In the dark, Part I

Written for friends who were experimenting with the idea of parties and group sex. She was also bi-curious and intrigued by the idea of being "sub". So this is part one of what I came up with for her....

You are standing there in your sexiest lingerie. The man places a blindfold over your eyes and taking you by the hand leads you down a corridor. It is slightly chilly out here and goosebumps begin to rise on your exposed skin from the cold and the excitement. You hear a door open and another hand takes yours to lead you in. It is small, soft and the touch gentle. A woman's hand perhaps?

You hear the door close behind you as you are led to the middle of the room. You don't know if the man is there any more. Nor how many other eyes are on you.....
She stops and drops your hand, stepping away from you. You hear her heels click on the floor as she walks around you and in the distance you hear the shuffling of feet and a light cough. A man's cough...

You are trembling, your skin all goosebumps despite the room being warmer than the corridor and don't know whether to be scared or excited. She stops behind you and touches your hips, causing you to start. Her hand moves up your back and pulls tight the lacing on the corset you wear, almost causing your breasts to fall out.

She steps away from you again and begins to circle once more. Tap tap her heels go on the floor and the shuffling feet seem closer, feel closer. She stops in front of you. And a second later her hands are again on your hips, sliding your panties down over them....

Her fingernails graze down your legs as she pulls them to your ankles, lifting first one, then the other foot to pull them off over the heels that you wear too. As she bends to do so her long hair brushes against your inner thigh. You feel even more vulnerable now but can feel lust building.

Her nails slide deliberately up the back of your thighs this time and as she does so you can hear heavy breathing from nearby. It is not the light breath of a woman, but the a****listic chest heaving breath of men...

Her nails caress the cheeks of your ass, pulling them apart and then releasing them and you feel a light sweat break out on your skin. Her fingertips moveto your inner thighs, running slowly. casually up them. One finger nail on each. And then down again.

You feel the need to move away but am compelled to stay as you feel a presence behind you. A strong presence and know there is no escape behind you...

Her hands massage your thighs, the nails digging in to them. Her hands are now close to your pussy and all her naisl caress across your skin. One hand is lifted from your thigh and you feel a long fingernail drawn along the lips of your pussy, from back to front. slowly, methodicaly causing your skin to feel like thousand needles are dragging gently across it

The finger moves back again, this time pressing between the lips of your pussy so she can feel your wetness, and draws forward again towards your clit. You can feel her tilt her head as her hair cascades down your left thigh. She must be looking up at your pussy as she caresses it, parts it with her long-nailed finger. Her breath is close to your pubis and you feel it raise more goosebumps on your inner thigh.

Another finger joins the first, spreading the lips of your pussy wider, holding you apart. You feel her hair move against your thighs as she leans forward and her tongue reaches out to caress your swollen clit. It circles it slowly, drawing a sharp breath from you before it moves backwards to your hole where she slides the tip inside. Tasting you....

"She's ready" says a voice from before you're groin...

Suddenly you feel hands all over your body. Rougher, larger, men's hands. One releases your breasts from the top of your corset exposing your already swollen nipple to the cold air. Your head is spinning, not knowing where the next touch will come from as another runs over your ass, again spreading your ass cheeks and crudely seeking out your pussy where it is swatted away by your mistress. Still more caress your sides, your belly, your back and your legs. Hot breath is against your cheek and you think you detect the smell of cheap brandy and cigars.

Her mouth seeks you out again, envelops you, sucking your clit into her mouth while her tongue laps at your hole. Now rough hands have cupped each breast the very touch causing your nipples to rise more before they are clasped between calloused fingers, twisted and roughly woo-ed. One hand lifts away from a breast and another replaces it as a man step behind you, his arms round you grabbing a breast in each hand. The nipples pressed against the plams as he breathes in your scent.

You feel his face pass down the side of your cheek. He smells of spicy cologne, not the brandy and cigars man. e breathes on your shoulder as the woman contninues the administrations to your pussy. Your legs have gone weak as she drinks in, breathes you in between your thighs. Her hands are at your knees pushing them apart so she can f***e her face further up inside you. Her tongue moves rapidly first inside you thrustng in and out, then up to your clit to circle it and caress before sliding back into your hole again.

The man who smells of spice continues to smell your hair while crushing your breasts in his large hands . One nipple ius trapped betwen his fingers as he pulls you towards him. His stubble grazes your back as he moves his face to your other shoulder. And still there are the other hands running over your bare legs and corset clad torso.

With one kiss and gentle bite to your left shoulder the man who smells of spice steps back and the other hands drop from your sides. Even the mistress stop slicking you pulling her head back. All you can feel is her breath on your exposed clit. Your breath leaves your throat in panting gasps and your heart beats once, twice, three times.......


A heavy hand lands on your ass cheeks causing you to stumble the woman at your feet holding you up.


It lands on he other cheek and you feel the bl**d rush to them, feel them redden. The cold in the room is forgotten as the heat in your body threatens to overload. Again hands are all over you including a man's hand sliding betwen your thighs from behind. Perhaps the one that just caused the cheeks of your ass to glow. To you they feel like they must be bright red as a rough hand slides between your thighs. Getting covered in your juices.

The woman in font of you stands. You can feel her bare breasts against yours, feel rings rub up against your your tender nipples. Her hot breath is against your face as the hand at your thighs finds your hole. Circling it, allowing all your wetness to gather in his palm.

You feel a delicate nose brush against yours and smell a muskiness as soft lips meet yours. You can taste yourself on her as her tongue goes inside your mouth. A finger or thumb slides up inside your hole roughly impaling you on it...

Staggering now you try to raise your hands to hold the woman in front of you and have her support you. Rough hands hold your arms, preventing you from touching her but holding you upright. The finger at your pussy is joined by another, both roughly moving in and out of you. Your tongue reaches out for hers only for her mouth to close, her teeth gently clasping your tongue.

Her hands are running up and down your sides, men's hand are still at your breasts bruising the niples as they roughly play. Fingers still slide in and out of you getting you wetter and wetter....

You hear the sound of chair legs dargged across the tiled floor as the woman in front of you steps back. The fingers in your pussy keep up their rhythm as her presence is replaced by a man at your breasts. His hot breath on your nipples he takes first one then the other into his mouth before sucking them into his mouth and circling them with his tongue.

The fingers at your pussy pull out and are replaced by more hands which spread you wide, exposing the wet, pink flesh within to those who watch. Hands at your shoulders press down forcing you to your knees and another pushes your head forward where your cheek meets yielding flesh. Your senses are full of a musky aroma, sweet scented. It is the smell of a woman but not of you.

The hand at the back of your head is joined by a smaller more delicate one and the long nailed fingers come up to your cheek, lifting it. The smell of pussy is overpowering now and you can almost feel the heat and wetness of it in front of you. Your ass cheeks are parted again and another hand goes between your thighs. You can feel a ring on one of the finger as it rubs against your pussy, fingers sliding into you as the woman's hands grasp the back of your head and pull you forward so your face and lips meet the hot, wet, willing flesh waiting for you.

You can taste her hot juices. She is as wet as you. Your cheeks are instantly slick as the fingers behind you pick up their pace. Now there are three fingers eazsily sliding in and out of your wet hole, fucking you hard and fast. Your tongue slides inside her pussy and your nose brushes against her clit as her fingers entwine in your hair pulling you into her.

She raises her hips from the chair forcing her wet pussy further into your face. All you can feel is her hot wetness. You feel like you cannot breathe as she rides your face. Slidng her pussy up and down it.

The fingers in your pussy are pumping rapidly in and out of you and other hands grasp at your breasts and pull at your nipples. She is pulling at your hair now, your lips and tongue smearing nher pussy in front of you. Your face is soaked and her movements are getting faster as are those of the fingers in you.

She pulls at your head and pushes your face into her as her hips leave the chair and you feel her begin to shake. The hand at your pussy is now almost totally inside you so slick it has become. Moving in-out, in-out with increasing rapidity.

Her body goes rigid and she writhes under your touch. You can feel even more wetness seep from her, over your face and down to the floor. The fingers in your pussy are driving you crazy as you drink her cum until finally her writhing subsides. Her hand drops from your hair and the wet fist in your hole slowly pulls back letting your own cum slide down your leg.....

[End of part one]
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