The Lovers Holiday: Episode 2

The neon lights of the casino reflect in her eyes as you reach down to help her out of the limo. Her slim hand is cool in yours, and, though currently satiated, you can't help but feel a twinge upon touching her soft skin. You can tell your recent tryst was just an appetizer to her, as well. You draw her out of the back seat, her shapely legs spreading just enough to give you a peek between her thighs as she steps onto the curb.

The porters rush out to take your bags, and you place her arm into the crook of yours as you lead her through the lobby. It's sparkling expanse is populated with men in stuffy tuxedos surreptitiously eyeing their trophy wives and mistresses, who, in-turn vie for attention in low-cut gowns and layers of light catching gems. All eyes, however, are suddenly aimed in your direction, as you walk your scantily clad and glowing lover down the aisle, towards the elevators. These men have rarely seen a prize like yours, so unlike their former sorority girls and aging socialites. Her confident stride matches yours, and together you keep a brisk pace through the lobby. You catch the look on her face out of the corner of your eye, and can't help but grin. She's dreamily unfocused, off in her own imagination; knowing her like you do, you know what's on her mind as she absentmindedly strokes your forearm. The doors of the mirrored elevator slide open, and you enter with your entourage of porters in tow.

As the doors slide shut, you can't help but let out a little laugh. She looks at you questioningly, but you just smile and shake your head. The elevator rises slowly, giving you a little time to tease her bottom on your way to the Penthouse suite. The porters do their best to avert their eyes, but since every surface is mirrored, they can't help but catch glimpses as reach your hand under her skirt, drawing her close to you. You pull her into your arms, one hand under her skirt, caressing her perky bottom, the other hand drawing her into a kiss. Looking down upon her, her eyes closed, mouth pulled up in a girlish grin, you're overcome by affection, and plant kisses all over her face.

The elevator "dings", signaling your arrival. She leads you by the hand, her smiling eyes beckoning and hungry. You marvel at her libido, but only momentarily, as you realize how hard she makes you as you watch her ass swaying just ahead of you. The porters are quick and efficient, and your generous tip sends them off with a smile. She walks into the expansive bathroom, throwing off bits of clothing as she goes: first the heels, then the dress..the stockings require a pause, but what a luscious view that pause affords, as she bends down to remove each thigh-high stocking. She draws a bath in the large, jetted tub, seeming to ignore you as you sit on the edge of the bed to remove your shoes. Sweeping back into the room, she helps you undress, pushing you back onto the bed and straddling you as she unbuttons your shirt. She runs her hands along your chest, nibbling at your neck and lightly rubbing her hips against you in small circles. Suddenly she jumps up, ripping the rest of your clothes from you. It's easy to let her do whatever she wants, isn't it? :)

She slides down the length of your body, lowering herself to her knees. With her soft little hands, she plays with your cock, teasing you to hardness. Slowly she licks along your balls, working your shaft as she tongues them in slow laps. Rising just a little, she rubs her breasts against your groin, licking your chest and rubbing your belly as she works your cock between her firm tits. You wrap your hand in her long hair, winding it tight until your fist meets the nape of her neck. Guiding her firmly, you push her mouth onto your cock. You love that defiant look in her eyes, even as she submits. Using one hand to guide you into her mouth, she works her tounge around the head of your cock, teasing you by pulling it out again and licking up and down your shaft, but never taking all of it. You let her play for a bit, then f***e her down on it. She sucks at it greedily, relishing your show of f***e. Ah, but the tub is almost full, and she pulls away yet again.

You follow her curvy form into the bathroom, dimming the lights as she lowers herself into the steaming, bubbling water. She submerges herself, leaving just the rounded tops of her bosom showing above the water line. You sink into the tub, on the opposite side, and she wraps her legs around your waist. It feels so good after a long day of travel that you could almost nap. Almost. She slides her bottom along the porcelain towards you, knees high, rubbing her crotch into yours. She grasps your shaft, using your hard tip to play with her clit. You lay back, feeling the hot water relaxing every muscle in your body, closing your eyes. She raises out of the water, repositioning herself so that she is on her knees as she continues to play with you. You hear her exhale deeply, then inhale as she plunges her head beneath the water. The wicked part of you wants to hold her down, see how she struggles.....but you decide to wait until later, when you can devote your full attentions to her.

She slurps voraciously at your cock, diving beneath the water with great gasps. You position yourself at an angle, so you can better slip your hands between her thighs. You find there a set of slickened lips, hot and aching. Sliding your fingers up to her clit, you begin to work that engorged button, and you hear her moans intensify. She bucks against your hand, making the water splash against the sides of the tub. While her hot little mouth feels good, there is another set of lips you'd rather slide your cock between. Grabbing her by the hips, you lift her up and slam her down on your cock. You don't spend a moments thought about wether it was a moan of pleasure or of pain that escapes her lips; your only concern is her vacuum sealed pussy sucking every inch into her dripping depths. You plant your feet firmly, leveraging yourself against the bottom of the tub to thrust mindlessly in and out of her as she braces herself against your shoulders. One hand plays with her rock-hard nipples as the other pushes her hips down on to your cock, grinding her clit into your pubic bone, pushing each pulsing inch into her pussy. Her gasps intensify, and her moans raise in a chorus of pleasure, matching your grunts and groans as your bang her hard. Feeling yourself ready to come, you throw her on her back, holding her under the water as you f***e your spurting cock into her mouth, making her swallow every bit of hot spurting jizz. You let her up long enough to breathe, and to kiss her dirty mouth. After all, you have money to make, games to know you'll have more time with her later.....
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