The Day Of Training

You awake, realizing your mouth is dry from the gag still wedged into it. You want to cough but find it difficult to do so. Your body aches from the activities of the night before and the multiple orgasms you have experienced. It was no dream, your realize as you come to from your sl**p, for you feel the bodies of your captors laying beside you. One hand is pressed to your breasts and from the left, a hand is pressed firmly into your pussy.

You moan and roll a bit in an attempt to awaken your captors. You don't really want to start the game all over again but you do have the need for the bathroom and only they, since you are still tied securely, are capable of giving you your desired relief.

The hand pressed to your pussy moves slowly then fingers you lightly. The fingers move to your clit and press firmly to it then rubs the dry head slowly. You can feel yourself becoming excited from this but the excitement is overshadowed by your need. Finally the fingers firmly grip the head of your clit and pinch fairly hard. You can no longer control yourself and feel yourself release your bladder. You do not release all its contents but enough to get the bed slightly wet.

You hear no sounds but suddenly a harsh thud hits your pussy when your captor slaps it with his opened hand. Under his breath you hear a muffled word, 'bitch' is what you make out. Your hands and legs are unhooked from the bed and you are pulled to your feet by the leather cuffs around your wrists. You are dragged down the hall to the tiled floor room and f***ed to sit down on the toilet. When you have finished the hands press firmly between your legs and you feel the tissue being pulled over your pussy lips. You are then stood up and your hands are pulled behind you. They are secured tightly with your arms crossed. A leather strap is then placed over your connected wrists and brought upwards to your neck. A leather collar is placed around your neck and the leather strap from your wrists is snapped into the collar. You feel your captor pushing you to the floor, you go down with his help. He then kicks with his foot to your legs, indicating he wants you to spread them further apart. You do as he indicates. He presses you down from the head so your face touches the floor, your ass sticking up into the air. You hear the water run behind you and await your next enema. It is given then you are showered and led back down the hall. Once inside you hear someone moving about then you can hear whispering off to the right of you.

Your hands are unhooked as is the collar from your neck. You are led across the room, quickly your hands are fastened together again in front of you. You are f***ed down to a kneeling position again, but feel something pressing into your back as you go down. Suddenly, lifted at the waist you are raised and then lowered over an ottoman, on your back, your head hanging down over the other side. Your hands are pulled tightly over your head and fastened to something preventing movement. Your legs are pushed roughly open and a spreader bar is placed between your thighs about four inches below your opened pussy. A finger roughly probes your opened sex hole now then pulls out from you. You lay there waiting for what is too happen, with your breasts and pussy thrust forward and up from the position you have been placed on the ottoman. You feel something touch your opened pussy. It is not a finger, you can tell that, but what it is you are not sure. Suddenly it is pulled away, within a second it comes back in contact with your opened pussy with a resounding thrash. Again and again the birch stick slaps at your pussy. Hitting your clit and causing you to scream through your still gagged mouth. Finally after about ten lashes it stops and then begins again on your breasts. The birch finding the nipples every so often and the pain rushes through your body. Yet your pussy is dripping with juices, inspite of or because of this treatment. Finally it stops!

You feel fingers find your hurting clit and they softly rub you to orgasm. Your body doesn't require much stimulation, the birch stick did most of it. You jerk and shake with the orgasm. The hand slowly thrusts two fingers into you and presses from the inside wall to spread your pussy opened more. "Pee on me again bitch and you'll think this was a picnic." Your captor says. His thumb finds your sore clit and presses against it firmly. He withdraws his fingers and leaves you there for a short time. When you feel hands on you again you are being pulled up and then turned over so you are on your stomach. Your knees bend and rest on the floor. Your ass is now open to whatever your captors wish to do.

You hear one say, "I like the looks of a red ass, don't you?" The other responds, "Sure do, but this one isn't red enough to suit me." Your head is ringing with the words. You know what is going to happen next. You know they are going to punish your upturned ass cheeks. Spank you like a c***d until you can't sit down for a week. You thrash against your bonds now, this brings a resounding blow to your sit spot with an opened hand. You calm down, after having strained against your bonds and realizing you can't get away anyway.

You can hear them moving behind you now. Then with a quick swish through the air a hard paddle slaps at your bare ass. You jerk forward some and the blow is repeated again and again. By the time you hear the administer of the spanking reach the count of twenty you realize you are bringing your ass back up to meet the punishing paddle. It whacks at your tender ass again and again and the heat of your ass has spread to your pussy. Suddenly it stops. You hear movement behind you and then feel the sting of a leather strap or belt strike your already burning ass. The belt slaps down on your upturned ass again and again. You are thrusting upwards to meet it when, much to your surprise you orgasm as it flails onto your burning flesh. The spanking continues and you are brought up over the edge of orgasm again and again. Your body is jerking about wildly against your bonds.

Suddenly it all stops. You feel fingers pressing on to your hot molten flesh and then feel the head of a cock press between your legs to opened pussy. Slowly it slides in and out of you several times, then pulls out completely. You can feel the head of it pressed to your ass pucker and with a quick f***eful movement it is thrust into you. You scream through your gag at the pain and scream again when your captors pelvis area slaps hard into your burning ass cheeks. Slowing the pace a bit he pulls from you then thrust back into you hard and firm. Each time he thrusts harder into your ass and withdraws slowly. Finally he begins to thrust faster and faster as well as hard, his pelvis hitting your burning ass cheeks each time, as if spanking you all over again. You moan as the wave of orgasm spreads through you and you feel him explode his creamy juices inside your bowel. When he withdraws from you, after a few minutes of resting on your back, he slaps your ass again with his opened hand then moves away from you.

Someone moves in front of you and the gag is removed. Quickly the fingers touch your chin and you do not respond. The fingers grip the end of your nose and you open your mouth to breath, when you do, a ring is placed inside your mouth and f***ed behind your teeth, forcing your mouth opened fairly wide. The fingers are pulled from your nose and you are left for a moment to get used to the ring. With a sudden thrust a cock is pressed through the ring into your mouth. You have never had a cock in your mouth before and really don't know what to do. Slowly your tongue moves, but not up and down the cock, but in an attempt to get away from it. As you move your tongue away a slap comes hard to your burning ass again from the leather strap. Again and again your ass is spanked, until your tongue gets the message and begins to circle slowly around the cock in your mouth. You work hard to circle the rigid member and slowly you bring it to a firmer, harder state. As you encase it with your tongue and move over the shaft, a dildo is thrust between your legs into your opened pussy. It is pushed and pulled into you quickly.

Finally the cock in your mouth becomes very hard and the owner of it begins to pump it in and out of your mouth, your tongue reaching for the head as it is pulled out. Your pussy is getting reamed with the dildo now and the cock in your mouth squirts a bit of pre cum then thrusts harder and faster. You both explode at the same time with orgasm and your mouth and tongue work feverishly to take all the cum and swallow it. The member becomes limp and is pulled from your mouth. The ring is then slowly removed and you are left without a gagged. Your hands are unhooked, yet still snapped together at the wrists. Your legs are taken from the spreader bar. You are pulled to your feet now and led out of the room. Your feet feel a cold flooring beneath them and you recognize the feel of tile.

You can smell coffee, so you realize you are in the kitchen. You are led to a hard wooden chair and pushed down. When your ass cheeks make contact with the chair seat you scream slightly. Someone pulls you back up and then slams his opened hand to your ass ten times in quick succession then f***es you back down again. This time you do not scream, but moan deep within your throat as your deep red ass cheeks touch the hard wooden chair seat.

You sit quietly. You can feel your pussy dripping on to the chair beneath you. You are still so excited that if one of your captors were to touch your clit you know you would explode with orgasm again. You are slowly fed cereal, given a sip of hot coffee. More cereal is fed to you and then more coffee until you have eaten quite enough. You are then left along for a few moments, but still hear your captors eating their breakfast close by. You hear a knock on the door. Fear rips through your body, that anyone would see you this way. One of your captors leaves the room and you can hear muffled conversation at the front door. Then you hear someone walk back into the kitchen. Soon you hear someone else walk into the kitchen also. "What can I do to her?", the new voice says.

"Anything you wish, just don't kill her," said one of your captors. "Stand up slut," you hear the new voice say, then reach for your right breast and pull you to your feet by grasping it and pulling upward. Soon his fingers were playing with the nipples of each breast. He slowly teases them and squeezes them. Finally one of your captors said, "Pinch them hard and pull on them, she loves it. If she screams, take her over your knee and paddle her ass hard."

The new person began to slowly pinch each nipple between his forefinger and thumb. Slowly he pinched them harder and harder then twists them around one direction then another, then pulls them outward. You moaned and then screamed with the pain inflicted to your sore sensitive nipples. His fingers released their grip, he pulls you by the arms slowly. You feel his knee being pressed under your stomach and you being f***ed over it. A series of severe slaps comes crashing down on your burning ass again and again. He doesn't seem to want to stop, and he continues until one of your captors finally says, "I think that's enough spanking, she got the point." He stood you back up after one more slap then went back to your nipples. You are crying beneath your hood but managed to keep your screams within so they only sounded like moans. He pinches your nipples again hard and then twists them one direction then another again and again. The pain courses through your body; yet somehow finds your pussy and heats it up quickly.

The juices flow easily from you now and run down your leg. His interest turns to your pussy now, as he fingers the shaved region. Slowly his fingers move into between your wet lips and he slides his fingers deep into you. He withdraws his fingers then presses them firmly to your mouth. You don't want to open and keep it firmly closed. You have never tasted your own juices before and don't really desire to now. "Would you like your ass spanked again, this time with my belt?" The new one says. You open your mouth quickly to take his wet fingers into it. Actually you think, I don't taste bad. Sort of sweet. You lick his fingers clean, then he pulls them from you. "I want to ram my hard cock into her while she is being spanked by one of you. Can we do that?" The new one asks. Your heart sinks when you hear one of the captors say sure and the pulls at your hands.

You are pulled into another room and your hands are secured firmly over your head. A ball gag is pushed into your mouth again and your legs are spread open wide with a spreader bar. Slowly fingers probe your nether lips and tease your flesh.

You hear one of them say, tease her clit then leave her hanging on the edge of orgasm, it drives her wild. The fingers press to your clit and slowly move over it rubbing it till it is erect and hard. Firmer and faster the finger moves your clit until your hips are thrusting forward. As you near orgasm you hear someone say, that's enough, she's there. And the fingers are pulled from you. The next five minutes you are not touched. Then slowly the fingers go back to teasing your clit again and once again, when you near orgasm, they stop. You are burning inside now, wanting your sex filled with a firm cock. You are frustrated and thrusting your hips forward to find something to give you relief. As you come down from the edge the fingers probe you again and bring you back up to the peak then stop again. This goes on for nearly an hour and you ache inside for the need to be satisfied.

Suddenly you feel the thrust of a hard cock slammed into your pussy and as it slams in someone behind you spanks your still pinkish ass cheeks with a rubber soled shoe. Each time the cock is pulled out then thrust back in the rubber thong smacks firmly on your ass. Now your pussy is burning with desires and your ass if just as hot, if not hotter from the spanking it receives. You are pushed over the edge into one of the most mind blowing orgasm you have ever had. You black out from the waves of pleasure coursing through your body. When you awaken you are on the bed. Secured in the same manner as the night before. You nipples ache, so you know they have placed nipple clamps to you again.

Your pussy is full with a dildo which is not vibrating. You move your head and when you do the dildo is pulled from you then pushed back into you. Again and again it is pushed and pulled. Finally it is pulled out completely and is replaced with the real thing. First one guy thrusts into your hot box and creams inside you, then the next, then finally the third. The nipple clamps are removed and slowly your nipples are rubbed. Someone placed their hands around the base of your right breast and squeeze it firmly, but not hard, pushing the nipple out, then holds it in this manner for a few moments when someone else slaps the erect tit with a thin leather strap. Faster and harder the slaps come, spanking the tit soundly. Then the same thing is repeated to the other tit. A hand finds your spread pussy and slowly slaps at it then a dildo is thrust back into you and turned on and you are left to come to orgasm after orgasm from this hard, relentless cock. By the time an hour, what seems like forever to you, passes the dildo is pulled from you. Your body is jerking in uncontrollable orgasm again, how many times you don't know for sure. You are then left to lay there and sl**p soundly from your tiring morning.

When you awaken your hood has been removed and replaced with a blindfold. Your gag has been taken from your mouth. You are still strapped to the bed, spread eagle. You move your head about and stretch as best you can.

When you do, someone unhooks your hands then your feet and pulls you to the edge of the bed. They guide you up and lead you down the hall to bathroom and allow you to relieve yourself. An enema is again given then you are showered thoroughly. Once the shower is completed you are pushed down on the toilet seat again and a douche is administered to your well worked pussy. You ache every where from your recent treatment. Your ass still burns when it touches the seat suddenly, reminding you of the harsh, severe spankings you received earlier that day. You are cleaned inside and out now. Your captor presses a brush to your closed mouth and a your nose smells the sweet smell of toothpaste. You open your mouth and he begins to brush your teeth slowly and tenderly. You are led back down the hall again. Once you are pulled through an opened doorway you are told to stand in the center of the room and not move. You stand where you have been placed. A strapless bra is then hooked around your breasts.

Your captor secures it firmly, it is at least one size too small and pulls your breasts up firmly. When he has hooked it he then runs his fingers over the front of it. Much to your surprise the nipples are exposed through a hole in the front of the bra. You are f***ed to raise your feet one at a time when silk, soft panties are pulled up over your legs. You can feel the opening of the panties in the back and your buttocks are uncovered. The silk panties have a thin piece running down through your ass cheek crack to your pussy. The fingers probe your pussy region and you feel the hole that makes the access to your pussy easy. You are led back down the hall to the room you recognize by the feel of the carpeting. It is the room you have been secured to the ceiling to several times since your arrival here. When you are pushed into the room you hear a hum of noise and realize there are several people around you. "Well ladies and gents, this is our toy for the night. Use her carefully, we don't want damaged goods on our hands.

You can fuck her, eat her, spanks her, give her enemas, pussy whip her, tit whip her, and bring her close to orgasm and leave her wanting. And anything else you might be creative enough to dream up. She loves it all." Your hands are pulled over your head and hooked to the rope or chain hanging from the ceiling. You feel hands touching you every where. Probing, exploding your nether region, your ass between your ass cheeks, your nipples and rubbing your shaved pubic mound. "A shaved cunt is always so inviting," you hear a woman say. "I could eat her out all night with that shaved pussy." You are afraid, yet your body betrays you when you try to keep from becoming excited at the touching and probing it is receiving. You can feel your pussy dripping on the silk material then down your leg. A long finger nailed finger presses into your pussy now, and someone asks, "Are you a hot little slut?"

You do not respond. This brings a harsh finger fucking by the long finger nailed finger pressed into you and finally you say, "Yes I am." A quick sharp slap comes to your uncovered ass and someone else says, "Call her mistress and the men master slut or be prepared to have your ass heated up with the whip." "Yes Master," you respond quickly. Someone finally takes control of the crowd of people. You are so embarrassed to be put in this position, but have no choice but to let things happen as they will. One of your original captors is now directing the party crowd. they have decided to make up slips of paper with a number on it to see who gets to use you first. The paper will be drawn out of a hat.

You hear someone say, 'okay that will be eight numbers then', your heart sinks and you dread having to tolerate eight different people using you. These may be your thoughts, however your pussy is dripping with the excitement of the events ahead. You think to yourself, 'I've never been eaten by a woman before, I wonder what it is like?' you question yourself. Someone removes the gag from your mouth. A glass is given to you and you drink. It is cool water rushing down your throat. The person pouring it into your mouth pours it quickly and part of it lands on your breasts. They react quickly to the coldness of it and become erect immediately. You feel long finger nailed fingers touching the nipples quickly. They rub over them gently and tenderly. Then reaching to the back of the nipple presses it hard between the forefinger and thumb so the tip is caught just at the edge and the pain shots through you. You let out a scream. The fingers release the nipples. You hear the person walk slowly around you, then someone else says loudly, "Screaming little bitches get their ass whipped." It was a woman's voice you hear.

You wonder to yourself what she would do if she were in the same position as you. It didn't matter, because she wasn't in that position, you are. Slowly your hands are lowered and unhooked from the chain attached to the ceiling. The long finger nailed woman takes you by the arm and leads you across the room. Once there she sits down and pulls you slowly over her lap. You know everyone is watching this event and you become flush with embarrassment. To be spanked by another grown woman, on your bare bottom, over her knee. To be treated like a little girl is humiliating. "What do mommy's do when little girls are bad?" the finger nailed woman asks you as she pokes you in the back with the tip end of her finger. With great hesitation you finally respond, "They punish them mistress."

"How do they punish them?" She prods more. "They, they, er, spank them mistress." You stutter. "Do they spank them on their bare bottom with a hairbrush?" You don't know what to say to her, you know if you say yes she will spank you with a hair brush, but your ass still hurts from the spanking earlier today. Finally you blurt out the words, "Yes mistress." She orders you to spread your legs apart, you do so. Her fingers move down between your ass cheeks then to your dripping wet pussy. She finds your clit and fingers you lightly. She then reposition you on her lap, her fingers run lightly over your tingling ass cheeks. You are nearly ready to explode already, the anticipation of the spanking that your mind says you dread, but your pussy says you love. The fingering of your clit. You are ready to reach climax already. Suddenly with a f***e you didn't believe a woman could have, the flat side of a hair brush slaps into your already sore buttocks. Again and again the hair brush comes down on your ass, you climax by the time she reaches the count of twelve. The brush is stopped and the spanking continues with her open hand. She is strong and slams into your burning red bottom f***efully. The entire time you try to suppress your screams. Every once and a while one escapes your mouth and when it does your mistress announces, ten more spanks. After she announces to the room she has reached forty spanks there is applause.

She continues though, until she announces she has reached sixty. At sixty spanks she stops and pushes you to the floor. You lay on your stomach there in a heap at her feet. She quickly rolls you over and presses her hands to your legs and spreads you open wide. Someone on either side of you grabs your ankles and holds you open. Then someone else pulls at your hands and holds them above your head. Your sore ass cheeks are being pressed into the carpeting and the heat from them is finding its way to your pussy. You feel her hair touch your bared mound and then a tongue darts into your spread opened pussy lips. Slowly it flicks at your clit, then moves down your lips to your dripping hole. Then back up to your clit. Each time bringing you closer and closer to orgasm. Finally a fingernail presses onto your clit and begins to tease it, and the probing tongue is thrust into your open and ready hole. It pushes in and out quickly now and the finger nailed finger moves over your clit in the same speed.

Within a moment you are pulled over the edge and your body quakes with orgasm, one after another. Until you feel certain you will pass out, but you don't. She finally pulls away from you. You are satisfied sexually like you have never been before, except for one thing, you still feel the need for a firm, hard cock inside you. You feel someone straddling your chest now and your lips feel the moisture of something over them. Someone orders you to lick and telling you to bring your mistress off or be whipped. Your tongue moves out of your mouth slowly, timidly to the pussy above you and begins to lick at it in the same fashion she had licked at yours. Within a few moments she shakes and jerks over you and you feel her juices flow into your opened mouth. Your tongue trying to lick up all the juices. You are left to rest now.

The End

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Hot Hot story.