The Party

You are left for nearly thirty minutes to recoup from your ordeal. Finally two male voices announce they are going to have you at the same time. One from the rear and one from the front. You are pulled up from the floor and hooked to the ceiling chain again and pulled upright so your feet just touch the floor. A spreader bar is placed between your ankles. You feel the warmth of a body press to your front, slowly the fingers tease tenderly, lovingly at your nipples, then pinch them lightly. Another body presses to your back. You feel his hand guide his firm cock into your pussy from behind you and it easily slides into you. He pulls in an out three times then pulls out completely. The person in front of you reaches behind you and pulls your burning ass cheeks open and you feel the man's cock enter you from behind.

He holds it there and waits to move until the man in front of you pushes forward into you pussy. You feel stuffed with both cocks pressed into you. They thrust in and out of you in perfect timing now. Neither cares if you are satisfied, that is obvious, for they merely use your body to bring themselves satisfaction. Their pounding increases in speed and hardness, you feel the one in your ass explode inside you and shortly the one in your pussy fills your inner walls. The hot cream flowing into both your sex holes. They pump into your several more times then finally withdraw. You have not reached orgasm, though you are close, but they walk away from you not caring.

You are left hanging there in your agony to be satisfied. The next person to come to you is another woman. She announces to the crowd she wants to give you an enema, then make you hold it inside yourself while she brings you off and then you bring her off. They don't even bother to move you from the room, they instead bring the necessary items into the room. You are released from your hanging position and placed over the seat of a chair. Slowly she teases you with the end of the enema nozzle then thrusts it into your ass. This is different from the nozzle you are used to, this one is long and thick and spread your puckered hole open wide. Slowly the water enters your bowel, more and more water flows into you. You feel the pressure building in your stomach and forcing it outward with bloat. Now it becomes painful, as she releases more water into you. At long last, you hear one of the original captors say, I don't think she is accustomed to that much, I would stop if I were you. She does. You are very uncomfortable now, your attentions are drawn from your pussy to your discomfort caused by the water pressure inside you. Slowly the water flow stops, you feel the nozzle being pulled from you and replaced with a thick, short butt plug.

She rolls you over on your back now and buries her head between your legs and begins to work on you. You can't concentrate on your pussy, you are in so much discomfort, almost pain. Her hands reach to your nipples and slowly rub them then pinch them hard and pull on the breasts, while her tongue works your clit fast and feverishly. Finally you hear her say, "If you don't cum slut the water stays in and I flog your ass for the next fifteen minutes without stop. Make up your mind cunt." Then she buries her head back between your legs and works on your clit again. Soon you find yourself reaching the peak inspite of your pain from the water held within you. Her tongue continues to lick your clit while her fingers move inside you. First two fingers then three then four and you realize her entire fist is inside you working your over used hole. You scream with the orgasm that rushes through you as your hips buck up and down in response to her fist thrusting in and out of you.

She then moves to your face and straddles you. You need not be told what to do and your tongue reaches out to her hot, dripping pussy and begin to work in a frenzy to bring her to orgasm so you can be relieved of the water f***ed to be held within you. Finally you feel her jerk then rock back and forth on you and your tongue probes her flowing hole faster and faster to push her further over the edge. She falls off you and someone quickly picks you up and carries you down the hall to the bathroom. The plug is released from you and finally the water flushes from you. You are then taken back down the hall to the same room.

The rest of the night is spent using you in any fashion the group desires. You are laid out on a table with your legs pulled up and spread wide so you are in the position you would be if laying on an examination table at the doctors. Each person takes turns pushing and shoving either their cock or tongue or fingers into your opened holes. Nipple clips are attached to your nipples and while they are on someone slaps at your nipples and breasts with a leather strap. Your mouth is f***ed open to take a cock and suck the owner until he creams in your mouth and you are ordered to swallow every drop. You do so, as best you can. When some of it escapes your lips someone else quickly pulls you to a position so they can slap at your ass again and again. They tease you for nearly three hours, bringing you close to orgasm then leaving you hanging on the edge. Again and again they bring you to that level then stop. Finally someone pushes a 12 inch dildo into your dripping pussy that is at least three or maybe four inches in diameter. It feels like it will split you open but doesn't and instead brings you to wave after wave of orgasms. You finally collapse and pass out from the over use.

When you wake you are laying on a bed. A sheet is covering your body. Your hands are loosely tied to the head board so you can roll over easily. Your feet are the same. You roll over and fall back to sl**p quickly.

When you awaken, it is because someone is touching your pussy. They must have been working it for some time because you can feel your juices dripping and flowing easily from it. You moan as they probe inside you. They stop and you feel your hands been released as well as your legs. Some hooks your hands together in front of you then pulls you to your feet. You are led down the hall to the bathroom again and permitted to relieve yourself. An enema follows, but instead of a shower the bathtub is filled and you are placed in it. The warm water surrounds your aching body, soothing you. Hands begin to rub a washcloth over your back then your front and slowly over your entire body. The touch is gentle, yet firm. A pitcher of water is poured over your head and your hair is washed. You hear water running again and then another pitcher is poured over your head, then another after the first. Slowly you are pulled up by your captor and lifted from the tub. A towel is wrapped around you and the person begins to soothingly dry your skin. Another towel is placed over your wet hair and secured there.

When you are completely dry, you feel something being rubbed on your skin. It is cold at first, but then warms as the hands rubs your body thoroughly. You can smell the liquid now and recognize it as a perfumed body oil. Slowly it is rubbed over your body, until every inch is covered. You are then pulled to the sink and a tooth brush is placed to your mouth, you open and your captor brushes your teeth tenderly and gently. You are then f***ed to sit on the closed toilet and your captor begins to rub your hair with the towel. A comb is pulled through your semi-long hair again and again. You are then taken to the kitchen.

Once there you are seated in a chair, that you can only describe as a high chair. Your hands are secured to the arms of the chair and your feet are placed on a circular bar foot rest then secured to the outside legs of the chair. A strap is placed under your breasts and your back is pressed firmly to the back of the chair when the strap is connected behind you.

You can smell bacon and coffee and you realize how hungry you really are. Suddenly a cup is placed to your lips and you part your closed mouth eagerly to take in the coffee you can smell. It is hot, but not that hot and you drink willingly. Slowly you are fed bacon and eggs with toast, sipping coffee and orange juice in between the food. Finally your hunger is satisfied yet your captor presses another bite to your mouth and you take it without objection. You are left alone now while your captors sit at the table near you and eat their breakfast. Nothing is said the entire time.

The house is very quiet now. You assume your captors are the only ones there now and the other guests have left. They did leave late during the night or very early in the morning, all except one that is. The one who stayed was the bitch with the long finger nails. As you sit in silence you hear her come into the kitchen then feel her finger nails touching your nipples. Quickly they become firm and extended and she pinches each gently then sucks on first one then another.

"Want some breakfast?" one your captors finally says. And the long finger nailed woman draws away from you after biting at each nipple lightly. She says yes then you hear a chair being pulled over the floor and then silence fills the room again. "What have you in mind for her today?", you hear the woman ask. "Almost anything, maybe something different today. But we have to take her back late tonight, so enjoy whatever time we have left using her." One of your captor's says. "Good, I would like to use her, treat her like a c***d and I'm her mommy," said the woman. "That's fine," said one of your captors, "you want her to play a little school girl or something?" "Sure," the woman said, "I'd like to have her be a little school girl who comes home with a bad report card or having gotten into trouble in school and deserves a sound spanking. Then gets another when daddy comes home." "Sounds good to me," says one of the captors. "Let's put her in a little ruffled dress without panties and bra and get her into the proper frame of mind for her role."

You listen closely as this discussion goes on and much to your surprise your pussy is responding to the words you hear. It has already begun to drip with your juices.

You are taken from your chair and moved back to the bedroom. The woman dresses you in a short ruffled dress. The hem of which barely covers your bare ass. You feel her, after forcing you to sit on the edge of the bed, put socks on your feet, they come up to your ankles, then shoes that strap over the tops of your feet. She tells you to go down the hall to the front door, guiding you in that direction, and open then close the door as if you just came home from school. She pushes a piece of paper into your hand and instructs you to bring it home to mommy.

You are left at the front door now, your first opportunity of the weekend to escape, but for some reason you don't even think about escaping. Instead you open then close the door and yell out as you were instructed. "Mommy I'm home."

"Good, did you have a nice day?," you hear the woman's voice speak as she walks towards you. "Yes mommy, I had a nice day." you answer sheepishly. "What is this," she says taking the paper from your hand. "Your report card huh little girl?" You bend your head before her, in spite of the fact you are still blindfolded and can't see her then say, "Yes mommy."

You hear her open the paper as if reading your report card then finally she says, "This won't do at all little girl. These grades are very bad. Plus your teachers say you don't pay attention and are rude in school. I told you the last time you got your report card that if it wasn't better you would be punished by me and daddy, didn't I?"

"Yes mommy," you respond with great difficultly. You are so excited now you can feel your pussy dripping your juices down between your legs.

"Well little girl you are going to be soundly spanked and when daddy comes home he will spank you also. Come along with me." She reaches out and grabs your hand firmly and pulls you behind her as she walks into another room.

She leads you into another room and tells you to stand there until she says otherwise. You stand with your hands at your sides, feet spread apart slightly. She moves around you lecturing you, sounding just like a mother then finally says, "I think the ping pong paddle will do nicely to warm up your bare bottom and teach you to behave better." You feel your stomach muscles twitch and the excitement flows easily through your pussy now. You are so turned on and excited you can hardly wait. You hope she will take you across her knees and play with your clit a little before and during the spanking. Instead she pulls you to a table and presses you over it with your bare ass sticking up into the air. She folds the ruffled dress up so it lays on your back and the coolness of the room brushes against your bottom. You can almost not contain yourself now. Her hand presses to the small of your back and with a f***efulness the paddle strikes your bared bottom firmly. "You will count c***d," she says and you somehow contain yourself to say one. Again the paddle slaps at your tender bottom and again you say, "Twwwwooooo", as the pain rushes through you and finds your wanting pussy. Again and again the paddle strikes your bottom until you have counted twenty five. She finally stops. The tears run down your cheeks from underneath your blindfold. Each paddle struck your bottom in almost the same spot, right at the sit spot.

"Stand up c***d," the woman says sternly. You do so and she quickly removes your dress and then leads you to the corner of the room. "You will stand in this corner with your reddened bottom on display until your daddy comes home and warms it up again." She presses you to the corner and then leaves you.

As she walks away she tells you that if you touch yourself she will thrash you soundly with a strap. You so want to touch your pussy and bring yourself to orgasm. You are wanting and the craving inside is almost overpowering. You somehow manage to restrain yourself and stand there shifting your feet back and forth. It seems like forever.

Finally the front door opens and you hear someone come through the door. "Hi hon, I'm home, I brought Uncle Joe with me." Your captor says.

"Hi hon, hi Joe. Hon we have a problem. Seems our little girl has been very naughty in school. Here is her report card." the woman says.

"Have you punished her for this?", your captor says after a long silence.

"Yes hon, I spanked her, but I think she deserves much more than just that. I told her she would be spanked by you also when you got home. Since you brought Joe with you, perhaps he should spank her also." You are listening carefully to this conversation. You are so excited you can hardly contain yourself. You can feel your hips thrust forward then back. You never dreamed, before this weekend, that a spanking could turn you on so much and yet you are so excited your entire body is electrified.

"Well that sounds good to me. Where is this naughty little girl?" "She is standing in the corner in the living room, waiting for her daddy's hand." "Come on Uncle Joe, let's take care of this disobedient, naughty girl." You hear them walk up behind you. A firm hand reaches out and touches your burning ass cheeks, then squeezes them determinedly.

"So, little girl," you hear your captor say, "you've not been a very good little girl have you?" "No daddy," squeaks from your mouth. You feel timid now and in the total control of your captors. You shift your weight slightly in anticipation of what is to come. "Stand still," you hear your other captor say, then slap at your bottom with his opened hand.

"Well daddy is going to blister your bottom, then Uncle Joe will do the same. Come here now, and lay over my knee." You are pulled from the corner, led across the room then slowly pulled over your captor's knees. He slides his fingers over your sore bottom then orders you to spread your legs open. You do quickly, wanting to feel him inside you. His fingers move through your slit and linger on your opened pussy, then slowly moves to your clit and rubs it, bringing you ever so close to orgasm. When you squirm on his lap he stops rubbing your clit then lets you lay there for a moment.

"Tell daddy now little girl, have you been naughty and rude?" "Yes daddy," you respond. He slaps your bare buttocks with his hand, "Say it then you naughty little girl." You have trouble getting the words out of your mouth, but finally you hear yourself say, "I've been very naughty and rude daddy, and deserve to be disciplined." "Good, then we all agree on this point little girl."

He positions you a little differently on his lap now. Your pussy pressing into his knee. He wiggles his knee around a bit to grind it into your wanting pussy. "I think the short leather strap will do the job nicely here. Would you give me that leather strap mommy?" You hear your captor say. The anticipation now is beyond you. Your heart is pounding hard and fast and you can feel your stomach muscles twitching and contracting with the excitement flowing through you. You decide to add to this little play and suddenly blurt out, "Please daddy no, please daddy I won't do it again."

"No," your captor says harshly, "you said that the last time and you didn't obey. You deserve a spanking and you will be getting it."

You can feel his manhood pressing into your stomach now. This is exciting him as much as you. Suddenly you feel the thrash of the strap hit your still hot ass. Again and again it whacks at your tender bottom. Before you comprehend the full f***e of his blows your body jerks and shakes with a mind blowing orgasm. He does not stop while you go through this but instead strikes at your tender bottom harder and harder. Again you are brought to the highest point when the spanking stops and your captor presses his fingers deep into your soaking pussy. You shake again with orgasm. He holds you firmly on his knees waiting for you to calm down. When you do, he helps you up to stand before him.

"Now your Uncle will spank you also. Are you ready little girl?"

"Yes daddy," you say with some restraint, because your bottom burns from the punishment you have received so far. "I'm ready for Uncle Joe to spank me."

"Good, then Joe, how would you like her?" "I want her on the floor, with her legs spread wide and her head down on the floor and her bottom up in the air." "You heard him little girl, now get down there."

Slowly you feel your way to the floor and take the pose he described. His fingers slide in and out of your wet, dripping pussy now, as he moves behind you. He dips his fingers deep into you then pulls them out and presses them into your wrinkled puckered hole. Your ass wiggles around in the air as he thrusts in and out of you. You feel someone at your side, their fingers reach for your hanging breasts and begin to play with your nipples. Slowly the fingers tease the nipples to become hard and firm. As the first opened hand smack comes down on your ass the fingers on your nipples pinches hard then pulls the nipples out from your breast. Again and again this action takes place until you collapse on the floor, your body jerking and quivering with orgasm. You don't want it to stop, but you are so tired you can hardly bring yourself back to your kneeling position. Somehow you do and the spanking continues, as does the pinching of your nipples.

Finally you are placed on your side. You feel a hard cock enter your ass then another one enter your pussy. Both pumping in and out of you quickly. You feel the heat from a pussy being pressed to your face and your tongue slides from your mouth and presses deep into the wet pussy. You lick and nibble at the clit then thrust your tongue deep into your female captor's hot love tunnel. You are filled in all orifices now and have never felt so fulfilled either.

The hard penis in your ass suddenly thrusts forward, pushing the one in your pussy deeper inside you, then you feel the cream of his penis flood your bottom. Within a few moments the one in your pussy shots its cream deep within you. Your tongue continues to work on the pussy pressed to your mouth until you feel the juices flow from it and the woman's body shake, then jerk then her juices flood your mouth. You all lay there in a heap for several minutes. No one says anything, nor do they move.

You are used over and over throughout the day. Periodically someone spanks you or pinches your nipples making you cry out. The woman takes a birch stick and ties you down and gives you a sound pussy whipping. You have had so many orgasm since Friday night and your initial capture you can't imagine how many. Finally you are given a bathe by the woman and a hot oil massage is given to your tired, sore body. Someone dresses you in the clothes they took off you in the van and you are taken from the house and driven back to your home. You are e****ted into the foyer and someone tells you not to remove your blindfold for at least one minute and then shoves a note into your hand.

You wait a full minute, perhaps even longer then slowly remove the blindfold you have worn for nearly three days. You give yourself a chance to adjust to the light your captors have left on in the other room off the foyer. When you begin to focus again you slowly walk to the living room and sit down on the sofa. Your ass cheeks touch the couch and the pain whirls through your body from the spankings and harsh treatment they have received over the last few days. You notice, though, your pussy responds immediately to the pressure on your tender ass cheeks. You look down an find the note that was pressed into your hand and open it. It is a simple typed note that says, 'We'll be back again to get you next month sometime, be ready.' Your hand moves to your panty clad pussy and slowly begin to rub your clit through the panties. You lean back, squeezing your ass cheeks tightly together causing another flush of pain to rush through you and wonder what will happen next month when they come for you. You bring yourself to orgasm as you reflect on all the sensations your body has felt in the last three days. You'll be ready, you say to yourself, ready and waiting for them next month, ready to be taken to the heights of ecstasy.

The End

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3 years ago
I'm glad i waitted till this afternon to get back on the internet so i could enjoy a few stories and jack off too thahnks
3 years ago
very good