I was traveling on business when my flight was laid over at O'Hare for bad weather. The airline put me up at a airport hotel and told me it could be as long as 48 hours before they could get me another flight. I took a cab to a bar the bellhop recommended and sat down for a few beers and watched the Bulls. When I got up to take a leak and noticed a lovely brunette sitting by the door. She was about 5-7 with nice tits and lecherous smile. I got back from the head and looked for the brunette. She was sitting on the bar stool next to mine.

"Hi, I'm Sandra, can I buy you a drink". I was a little shocked because usually I'm the one buying drinks. It seemed too good to be true and in retrospect it was. I'm not bad looking but I wouldn't be mistaken for a movie star. My looks are what you would call All-American boy and I stand about 6-2. My approaching middle thirties had added about 10 lbs to my 180 pound frame and I needed to get out from behind my desk and run it off.

"I'm Paul and I'd love a drink". Two beers appeared and we talked about Chicago and I mentioned that I was stuck here because of the weather. "I thought you were from out of town cause I hadn't seen you around before". I explained the layover and was surprised when she said "why don't you stay with me and my s****r". I told her I already had a hotel room but she insisted I come over for at least a home cooked meal. I couldn't deny the growling in my stomach and my slacks and followed to her car. I had thought her tits were nice but I saw her ass was perfection.

We drove for about 20 minutes and she pulled in at a nice older house. When we went in she introduced me to her s****r Amy and grilled a couple of steaks. After we ate, I helped clean up the kitchen and we talked some more. She moved behind me and pressed her tits into my back.

"Time for dessert" and she reached down and unzipped my pants. She led me to her room and sat me down on the edge of the bed. By this time my cock was straining to be free. She undid my belt and slid my pants and shorts down around my ankles. With no hesitation her mouth plunged down on my cock. I felt her nose press into my pubic hair as my dick enjoyed its warm tongue bath. She slid it in and out for several minutes but just before I was going to come, stopped.

"Why'd you stop" I exploded. "I'd like a little favor. I like to have mementos of my lovers and you have a great dick." I fell for it hook, line and sinker. My dick is OK at about seven inches long and 2 and half inches in diameter but I'm no John Holmes. She walked over to a large cabinet and pulled out two large blocks and some Vaseline. She removed my pants the rest of the way and rubbed the Vaseline around my cock and balls until the pubic hair was matted down. "This is so your hair doesn't get stuck in the mold. I wouldn't want to hurt you". The blocks were made to fit together and seemed to contain a warm viscous material like wet playdoh. She took me in her mouth again and sucked until I thought my dick was going to burst. She pulled off and stuck the molds around my dick and balls. "Want you to make the best impression" was her reasoning.

The warm material tightly gripped my cock and I felt myself get turned on by the sensation. After five minutes she removed the molds and carried them out of the room with the explanation that they needed to cure for a while. She came back immediately and stripped as soon as she closed the door. Her body was fabulous. Her perfect breasts stood out and had rose colored nipples. She was perfectly formed from her long slender legs to an ass that cried out to be grabbed.

She pushed me back onto the bed and started on my cock again. This time she didn't stop until I came in torrents down the back of her throat. I pulled her ass forward and gazed up to petals of her pussy spreading to show a deeper pink. She lowered herself and I immediately plunged my tongue as far up as possible. She rode my face as I licked like a wild man.

Sandra slid off my face and turned around over my crotch. "Fuck me before I come". She grabbed my cock and dragged the head back and forth from her clit to asshole. Slowly she slid me inside her moist cunt until her pubic bone touched my pelvis. I reached up and pulled her down so her left breast grazed my lips. She tightened around me like a vise and slowly slid on and off my now ready to burst cock while lightly moaning. I slid my right hand to her hip and tried to control the rhythm. She grabbed my right hand and moved it to cup her lower ass and whispered "play with my ass." I moved my hand lower and gathered her juices on my fingers while positioning deep into her cunt. I slowly spread her juices over her puckered rose and then slid my middle finger up her ass about an inch. She moaned and pressed my hand farther inside her. I could feel her ass begin to spasm as she continued to ride my cock. She gave a small shriek, grabbed me, and rolled over with me on top. "Hold still a second and give me a chance to recover" she said. We lay there a minute or two and then her moving hips told me she was ready for more. I started moving in and out slowly while introducing another finger into her ass with my now trapped right hand. I heard the bedroom door open and looked back to see her s****r Amy approaching the bed wearing nothing but a smile. "What the hell, I'm game" I thought. She lay down behind me and licked the underside of my balls as I kept up the slow thrusting into Sandra. Her tongue traced up that tender ridge of flesh between my balls and anus and I felt like my dick couldn't possibly get any harder without bursting. As she reached my anus she began licking my hole and running her tongue around the outside. I thought to myself " this is one for the book."

Suddenly I felt something grip my ankles and my left wrist as I heard a ratchet sound. Amy had put a pair of handcuffs around each ankle and Sandra had done the same to my left wrist. I struggled to get my right hand free from underneath Sandra but a tightening grip on my balls slowed me down considerably. "What are you doing" I shouted. "We have a few things we'd like to do, but you might not like them" said Amy. "I suggest you cooperate though or we might have to get rough". To emphasize her point she slid a thumb and forefinger up my ass while still holding onto my balls with her other hand. The brief, sharp pain that hit me pushed resistance from my mind quickly. Sandra rolled slightly to free my right hand and hooked a fourth pair of handcuffs to my only free wrist. Amy gripped my balls harder and shoved an extra finger in as my hand came free. Sandra slid out from under me and tightened down the braided steel cables connected to the cuff chains until I was laying face down and couldn't move more than a few inches either way.

Amy pulled her fingers from my ass and moved to the head of the bed. Sandra grabbed the back of my head and Amy slid her nicely trimmed muff under my nose. Amy said "Lick me good or else." "You didn't have to handcuff me to get that" I replied. Amy shoved my head down. I ran my tongue across her clit and proceeded do a reasonable job eating pussy considering I was thinking of escape. After five minutes, Amy slid up and rolled over. "Now do my ass". I balked. I don't mind fingering assholes but fingers don't have tastebuds. Amy said "get the pictures" and Sandra walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a photo album. Sandra said "these might convince you to change your mind". The first page showed various guys trussed up like me. The next picture showed a close-up of Sandra with three fingers in some poor guys ass. "Tell us when you change your mind". That changed my mind, "this is what they make mouthwash for" I thought.

Amy slid a pillow under her hips and spread her cheeks. Her asshole was a crinkled light brown and a least looked clean. I tentatively moved my head forward and then went all the way when Sandra shouted "one" and shoved a long finger in my butt. The taste was not good. Kind of bitter but not as bad as I had feared. The taste had just gotten washed away when Amy said "he's not sticking his tongue in". Sandra shouted "two" and added a finger. I pushed my tongue in and moved around the edges of Amy's anus getting more flavor than I wanted but not a terrible amount. "Show him the next picture" cried Amy.

Sandra removed her fingers from my backside and lifted my head by the hair. She had the album on Amy's rear and showed me the next two pictures. Sandra had four fingers in the guys ass in one and the other showed her fist halfway in his very stretched asshole. He did not look happy. Sandra said "look, you can end up like this and have to use diapers for a while, or you can do it right. Every time you fuck around this is just going to get worse." She moved the book away and pushed my head back in Amy's crack. I shoved my tongue up her ass like my life (or ass) depended on it. She rotated her hips and shoved her butt as close as she could get it. I had pretty much reconciled myself to the taste because I couldn't get that stretched asshole out of my mind.

After ten minutes Sandra said "his tongue needs a break and I need to get fucked again". My dick grew back from it shriveled little self with the anticipation of fucking Sandra again. Amy giggled when she saw my eagerness and proceeded to walk over to the cabinet while Sandra left the room. Amy pulled out a short piece of flesh colored rubber with three knobs on it and elastic straps. I couldn't figure out what it was until she pulled out a thin rubber dick and snapped it on one end of the rubber piece. She then snapped a larger dick in the center. Sandra walked back in the room carrying another dildo. Amy laughed and added it to the strap-on "Like my design" said Sandra "women can never depend on men". I watched as Amy eased the thin dildo up her ass and slipped the middle one in her cunt. She fastened the straps around her and now sported an erection I would be proud of. She waved it in front of my face and said "recognize it, It's yours". It was mine. I had just never seen it from that particular angle before. She prodded my lips with it and said "lick it, I want it wet for Sandra. Besides self abuse is not considered a sin anymore" she said with a laugh. I turned my head but Sandra grabbed it and pinched my nose until I had to open my mouth. Amy slid the dildo in and stopped as I started to gag. "What's the matter, can't deep throat yourself" She withdrew a little and then hunched forward again and slid it deeper. She repeated this a couple more times and then took it out of my mouth. It was covered with my saliva and glistened under the light.

Sandra laid on her back and said "well you are getting to fuck me again in a way, just not the way you thought". Amy slid easily into Sandra and started pumping quickly. I could see the dildos in Amy's ass and cunt rocking back and forth. They kept it up for another five minutes and then Sandra groaned and came in several spasms. Amy complained "I wasn't ready yet

Ann's reply caused my ass to pucker "I know someone who hasn't been fucked yet". I felt a sudden surge of energy and tried to pull the handcuffs on my wrists out of whatever they were connected to. Amy jumped on my back and held my arms while Sandra shoved the picture album under my nose. "You're not going to get loose from this and we could give you worse than your own dick up there". She pointed to the picture of her with the fist and another of her sporting the big end of a baseball bat. Amy then moved forward and put the dildo next to Ann's fist. "See, you're much better off with your own dick and we promise not to fist you or use the bat if you cooperate". I pissed Sandra off by quipping "I didn't realize you had such big hands for a woman".

Sandra grabbed me by the balls and ass again and but some slack in the cables controlling my legs. They brought out a footstool and slid it under my chest. Then they strapped my thighs to the footstool. I couldn't move and my ass seemed to be open to the world. Amy slid between my legs and I felt the dildo rubbing up and down my crack. "We need pictures and he needs to see this" said Sandra. I instantly regretted the big hands comment. I saw her go over to the cabinet and get out a camera and video equipment.

Soon I saw my ass on a small color television with the dildo being rubbed up and down. The proportions did not look good to me. I heard the click of the camera shutter and saw Amy coating the dildo with K-Y and then felt (and saw) her rub some on my anus. The camera clicked again with a glob of K-Y glistening on my ass. I saw Amy move forward and felt the tip of the dildo wedge itself at the entrance. She pushed a little and I felt the K-Y allow the dildo to spread my anus. A burning sensation emanated from my rear and I lost sight as Amy slid farther in and blocked the camera. All this time I could hear Sandra in the background taking pictures and encouraging Amy to go farther. The pain diminished as she got past my sphincter and my asshole slid smoothly down the dildo. Amy said "see, I'm giving it to you gently unlike most men who just ram it up there". She then proceeded to shove the rest in until I could feel her belly on my ass cheeks and the rubber balls against the entrance to my ass. The pain was intense as she thrust in and out. After a couple minutes I could feel my asshole loosen up and I noticed that I started to get an erection as the dildo rubbed my prostate. "This is going to take awhile with Amy, so lets put that tongue to good use" said Sandra.

She moved the TV which now showed Amy's ass thrusting up into mine and got on all fours in front of me. "I need my ass licked and you better realize that we promised not to fist you but we've had mementos from some hugely hung guys. " She spread her cheeks and backed her anus onto my tongue. I rimmed her and found that Amy's continual butt pounding thrust my tongue farther up her ass. My ass was getting really dry and I stopped licking to complain to Amy. "Keep licking or get fucked worse" yelled Sandra. Amy did however slide the rubber cock out and recoat it with K-Y. When she did I felt my anus stay open and the air stinging inside. Amy took care of that by quickly sliding in to the hilt again. Soon I felt Amy's thrusts get more frantic and she suddenly shrieked and laid over my back. Sandra got up and moved next to Amy "poor k**, it takes her a long time, but when she comes it wipes her out." She grabbed Amy and pulled her back upright. Then she disconnected the dildo from the harness and laid her beside me on the bed. Sandra shoved the loose dildo into me all the way to the balls as Amy laid beside me with a dazed and sl**py look.

Sandra got up and walked out of the room. She came back a few minutes later with a washcloth and two glasses of water. She smacked me on my exposed ass crack and shouted "you've been defying me all night with your comments and lack of enthusiasm". I had managed to shove the dildo out of my ass while she was away. She ran over to the cabinet. She got another harness out and stuck a medium sized dick in the middle and a monster on one end. Somehow I didn't think I was getting the small end. This prick had to have been ten inches long and four inches in diameter. "You shouldn't have shown you had any muscle control back there. I'll take care of that. You're going to get to watch it too".

She set the TV back up and I felt her tighten the cables running to the cuffs on my ankles. I was pulled extremely tight across the footstool and I felt her unstrap my thighs. She yanked the footstool out from under me and instantly took up the slack in the leg cables. I felt one leg being pulled wide and then the other. On the TV my ass was open and red. She grabbed the dildo I had expelled and moved to the head of the bed. She grabbed my nose and f***ed the dildo into my mouth saying "this is my way of saying eat shit and remember that it's your dick that you'll bite into". The dildo filled my mouth and I couldn't spit it out. Sandra undid the cap on the K-Y and shoved the nozzle into my open ass. I watched as she rolled the end of the tube and squirted huge amounts of it into me. She threw the tube aside and rubbed some of it on the giant dildo.

My ass was still open and K-Y oozed out and onto my balls. She loosened the cables slightly and grabbed my dick and told me to raise up and lean to one side. She slid half under me and placed the head against my slick red asshole. Even open as it was, it still looked terribly out of proportion. She hunched forward and I felt my ass trying to expand to accommodate this new invader. The pain was terrific as my hole gave way and she slid in a couple inches. She pushed again and this time slid up until all ten inches were in. My asshole was a stretched beyond belief and gripped the dildo tightly as it moved in and out. I could see light streaks of my bl**d coating the surface as she rammed it mercilessly in my poor ass.

I could hear myself moaning in pain as my mind tried to distance itself from the pain. Suddenly I realized that the cuff holding my right wrist had slack in it. My thrashing had pulled my arm free. I quickly slid the cable connected to my left wrist off of the pulleys and gave myself more slack. I then pulled the dildo from my aching jaws. Sandra sensed that something was wrong and tried to slide out from under me but I slapped one hand over her mouth and another to her throat. I whispered furiously "you fucking bitch, get me loose or you're dead". I moved forward and with a groan pulled the dildo from my ass. I almost fainted as my asshole spasmed and tried to close but continued to hold Sandra by the throat with a tightening grip.

I watched carefully as she reached with one hand under the mattress and brought out a handcuff key. I shook her and told her to unlock my wrists. She unlocked both arms and the cuffs fell to the bed. I snapped one set on both her wrists and reached back with one hand to free my ankles. I then attached cuffs to each ankle and removed the slack. Quickly, I removed my hand from her mouth and replaced it with the rubber replica of my cock. As I climbed down off the mattress my first thought was to just get the hell away from there. As my feet touched the floor I nearly fell from the pain in my asshole. I literally saw red and turned to the sl**ping Amy and grabbed her by the throat. She awoke with a start and started to scream. I slapped her across the cheek and shouted "shut up bitch, that won't help you".

I pushed her face down into Sandra and secured her wrists and ankles with the free end of the cuffs. At the head of the bed I reattached the cable I had pulled free from the pulleys. I removed the dildo from Sandra's mouth and said "you cunts are going to be really sorry when I call the cops". Her reply was "You won't call the cops. What are you going to tell them? That we overpowered you and that you didn't want sex. I don't think they're going to believe this is anything but consensual. Look who's tied up now". I realized she had a point, plus I thought of the embarrassment of anyone knowing I got fucked in ass.

"You may wish I had called the cops in a while" I threatened. I pulled the strap-on assembly from Amy's cunt and asshole and examined the attachments. The dildos were connected with what resembled a socket set attachment. I pulled both dildos off and walked gingerly over to the cabinet. Inside were the rubber replicas of at least 20 guys pricks. There was also the infamous baseball bat and a large molded fist. I grabbed the bat and the next biggest dildo and went back to the bed. I unhooked Sandra's wrist and ankle on one side and flipped her around so she was face down on top of Amy. After reattaching the handcuffs, I pulled her strap-on out and examined the huge dildo she had inflicted on my poor ass. Streaks of bl**d and K-Y coated it liberally. I replaced the center dildo with it and snapped the rubber replica of my cock on the front stud. I bent the strap-on section that held the anal dildo back at a 90 degree angle. I adjusted the video camera for a closeup of Sandra's ass hanging above Amy's and spoke "Girls, I'm going to fuck with you like you did with me".

I held the end of the baseball bat up for the camera and then pushed it up Amy's tight cunt. She gasped and squirmed but couldn't dislodge the wooden invader. I then grabbed and lubricated my replica prick. Amy's ass had tightened up with the bat in her cunt and I f***ed a finger in. It felt like it was in a vise. "Yea, we guys do just shove it in" I said and replaced my finger with the duplicate prick. She shrieked and thrashed but I pushed the dildo until only the balls showed.

"Just wait a bit you'll get properly fucked" and I turned my attention to Sandra's ass. To take care of Amy I had shoved Sandra forward. The monster prick wiggled tantalizingly against her spread gash. I grabbed her hips and slid her down over it. I had to stop and couple times to spread the lips of her cunt as they were being pushed inside her by the dildo. Soon it was in as far as it could go. The straps were fastened and I stopped to get a good look. A finger inserted in Sandra's butt showed she was ready and tighter than Amy.

I walked around to the front of the bed and told Sandra "You're going to suck my dick and then I'm going to fuck your ass with it. Do it good or I'll use the fist on it and my fist in you're cunt" She got a submissive look in her eyes and opened her mouth as I slid my growing prick over her tongue. Every time her teeth seemed to get too close I waved my fist in front of her eyes. It took a few minutes to get my prick good and hard because of the pounding I took earlier. I pulled from her mouth and moved behind her.

My prick rested in her crack and I rubbed it over her anus spreading the saliva over her tight bud. I reached down with my thumbs and pulled her back hole wide. She grunted as my dick slid into her back passage. I could feel my balls resting on the top of the strap-on. I grasped her hips and pumped her back and forth on my dick. Amy moaned on the bottom as she was butt fucked by the moving strap-on. I could feel the dildo in Sandra's cunt rubbing through to her anus and a wave of satisfaction came over me. We kept this up for 10 minutes and right before I felt myself coming, I withdrew and stuck my filthy prick in Sandra's mouth. She recoiled slightly but I f***ed her head down on it. I pulled out and sprayed her and Amy's faces with more cum than I thought I had. I walked over to the cabinet, got out another dildo and shoved it up Sandra's empty hole. I checked all of the cuffs for tightness and went in the bathroom to shower.

My ass was still really sore but I managed to get dressed. I grabbed the cassette out of the video camera and exposed the film in the camera. I searched Sandra's purse and took her car keys. Before I left I checked the cuffs again. I slapped Sandra across the ass and said "Hope this is a lesson". "Aren't you going to let us go"? "Not for awhile" I drove back to the hotel, checked out, and headed for the airport. Outside the terminal, I called the local cops and told them that I had heard screams from inside 2467 Ramon Street. I hung up when they asked who I was.

The End

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seriously hot
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nice read
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Tasty revenge! ;-)P - porn poet Pete
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nice ending
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I say don't do anything to others that you won't take yourself...Fair play
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LOL.....good ending