Monsoon Lovers Part 2 - Delhi Nights

It had been a long trek to Delhi, but in this capital city of history and culture, there was more to this city than just a bit of History. Our documentary project was nearing completion and it was decided that we would go out to town and make a night of it.
Dressed in a blue shirt and jeans, I was ready to hit the town, as our taxi drove though Delhi’s busy streets and historical sites. The smell of the fresh monsoon rain was still in the air. The taxi ground to a halt and we had reached our destination; a busy hotel with a supposedly good nightclub, vibrant and full of life.

Whilst at the bar waiting for a drink amidst the busy crowd a shoulder brushed up against me, “Oh sorry sir.” “It’s okay.” I replied. He turned around and said “busy no?” Our eyes instantly caught each other’s attentions. I stared into his dark brown eyes and said “Very busy.” He then introduced himself“Hi I’m Rahul, you don’t look like you are from around here?” “I’m from the with film crew over there.” “How interesting, let me buy you a drink.” He insisted. “So, how are you finding Delhi?” “It’s very happening.”I replied. “It’s very hot in here. Don’t mind.” He replied casually unbuttoned the top few buttons on his light blue linen shirt. I couldn’t help but stare at his smooth rippling chest. “Hey if you want to see the real Delhi I am more than happy to show you. I’m waiting for my friend Mahesh he will be here soon.” I thought to myself, if he is as hot as you how can anyone refuse.

“Look Mahesh is here, shall we?” putting all my apprehensions aside I agreed and wasn’t disappointed either. “Hi Rahul, and hello there?” “Mahesh meet out friend for the evening.” I gazed at Mahesh’s slender frame and deep green eyes. He wore a pair of slim jeans and fitted T shirt. I replied “Pleasure to meet you, Delhi is full of delightful surprises!” Rahul took out a bunch of keys from his pocket. “I know this great intimate house party upstairs” “well what are we waiting for” replied Mahesh.

“It’s just here, the luxury suite for special guests.” said Rahul, as we stepped out of the lift. It was a modern apartment with a cosy looking sofa. “Have a seat. You too Mahesh” “Thanks you have a wonderful apartment.” I replied. “Why thank you. Mahesh, don’t you think it’s time we showed our friend the real Delhi.” “Sure.” Replied Mahesh rather seductively as I felt his hand on my thigh reaching up for my crotch. “You must be so hard under there, isn’t it uncomfortable let me undo your jeans.” “Only if Rahul joins in” I replied licking my lips. Rahul sat next to me on the sofa; I now had two hot guys on either side. Mahesh’s hands were in my trousers and Rahul’s hot lips kissing my neck all over. I was in heaven.

Unable to control myself with one hand on each crotch I unzipped their jeans releasing their huge erections which were now being stroked in my hands. Rahul’s hands were on my shirt unbuttoning it as he kissed my chest all over. I gazed into Mahesh’s eyes as we softly kissed each other, his hands all over my chest as I felt the tip of Rahul’s tongue on my cock. His hot lips were soon all over my cock sucking it.

Mahesh took his shirt off displaying a very lean and sexy six pack my hands were over him as I kissed his chest and licked his nipples. I and drew my tongue down his entire chest down to his belly button. I wanted his cock in my mouth. My lips were all over his erection sucking it.

Rahul unbuttoned his shirt and took of his jeans; his hands pulling my jeans down as he gently slapped my ass. “So firm and so fuckable.” Said Rahul, slapping my ass again. “Fuck me hard” I replied “I want you to fuck me really hard. I now had Rahul’s cock deep inside me and Mahesh’s cock in my mouth. “Oh yes!!! Suck it hard.” Mahesh’s hot cock was deep down my throat. Rahul’s cock was deep inside me, his every thrust getting me hotter and hotter.

Mahesh and Rahul switched sides. Mahesh took me from behind and thrust his cock in deep and hard as I licked Rahul’s balls and slowly drew my tongue up his cock taking it all in my mouth. “Mmm..... you suck really well, take it all in mmmm..... yes.” Rahul was clearly enjoying it all.
Mahesh was thrusting deep and hard and with each thrust I moaned in ecstasy; his thick hard cock pounding my ass nice and deep. I was now ready for some serious fucking. As I lay on my back and Rahul was sitting top of me as I thrust my cock deep into him. “Oh yess!!! Fuck my ass fuck me hard!” I fucked him hard while he serviced Mahesh’s cock with his mouth.

It was now Mahesh’s turn to be fucked by me as he sat on my cock. I fucked him deep and hard; his ass firm and tight. Rahul’s cock was now in his mouth. It was not long before all this hard fucking would lead us to the point of no return. “I’m going to Cum!!” Unable to control himself Rahul shot a huge load across and all over Mahesh’s face; cum dripping down his cheeks and from his mouth. I sat up with Mahesh still sitting on my cock and held him in my arms as I kissed him and licked some of Rahul’s hot cum of his face. Rahul joined in as well as we kissed each other.

It was now Mahesh’s turn to cum as he stood up stroking his hard cock. “I want you to cum on my face” I said with my mouth wide open ready for his hot cum. “OH YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!” He shot his hot salty load all over my face and in my mouth. I could not control myself any longer stroking my cock I shot my load all over my hands and across my chest. I was covered in cum.

Rahul and Mahesh were all over my body kissing it and licking every last bit of cum off; messy but so very nice. Who knew Delhi had such delightful surprises. It was indeed a night to remember as I was bound for my final destination in India, the grand city of Mumbai. Who knows what adventures will be waiting there for me......

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