Bound Orgasm

She loved Tom. There was no doubt about that. She felt the love especially at times like these...just after they had made love. Fresh from the shower, they were lying together making small talk. Tom was drawing lazy circles around her breasts giving her pause to wonder if they had showered too soon. 'You know,' he said, 'you have incredibly powerful orgasms. Sometimes I think you may hurt yourself.' 'You know me,' she laughed, 'I enjoy everything to the fullest...especially sex. Besides, you seem to keep up with me pretty good!' This unexpected comment brought a snort of laughter from Tom. 'It's more difficult than you think,' he mused. 'Perhaps we should try more positions.' Now it was her turn to be surprised. 'God,' she exclaimed, 'we've done it in every position in the book...and in damn near every room in your house!' 'Yeah,' he replied, 'I thought the hall closet was pretty interesting.' They both laughed at the memory of an idea that had sounded good but turned out to be fairly miserable. 'Well, I was thinking,' he said, 'how about if we found you a position where you couldn't move. I mean...not at all! Then all that orgasmic energy would be internalized.'

"You want to tie me up?" she exclaimed. In all the months of going with Tom, he had never suggested anything kinky, but the thought of it caused a sudden twitch in her groin, a reawakening of her sexual urges. 'I don't know,' she replied, 'I'm not sure I trust anybody that much... even you.' 'I think you know me well enough to know that I won't really hurt you. But the uncertainty of what's in store for you should just serve to intensify your experience. Think it over.' Then he enlarged the circles he was drawing to include her cunt which was beginning to become wet. Sensing her arousal, he replaced his finger with his tongue. She rolled to her side, sucking his rigid cock into her mouth...and they were off again. Think the matter over what was she did for the greater part of the following week. Tom didn't mention his idea when they were together. But it seemed to be on her mind a great deal. She couldn't decided whether her sexual response that night was due to Tom's suggestion....or the deft manipulation of his fingers. In the end, she decided that she would just have to try it. The idea had a certain appeal to her and she wanted to find out what it was. She called Tom too late for him to get together the necessary materials for the coming weekend so they just went on a regular date. They didn't discuss the matter by mutual consent, but their lovemaking seemed a bit more frantic than if the subject was on their minds if not on their lips.

The following week they didn't see too much of each other but her upcoming 'date' was on her mind. The idea alternately frightened and excited her. And as the date came closer, she became more and more distracted. At last the night was at hand. Tom picked her up and together they drove to his house. Once inside, he e****ted her to his f****y room where he had constructed the device upon which she was to spend the greater part of the evening. Tom had taken a sheet of plywood on which he had mounted a thin mattress. He had mounted this on an easel-like device with what looked like two half gear wheels for the purpose of adjusting the 'bed' to various angles. She also noticed numerous holes which had been drilled through the plywood and mattress. 'Let's get started,' he said. Tearing her eyes away from the device, she slowly undressed. When she was done, she noticed that he was still completely dressed. 'Aren't you going to join me?' she asked. 'No, not now,' he replied, 'later when you are all set up.' When she was completely naked, he led her to the 'bed' and she stepped up on the foot rest he had constructed on the frame. 'Raise your arms up and back,' he commanded. When she had done so, he stood in front of her and looped several short lengths of rope through holes on either side of her arms. Then he went behind the frame and tied the ropes tightly. 'If this causes you undue pain or cuts off any circulation, let me know.' he said. She felt reassured by his concern...but still, the ropes had completely immobilized her her arms.

'Oh, I nearly forgot,' he exclaimed, 'I have a present for you.' He went off into a corner of the room and returned wheeling a full-length mirror. 'So you can watch yourself,' he said. 'Great!' she exclaimed, 'nothing like being a voyeur of your own body.' But she said it without conviction. Watching herself being tied was beginning to turn her on. She was beginning to enjoy the feeling of the rough rope against her naked flesh. As for Tom, he just laughed at her remark and continued his task. He was tying the ropes every three inches along the length of her arms and legs. Except around her hips and groin where he tied two ropes as closely together as possible. He tied two ropes around her waist and worked his way up to her breasts where he tied one rope under and one rope on top of her tits. When he was finished, he checked all the ropes making sure they were good and tight. 'Now that the work is done, we can get started on the fun part of this thing,' he said. With that, he stripped, showing the beginning of an erection. The first thing he did was to kiss her deeply but without touching the rest of her body. Then he produced a feather which he lightly ran up her leg, across her cunt, and down the other leg. The sensation was excruciating. She couldn't move and couldn't laugh. Her breathing started to quicken. She wrestled within her bonds but to no avail. Tom then used the feather to circle one nipple and then the other.

'Oh,, don't stop. Shit! I don't know what I mean!' she cried. She hated the tickling because she couldn't move but its effect was hardening her nipples and making her cunt wet with excitement. But then Tom stopped. He reached down and removed the step so that she was completely supported by her bonds. He began to lick slow circles around the base of her breasts. He would lick around and up to the nipple and then stop and switch breasts. He would always stop before he touched her nipple. After a while, she was in an odd sort of ecstasy. 'Damn,' she cried, 'this is gonna kill me..but I love it!' Her nipples felt so hard she thought they would burst. It was like having an extremely aggravating itch you just couldn't reach. 'Please,' she moaned, 'kiss my nipples. Something!' 'Not quite yet,' he replied. He continued with her breasts for another few minutes and then let his tongue slide down her torso, in and out of her belly button, and into her cunt. At the same time his teeth gently found her clit, he reached up and tightly gripped her nipples between thumb and forefinger. 'Ooohhhhhhhhhhaaaahhhhhh,' she panted, unable to make any other sound than one of feral pleasure. Shock waves of pleasure passed between cunt and tits as Tom alternately grasped her nipples and nipped at her clit. 'Jeeeezzzzzzzz. Oh! Oh!' she cried as she came once, twice, again and again until she lost count. For a few seconds, her mind clouded in orgasmic bliss, unaware of anything but the sensations within her body.

Tom stood up and kissed her. 'Well, how was it?' he asked. She looked him straight in the eye and then let her gaze wander downward to his engorged cock. 'You damn well know how it was GREAT! Get me outta this thing and I'll solve your problem for you, too.' It took a lot less time to get her out than it did to tie her up. As soon as she was free, they fell in a heap on the rug. She immediately got on top of his cock and began to ride it with a fury. More than anything, she wanted to get the same thrill with him inside her that she had gotten while tied. He came first but kept pumping into her as she violently rode his cock. Finally she came, but it wasn't quite the same as her earlier experience. 'Tom, make me just one promise.' she demanded. 'Sure, what do you want?' he asked. 'Don't throw that thing away,' she smiled, 'cause next week, IT'S GOING TO BE YOUR TURN ON THE MATTRESS!!'

The End

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very good
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Great story!
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Lovely and lusty, Alexa! ;-)P - Poet Pete