In the dark, Part II

You sit up trying to regain your breath, your head spinning. But as soon as you do rough hands grasp your cheeks and you feel a man's cock pressing against your lips. Your gasp at this is enough for him to f***e it between your lips and into your mouth. You can already taste the precum on it as he f***es it to the back of your throat. Three, four times he pushes it into you before pulling out. Immediately you feel jets of hot cum land on your exposed breasts.

A second or two passes. You try to regain your bearings, wondering where in the room you are as you feel more feet shuffling around you. You hear someone settle into the chair in front of you and hands at the back of your head push you forward. You stumble slightly and reach out – grasping hold of the naked legs in front of you. Feeling the coarse hairs on them beneath your palms. A hand reaches under your chin and lifts it towards a waiting cock.

As you open your mouth to accept this one, your mind racing, you begin to reach up to guide it in only for your arms to be grasped again by a man on each side of you. The man on the chair holds your chin still as he slides his cock into your now open mouth.

As you accept it into you other hands now grasp your hips and lift them exposing your ass to the room. The motion causes you to fall forward and the cock to move deeper into your mouth as you feel bare legs either side of your hips and a fat cock sliding into your still wet pussy.

You try to moan, to cry out but the cock in your mouth stifles the sound. The man in the chair starts to lift his hips from the chair, fucking your mouth in rhthym with the man behind you sliding in and out of your wet, wet hole. The cock inside you feels so big compared to the delicate fingers of the girl. The other in your mouth thrusts deeper and deeper, causing you to half gag. The f***e of being fucked from behind shoves it further in and you can feel your spit gather round it, covering it and rolling down your chin....

As you are fucked from both front and rear the hands on your arms guide yours to two further cocks which you grasp at. Holding them tight you try desperately to find a rhythm. Stroking the cocks in your hands while moving your hips back and your head forwards . But all the men seem to be moving at different rates and you soon lose yourself to the sensation of being fucked by four cocks.

Your reverie is short lived though as the cock in your mouth begins to twitch and seems to grow even larger. Instictively you begin to pull back as his sperm shoots out, into your mouth and onto your lips, rolling down your chin. This is quickly joined by more as one of the men beside you pulls away and, swearing under his breath, struggles to his feet to leave his cum on your cheek.

“Bring her over here!” The girl's voice rings out in the room.

The cocks at your pussy and other hand are taken away and a man helps you to your feet. Your knees are trembling and you feel woozy, unsure your legs will carry you. He takes both your hands and leads you across the room dropping them as you bump into something at waist height. Placing your hands down you feel a hard wooden table. You rest your hands on it, your lungs gasping in air, your pussy and clit throbbing...

You feel a man press up behind you and his hand moves between your thighs as the hands that led you across the room clasp your wrists. They begin to pull you forward slowly but from behind another in the small of your back pushes f***efully forward, face down on to the table. You can smell the wood and polish on it as his other hand struggles to f***e his cock into your willing pussy...

Pulled forward now so your head hangs over the far edge you feel the huge hand in your back forcing you down onto the hard wooden surface as the thrusts pick up pace. You don't know if it is the same cock as before or not. All you know is the spasms running through your body as he fucks you. Harder. Deeper. Faster....

In front you can sense the man holding your wrists. His groin presses against your face, still clothed but with the hard cock inside straining against the cloth of his trousers. Without thinking you start to kiss it. Feeling the cotton in your mouth while the cock behind you slides in and out of your pussy, balls slapping against your thighs. The man's hand at your back is now grasping at your corset, causing it to pull tight, threatening to cut off your breath. Excited and fearful in equal measure you start to cry out, biting the cloth in front of you as the orgasm that was building up surges through your body, your pussy pulsating and tensing round the cock inside you. Almost in unison it goes even deeper inside you once more and explodes, sending cum up into you and making you shiver and tremble once more. Pulling out he wipes the tip on the cheek of your ass and you hear him step away...

The man before you contines to grind himself against your face as another takes his turn at your wet hole. The cock slides in easily among the mix of your cum and spunk. You can't tell if it is larger or smaller than before, all you can feel is the jolts of pleasure running up from between your thighs. After what seems only seconds the cock is pulled out to be replaced by another. Again this one fucks you hard for mere moments before pulling out and being replaced. Each time you feel the sensations building up inside you only for them to be denied by the withdrawal of these glorious cocks inside you. You don't know if it is only two, three or even more that are being used on you. And the thought begins to make you breathe heavily again....

“Fuck me!”

You call out. The cock in you picks up its pace but the man inside you staggers back.


Again a hand lands on your bare arse.

“Don't speak!” says a woman's voice at your ear.

Before another slap lands on your ass again, bringing a tear to your eye but intense pleasure burning through your groin.

The cock slides back inside you and begins to pound again. You feel the hair round the base against your red ass cheeks and the tip deep, deep inside you. This time it is not removed but builds up pace. Faster and faster. Once again you try to stifle your moans. Lifting your head you feel the belt at the waist of the man in front and bite onto it as your orgasm bursts forth again. You feel yourself cumming over and over as the man behind you fucks you faster and faster. You can taste the leather in your mouth and fear that you will bite through it as he goes into you. Unable to bear it any longer you open your mouth, letting the beltstrap fall from your lips as you scream, the cock buried inside you shooting sperm deep once more into you....

“Now” hisses the girl, off to your left.

The hands in front of you release your wrists and you hear the man move round the table. You are afraid to move and lie there with your chest heaving pressed against the hard wood beneath you. The footsteps sound behind you as he slowly walks. You feel the woman's hands take yours before hading your right hand into that of a man. The two of them draw your arms out to either side so that you lie there, pulled flat on the table and unable to move again....

All you can hear is your breath and the pounding of your pulse in your ears until you make out the undeniable sound of a belt being unfastened and a zip being drawn. Your legs are pushed apart again by cotton clad legs and a hard cock starts to slide up and down your wet pussy lips, almost gently after what has come before. He thrusts into you with a grunt, causing you to gasp and the waves of pleasure to start all over again....

As he pushes into you and slides out again you finally succumb to the total pleasure of the experience. The hard wood under your breasts seems to yield and the rasping breath in your throat becomes moans of ecstatsy. You barely notice the hands clasping your wrists tight nor the rhymic beating before you which only finishes when more cum lands on your shoulder....

Such is the euphoria you feel that it is only when the man pulls out of you to roll you on your back that you realise you are no longer held. His hands press down on your thighs to part them and his hard cock slides into you again. You can feel the urgency in his pace as he rides you, gliding in and out of you. You feel the sensation of his cock pushing into you and sense his orgasm coming. Again the waves of delight wash over and through you as his cock thrusts into you again as you both cum, crying out, grasping and clutching at each other....

He remains inside you as the sensations begin to subside. His hands move up your body, a gentler touch than any you have had. Fingers caress your cheek as they reach the blindfold removing it from your eyes. Blinking in the unaccustomed light you look up into the face of your man. Who leans over to kiss you deep and passionately.....
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1 year ago
Never read 50 shades actually! I'm naturally a bit on the sub side...and I did read both parts! Bit wet now!
1 year ago
Glad you liked it!! Did you read both parts?? That your kind of fantasy - a 50 Shades fan are we?? lol!!!
1 year ago
Mmm wow, wonderful story!