Kilt Check

I caught sight of you out of the corner of my eye. Whipping my head around to make sure that what I thought I saw was real. Yeap, there was a cute ginger man standing there in the street in a kilt. I nudge my friend, whispering for her to check out the hottie in a kilt. She turns her head to look and smiles muttering “Damn” under her breath.
We both drool for a moment humming The Scotsman while we stare. We continue wondering around ComFest. We pass by several times. I am sure you have caught me checking you out. I wonder if you can read the thoughts that are going through my mind.
I smile thinking of the song the Scotsman and wishing I had a blue ribbon and the nerve to walk up and offer a kilt check. As my friend and I are leaving we hug as we say our goodbye and part ways. I walk back to my car with my bags of new rings and trinkets and art for my apartment.
As I am placing my bags in the backseat of my car, humming along to music playing in the background, I hear a voice behind me. “Excuse me.” Jumping and yelping I turn around and it’s you, the Hottie in a kilt. I’m so surprised I swallow my gum and turn beet red as I hear you say that you couldn't help but notice me checking you out several times.
I stumble and stammer for a moment and you take pity on me and tell me you had been checking me out too. I relax and you move closer, offering your hand and introducing yourself. As soon as you move closer I can smell the sun and sweat and some spicy musky scent. I can’t help but take another deep breath, eyes drifting shut and sighing as a warm tingle courses head to toe awakening and arousing something deep inside.
Your hand touches mine and the tingle intensifies. Realizing I’m standing there nearly drooling I look up and am shocked to see a look of hunger. The next thing that I know you are shutting the back door of my car and pushing me up against the side. I’m not scared but for a moment my mind wonders if I should be, your a total stranger looking like you want to devour me and I’m pinned against the side of my car.
As soon as your lips touch mine everything goes out the window and we devour each other. Hands roaming and groping up and down seeking bare skin. Your hips are pressing into mine I can feel you grinding into me. Right there in the middle of the street I’m making out with a stranger and somehow it just feels right. As wildly as we are going at each other I have enough of my head about me to know I want to find somewhere a little more private.
Breaking the kiss and pushing you away from me I ask you to follow me. I take you into a park and a small grove of trees just across from where I am parked. Its dark and the lights of Comfest softly illuminate the tiny clearing we are standing in. we waste no more time and I find myself backed into a tree with your hand between my legs using your thumb to stroke my clit through my panties.
The wildness of it all has me coming quickly, knees shaking, crying out. As soon as I catch my breath I exclaim that it’s my turn and I have been wanting to do something all day. you smile and ask me what that might be and I tell you that I’m dying to check your kilt. Kneeling before you, I run my nails up the backs of your calves and around to the front and slide my hands up your thighs. Without lifting your kilt I explore your thighs and ass with my hands slowly going higher and higher and finding you rock hard and very naked.
Pleased I lift your kilt and comment that you definitely win first prize. My hands are now on your thighs rubbing up and down then around to the back and up to your butt. I pull you closer to me and flick my tongue out to circle your tip. Bringing one hand up I grip your hard cock and slowly start to stroke my thumb rubbing along the underside of your shaft. leaning in closer and run my tongue along your balls while my hands still strokes your cock slowly. Lifting your cock up a little I kiss, lick and then suck your balls into my mouth rolling them around on my tongue and slowly sucking and popping them out only to lavish the other side with the same attention.
I feel your legs shaking and when I look up your head is thrown back, mouth open moaning loudly. Your hands dig into my hair, pulling making me moan with your balls still in my mouth. I look up again and smile as I watch you shake, you happen to look down meeting my eyes and as I give a lick at the full sack in my mouth your eyes roll back into your head. I’m grinning as I suck a little more and pop my mouth off you and run my tongue up along the underside of your thick hard cock.
I take my hand away and I take you all the way into my mouth my hand reaches between your legs to caress and fondle your balls. I continue sliding your cock in and out of my mouth one hand on your ass; I can feel you clenching your muscles. I can feel you are about to cum, your cock throbbing in my mouth Kneeling there in the half dark my hands holding onto your ass while my mouth twists and bobs, sucking you in and out of my mouth.
Suddenly you shudder and pull away telling me you are going to fuck me as you help me stand, bending me over I grab onto a tree for support as you lift my skirt and rip my panties off me before sinking into my soaking wet aching pussy. Filling me up with your hot flesh. Your hand reaches up and wraps itself around my hair and pulls back forcing my head back making me scream as you thrust into me.
Pushing back trying to feel you even deeper then you are as your balls slap against me. By now it doesn’t take long before we are both screaming out as we both cum hard. You collapse against me as we both catch our breath. After we right our clothes and head back to our cars. We wave to each other as we both pull away. I smile and sing along to the radio as I drive home.
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3 years ago
hot hard & fast
3 years ago
very nice story should be a part 2