your hips pump your cock into my mouth one, two, three more times before your back arches and you fill my mouth with you cum One or two more thrusts as I milk your cock. You reach down and begin fucking me with my rabbit and order me to cum. I concentrate for a moment and scream as you f***e an orgasm out of me with my toy.

Afterward you release me from the chair and gather me in your arms. Holding me in your lap as we both come down. Your hands softly stroking me, quietly whispering in my ear. Telling me that I have pleased you. What a good little sub I am for giving her Sir so much pleasure. I smile and slide my hands along your body. Glowing from orgasm and pleased that I have done well. Knowing I want more, to serve you, to please you, and to grow with you. Thank you SIr, I whisper.

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