The Lovers Holiday: Episode 1

You meet her at the airport. The limo picked you up first, and the plan was to wait until the chauffeur brought her back...but you couldn't. You wait anxiously beside him, heart beating hard, wondering which of the beauties deplaning is the one you seek. From behind the crowd emerges a shape that is at once as familiar as it is foreign. A form you've seen, in pictures perhaps, but largely in your dreams. She walks, smiling, directly towards you. Her tight, short, black dress clings to her form, like caressing hands, the silk riding across her thighs and playing peek-a-boo with the hems of her stockings. You do your best to hide those predatory eyes with a look of charming indifference, and prepare to introduce yourself. Instead of your outstretched palm meeting hers, she pulls you into an embrace, pressing her hips against yours. You can smell her excitement, though she seems outwardly calm.

You walk side by side through the airport, your arms around each others waists, your hand occasionally wandering across her buttocks, giving weary travelers a welcome peek at her shapely ass as her skirt rides high with each groping pass. She's deliciously smooth, with no undergarments to hamper your exploration. You feel yourself getting aroused as you watch her pert breasts bounce with each hip-swaying high-heeled step she takes, and are keenly aware of her hand making slow circles in the small of your back. By the time you reach the limo, it's difficult to hide your arousal. Fortunately, you don't have to.

The driver knows where he's going, and raises the privacy glass. As it cleanly slides into place on whispering motors, the faint snick of the glass meeting metal is like the ringing of a dinner bell. Suddenly, those eyes, formerly veiled in innuendo, are openly hungry. You open your mouth to speak, to do anything to break the tension, to make sure that this isn't just some day dream; and find your self quickly silenced by a ravenous mouth. She swings herself onto your lap, murmuring and cooing in wordless pleasure, grinding her hips against you almost u*********sly. For her, the wait has been agonizing. It finally hits home with you, and the burning lust you felt before becomes almost too intense for words. You grip her tightly at the neck with one hand, kissing her hard, and with the other hand you press her hips down, grinding your hard and throbbing cock against her through your jeans. Pulling her back by the hair, you push the neck of her dress down to expose her full breasts. Her nipples are flush and erect, and she lets out an anguished moan as you feast ravenously on them. Her blindly groping fingers find your belt buckle, and she begins to undo it.

You're not about to let her off so easily! Pushing her to the floor of the limo, you position her on her knees and pull out your thick cock, already brimming with pre-cum. There is no fear in her eyes, just blatant desire. She opens her mouth and reaches for it, but you hold her back. Kneeling beside her, you push her face to the floor, and pull her skirt up to access her lovely, dripping pussy. Running your fingers along her slick lips elicits shivers and moans of pleasure, and her bucking hips betray her former coolness. You only make her suffer a little before plunging your fingers into her hot, tight pussy, feeling her clenching muscles grasping at them like a hungry little mouth. You peek at her face, and see her eyes shut tightly in pleasure, her mouth slightly agape with an unvoiced moan.

You can't hold back anymore. Seeing those luscious, plump lips sends waves of desire up your spine, and you delight in teasing her mouth with the head of your cock, wiping pearls of pre-cum onto her eager tongue. She lunges forward, unable to contain herself, and takes your whole length into her mouth. You see her cheeks indent with the effort of her greedy pleasure, throaty moans escaping in short bursts. Her tongue swirls up and down your shaft as she vigorously sucks you, up and down the length, and around the head, in her eager oral acrobatics.

As she is sucking you she cradles your balls, gently holding and fondling them. When she feels them tighten, she selfishly releases your cock from her vacuum seal, determined not to let you cum yet, and pulls herself to a kneeling position, legs spread, not saying anything but telling you everything by vigorously working her pussy with two fingers. You take her shoulders and firmly push her onto the floor, on her back. You lift her buttocks up to meet your aching cock, and she eagerly bucks her hips towards you. Ah, but you are a sadist! Even as her brow knits and she emits little gasping moans of disbelief, you still deny her what she wants most, using your engorged tip to play with her clit, teasing her dripping cunt as you rub it up and down her rosy, puffy lips.

Alas, you are but a man, and finally thrust yourself into her waiting warmth. She gasps and arches against you, almost as if in shock that her long awaited release should finally come. Her eyes close languorously as you pull back from that initial thrust, slowly. With each thrust, you feel her tighten, hear her breathing come quicker, her hands grip your hips, pushing you ever deeper into her. She arches her body into a half circle, hands supporting her as she slams her hips into you, uttering unintelligible praises and devotions. Finally, with a gasping inhale, you feel her start to shake and shudder beneath you, her cries of pleasure wash over you, and her pussy starts to clench and gush on your cock. As each wave of her orgasm crashes over you, you feel your own building, and then the dam breaks. Spurting all your hot spunk into her waiting vessel, you thrust savagely into her pussy. Each pulse of your cock elicits a moan from your lover as you reach a mutual crescendo, both of you wrapped in individual bliss, mindlessly and soullessly grinding into one another until you finally lay still, spent, on top of her.

You feel the limo rolling to a halt, and clean up quickly. Ah, the night is young, and this trip has just begun!
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3 years ago
Love the story. I enjoy reading great stories;-)