BDSM At The Office

Some guys might not feel comfortable working in department where your the only man among seven women. But for me, I find it great. In fact, the positive far outweigh the few minor negatives. I get razed a little, and I'm the brunt of a few jokes, but it all makes up for it in the end.

I work in a large hospital, in a small data processing department. I have a woman supervisor, a great lady (as far as a supervisor, as a person, and how she looks) named Brenda. There are five other lady other analysts and a departmental secretary.

And that's about all I can handle, for I never had so much sex in my life, and it's the kinkiest you can imagine. Men dream of being in my place, but I'm living it and loving it.

Don't think I'm some over ego macho stud machine. I am a good looking guy and never had problems meeting attractive women. I've been told I look like a young Tom Selek. I'm twenty six, 6 feet 2 inches tall, and have a well toned body from working out.

I was married when I was nineteen to my high school sweetheart. But it only lasted two and a half years. We were both in collage, had little money and almost no time to see one another. Now we talk, even see one another sometimes. Buy twenty three, I was divorced and finally getting into the job market.

My first job lasted ten months. It was boring and routine. But I answered a newspaper ad about two years ago and got an interview here. That's where it all begins.

I met Brenda in her office. She's a great looking woman of thirty three. She has a trim, youthful body, with a great ass and the best legs a woman can have. She wore a business suit with a short skirt that day. Good thing she was behind a desk that day. I would have blown the interview if I could continuously seen those legs for the hour.

Well, I got the job and started a week later. Brenda warned me about being the only guy in the department. I'm glad she didn't tell me about all the good looking women she employees.

Out of the six woman here, one is older and not my type. The rest are younger, and mostly good looking. Besides Brenda, one is married and not interested in other men. One is a good looking woman named Susan, another is Leah, (a real babe) and Janet, our cute little secretary. All in all, a good look bunch of babes.

Being single and not into the bar scenes, the office was a great place to meet woman. I immediately went after Susan. The first time I saw her, she was wearing a short tight white skirt with heels. Her generous breasts were straining her blouse. She was receptive to my compliments and flirting. Within a couple weeks of starting, I had a date with her.

I picked her up at seven thirty on a Saturday. I was hoping for a sexy little outfit, but she wore a pair of black slacks and a nice blouse. I was a little disappointed, but hey, she can ware what she wants. We had dinner and good conversation, then went to a nightclub for some drinks and dancing. She danced really well, especially when we slow danced. She felt so good in my arms.

The date ended with a simple but memorable kiss at her apartment door. Though my groins were begging me to ask myself in, I respected her enough to just say goodnight. I called her when I got home, just to tell her how much I enjoyed the evening and looked forward to the next time I saw her. She said she had a good time and wanted to see me again.

Out next date was much better. Since summer was getting late, I suggested we spend an afternoon at a beach. This gave us a chance to be ourselves a little more, plus I could see her in a swimsuit.

The day way perfect, warm, sunny, light breeze. I picked her up around noon, and we went to a small lake. We brought a picnic lunch, complete with a bottle of wine. She wore a tee-shirt and a pair of shorts over her swimsuit, so I didn't get to she much of her form till later. For some strange reason, there weren't many people there that afternoon, so we found a perfect spot to have our lunch.

We decided to go for a swim before eating. She took the shirt and shorts off. My eyes almost few out of my head. She wore a hot pink bikini, which scantly covered the private areas. Her ample breasts were high and firm. Her waist was nice and slender and her hips were perfect. We got into the water quickly, which help hide the massive bulge my suit didn't hide very well.

The water was warm, and so were we. We swam a little, paddled a little, sat in the shallow water together. Then, we got friendlier, hugged a little, lightly kissed and cuddled. No grouping or pawing. Just romantic like. It was quite nice.

We got out of the water, dried each other off and had out lunch. The wine was chilled and we had a nice time. Soft kisses between bites, silly things like that.

After eating, we decided to sun a little. I couldn't help but keep looking over at her robust body. Those large, firm breasts were killers. We sipped our wine, which help her get a little loosed lipped. That's when I knew things were going to get good.

'Coming to this beach reminds me of a dream I had the other night.' she said.

'What was your dream about?' I asked.

'Maybe I really shouldn't tell you. I mean, it's kind of strange, and we haven't seen that much of each other to start telling fantasies.'

Now my curiosity was aroused. It took a minute of coaxing before I finally got it out of her.

'Well,' she started. 'I dreamed I was at a beach, something like this one. But I dreamed I was laying in the sand, face up. My arms and legs were tied to four stakes in the sand. The sun was shinning on me and the waves were rolling. That's all I remember. Kind of strange, hey?'

I told her that I thought it sounded exciting and fantastic. Then, just changing the subject, she started talking about a sailboat on the water. I guess she was a little embarrassed and wanted the conversation to end on that topic.

After awhile of sunning, I rolled over and kissed her deeply. That started a slow volley of affectionate necking. We rolled in the warm, soft sand together, out lips attached to one another.

After several minutes of that, we decided to leave our lake and head back into town. She put on her shorts again, but not her shirt, thankfully. Our ride lasted about a half hour, but it seemed like forever. She looked so good, and I was so hard.

We got to my place and went strait for the bedroom. I took off her shorts and her suit. Standing naked, her body was incredible. I stripped and we quickly got into bed.

Well, the next two hours were magnificent. Susan is a very giving, passionate lady. We caressed and cuddled, kissed and petted, explored and probed each other. She has great hands. I almost came when she stoked my hard cock. I kept away from her nipples at first. She liked when I kissed and sucked them, but doing it too much would loose the effect.

When we sixty-nined, I almost went out of my mind. She gave the best head I ever had. She came hard, her body quivered and shiver as she moaned very deeply. I came a few seconds later, pumping my load into her mouth. She swallowed like a pro, not loosing a drop.

We laid together, cuddling and kissing until we went at it again. I laid between her legs and brought her off two more times with my tongue before I crawled between her legs and placed my meat inside her tunnel. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me in further. She was so hot and wet, it was like fucking a sponge.

I came again, just has hard and much as before. Even as I went soft, I stayed inside her. I didn't want to pull out. We slept a little, about an hour before we got up and went for a bite to eat.

We came back to my place, strip out cloths, got some wine and went back to bed. We didn't jump right into it. We talked and caressed one another. Then she asked me something.

'Did what I tell you at the beach turn you off or anything?'

I said no and asked why she asked that. She said she didn't mean to make it seem like she was strange or anything. She just remembered it and wanted to tell me. I asked it there was anything else she meant by it.

'Well, to be honest, I never was tied up during sex.'

In so many words, the dream had an effect on her. She wanted to see what it would be like to be tied up during sex. The beach became fantasy of her. She said someday she wanted to make it real.

Now, if you were me, what would you do at this point. You would most likely do what I did. I asked her if she wanted to be tied up. She was a little surprised, and a touch apprehensive. But after a little gentle coaxing from me, she agreed.

I rolled over, open the bottom drawer of the night stand and pulled out some lengths of rope. My drawer is full of sex stuff. I've tied woman up before and was always ready to do it again, especially on a woman who never had the experience before.

I laid her on her back and gently tied a rope around one of her wrists. I then secured her hand to the bed post. Her other wrist received the same, tied to the opposite post. I spread her legs apart and anchored them to bed posts also. What a site, her well formed body stretched out and held that way by the white ropes. Her large, firm fleshy mounds. She looked fantastic.

For the next two hours, I kept her like that and explored her body. I covered every inch of her, from her toes to her fingers, from breasts to clit. She came at least three time, maybe more before I finally inserted myself into a dripping cunt and plowed her good. She came again a moment before I pumped her full with my jism.

After releasing her, she told be how great it was. I took her home about an hour later, a satisfied woman. I too was very satisfied. I had been a while since I screwed someone three times in one day.

That started the whole thing with her. From then on, sex had a whole new meaning for her. In fact, bondage plays a big part in it. She couldn't get enough of it. She would spend hours, even entire weekends, tied this way and that way. She gets so excited each time I bring out the ropes, and she comes countless times a night.

Well, sex between us has been great between us. When we get together, we have a nice evening, a movie, dinner, whatever. Then it's off to either her place (if her roommate is out) or mine. Out come the ropes, she gets tied up, I tease her and please her and we both have a great time. It's not every time, for strait sex with her is fantastic too, but bondage plays a big roll in our relationship.

Buy the way, I made her dream come true. One warm evening, I took her back to that little beach. It was empty. I brought four stakes and four lengths of rope. She looked so captivating there, naked in the sand, her limbs tied to the stakes. What a night!

Susan was the first co-worker I got my ropes around. She is the more normal one of the group. With her, it's a date, a good time, a romance. She very passionate and very giving. I never push her too far, for I don't need to. I don't gag or blindfold her, for I love to hear her purrs and soft moans as I please her. Susan satisfies my passionate needs.

My next achievement was when I ensnared my boss Brenda in ropes. It was during a business trip. After six months of work, we went to an out of town training program that lasted three days.

We flew out Sunday night and shared a room at a hotel. I was surprised at that, for I figured we'd have separate rooms. We checked in and hit the pool. She didn't have the body of Susan, but she was still attractive, and those legs were fantastic.

Afterward we had dinner and a few drinks in the lounge. It seemed a little strange, for she was kind of getting a little friendlier that I thought she should. After that, we went back up to the room.

Brenda started talking about her husband a little. At first, it was strait, just about him and how he was. But then, she started about how much he traveled, and how little time they spent together. She even referred to him as being unimaginative in the bedroom. I knew what she was doing. She wanted to fuck.

It sounded like she was ready to try a little taste of sex my way. I made it clear that I was receptive to an offer. I also told her that he was wasting her, that he should be excited to try things on her, to us her, but not quite in those words.

Well, she took the offer. She came over to me and kissed me. Man, she could give a lip lock. I stopped her a moment later and told her if we were going to do this, it was going to be my way. She seemed enthusiastic by that. I got out the white ropes I brought along for just such an emergency.

Brenda smiled with delight and immediately stripped off her cloths. I told her to put on a pair of high heels. She complied, putting on a pair of patent leather black heels. Already, she was acting a little sheepish, a little submissive.

Imagine for a minute what was running in my head. We were all alone in a hotel room and she wanted me. I was about to tie up my sexy boss and use her for sex, anyway I wanted. Talk about fantasies.

Well, I told her to turn around and put her hands behind her back. She did and I tied them tightly together. I then bound rope around her elbows and pulled them close together. When I finished, she began to squirm around and test her ropes while I tied her ankles and her tights together.

Her nipples were very hard already. I began to play with them and she let out a rather loud moan. I warned her to remain silent or I would make her be so. She continued to moan, so I placed her own panties into her mouth and tied one of her own scarves over her lips. Not the best gag, but it worked well enough.

I laid on the bed for a few minutes and watched her squirm around. I told her about all the things I could do to her nice body. That just made her squirm even more. She made a real site, naked and all tied up, her pussy getting hot and wet.

After a few minutes, I told her it was time to change her gag. I set her on her knees and opened my pants, letting my rigid cock spring out. She wanted it, for she rubbed her covered lips over it.

I pulled the scarf down, pulled her panties out and inserted my instrument. She went right to work, sucking and pumping my rod. She gave good head, not as good as Susan, but any blow job is a good blow job.

She moaned the whole time my cock pumped her face. So did I. I felt my load building up. I held it back, but soon, I was erupting inside her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but she couldn't quite keep up. It leaked out her lips and down her chin, but she never once choked or gagged. When I finished, she licked the come from my semi-rigid pecker and the extra that I wiped from her check with my cock tip.

I put my rod away, cleaned off her face with her panties, put them back into her mouth and pulled her scarf back up over her mouth.

I then picked her up and placed her on the bed. I decided to keep with the theme of using her own items to tie her with. I took two pairs of her pantyhose, ripped them apart and tied her spread eagle to the bed. The stretchy material allowed her to pull and tug on the giving restraints, but still hold her down.

I then proceeded to give her tits the teasing of her live. I must have played with them for half and hour before moving my tongue down to her clit and eating her soaked cunt. She came within a few seconds, screaming into the gag. I continued to eat her out until she came again a few minutes later. She was a real noisy one, for she was constantly moaning and groaning.

Well, I stripped off my cloths, mounted her body and fucked her pussy good for several minutes before blasting a wad of hot jism deep into her. After I finished creaming her insides, I pulled my pants back on, but left her tied to the bed. I turned on the TV and ordered a skin flick to watch. I told her that if it turned me on, I might screw her again.

It was a fairly good one, with a nice looking babe and a well hung guy. After a half hour, I untied my employer, and tied her wrists to her ankles so her ass was up in the air. I entered her pussy from the rear and banged away. She came a moment before I did. I blew another load of sperm into her, thrusting my exploding prick in as deep as I could.

Well, after that, I untied her and we cuddled for a few minutes before we both fell asl**p.

The rest of the trip was similar. At the seminar, she hardly even talked about anything but the class and business. But at the hotel, she was my little sex slave. I tied and fucked her any way I could think of. I was sad it see it come to an end.

We continue to see each other. At the office, it's business as usual, no quickies or kisses in the closet. But when were alone, when her husband's out of town or we meet at hotel after work (she tells him she's working late), she's tied up naked or almost naked, fucking and sucking however I feel like. We both get satisfied.

Where Susan is romantic, and Brenda is submissive, Leah is different from both. Leah is my sex maniac, my little slut. But she's not just a nympho, she much more. She loves sex, but it's got to be different, unconventional, and not normal.

Leah is different but a very sexy looking woman, with shoulder length black hair, a great body and alluring, seductive, almost wicked eyes. She's 5 foot 5 inches tall with slender hips and waist and she has nice, long legs. Her chest is just the right size to fit perfectly in my hands.

She wares unconventional cloths to work like tight leather pants, very short skirts, body hugging dresses and low cut blouses. She has the highest spiked heeled shoes I ever see a woman ware and she even has tight high, spiked heeled boots.

Leah's very aggressive but she's not a bitch. She goes after what she wants. In fact, it was her that made the moves on me.

One day at work, she came into my office to discuss a request. I remember what she wore. Short, tight black skirt, low cut red satin blouse, black pantyhose, wide black belt and black spiked heels. She looked hot. After discussing the request, she eyed me for a moment.

'Let me ask you something.' she said. 'Why haven't you asked my out for dinner yet?'

I was shocked. I figured I was out of her league. I thought she would either have men dripping over her or that she just might be a lesbian. She fits either mold. I responded by saying that I didn't want to be turned down.

'Who said you would be?' she said giving me bedroom eyes.

So I asked what she was doing Saturday night. She said nothing. So we made a date.

Oh, what a night Saturday turned out to be. I met her at her place meeting her roommate Dee. Dee was a cute petite blond haired girl, about twenty four years old. She was a little over five feet tall with a cute ass and small breasts.

Leah came out of the bedroom. She was wearing a black leather miniskirt, white satin blouse, tan pantyhose and her killer heels. Man, what a fox. She looked so hot, I almost creamed my jeans.

Dinner was great, and we went dancing afterwards. She really knew how to move and arouse me at the same time. After a few drinks, she suggested we go to my place. I gladly responded and we took off.

We got to my apartment in record time. I poured us some wine, and she sipped it slowly. My couch never looked better with her sitting there. What a hot lady. I wanted to screw her right there.

After some small talk, she put her wine down and put her hand on my leg. Then she threw me for a shock.

'I've heard you like to have your women tied up while you fuck their brains out?' she said very directly.

I must have turned three shades of red. Somehow I stammered out a 'Yeah, I do.'

She smiled and placed her hand on mine. 'Have you ever imagined tying me up and fuck my brains out?'

I told her I'd had wanted to do that. I thought my cock was going to burst out.

'Well darling, then you should do what you want.' she said. It didn't take long for me to go retrieve a lot of rope and related items. She instantly turned submissive and did what I told her. Within a few minutes, I had her hands tied behind her back and her ankles and thighs tied together.

She struggled for a few minutes, commenting on how good my knots were. Then, she leaned her bound body over and kissed me. Fire shot through me. She then asked me if she could suck me off. Guess what my answer was. Within a few seconds, my hard prick was sliding between her soft lips and she was giving great head.

After blowing a large wad of come down her throat, I took her to the bedroom, stripped her cloths off (except for those heels), tied her to the bed spread eagle and spent the next hour exploring her body. She motivate me on, moaning and groaning, telling me what she liked and what really got to her. After eating her pussy into two orgasm, I plunged my rigid cock deep inside a her feverish pussy and fuck her long and hard. Later, after recovering from a great orgasm, I retied her face down and rammed her again from behind. I came again after working up quite a sweat.

I untied her and expected her to stay the night. Instead, she wanted me to take her home. At her door, she gave me a great lip lock and told me she had a great time. I was wondering if this was a one timer. But she said she expected to hear from me tomorrow, turned and went into the building. That started our relationship. I see Leah when she wants, which is around once a week.

With Leah, I have been able to do the stranger things. She loves sex, but she only likes when it's unusual. She has had lots of guy fuck her, even now. One guy only gave her oral sex, another liked to spank her ass before he screws her. For me, I get to tie her any way I want, then do whatever I want. Sometimes, she's fully clothed in some sleazy outfit while she sucks me off once or twice, then I finger her into an orgasm. She says it satisfies her. Other times, she dressed in some erotic outfit or maybe stockings and heels and tied (or chained or strapped or whatever) up for hours before I give her any attention at all.

She has also encouraged my to buy more items. We go to adult toy stores and buy bondage items and magazines for ideas. I've bought ball gags, leg spreaders, leather straps and cuffs, hands and anklecuffs. One night, she came over with a large present for me. It was a lace able leather arm sheath. She spent many hours in it that night, (and many more since then) with leather straps binding her legs and a black ball gag in her mouth.

Another night, she came over wearing her thigh high spiked boot. An idea came to me. I locked leather cuffs to her ankles and hung her naked (except for the boots) by her feet from a ceiling hook. I kept her hands behind her back with more leather cuffs and straps. It was great and really turned her on, especially when I licked her clit into an orgasm while grabbing her ass.

She also the only one who I scored actually in the office itself. It was a Friday, before a holiday. Except for Leah, myself and the secretary, the place was empty. After lunch, Leah came to my office and closed the door.

She stated that she was really horny and wanted to be bound and gagged while I did whatever I wanted to do to her. She pulled out several strands of rope and a cloth gag from a folder she was carrying and gave them to me. She said she had forwarded her phone to mine so we shouldn't be interrupted.

I couldn't resist. I had her strip to the waist and sit in a chair. Within moments, she was secured to the chair and a gag was between her lips. I let her sit there, struggling against the ropes for about fifteen minutes before I played with her tits. I then untied her and had her removed the rest of her cloths. I bound her to the top of my desk and played with her body for a while, fingering her into an orgasm.

Then, I untied her and bound her so she was bent over my desk. I opened my trousers, pulled my member out and rammed into her soaked pussy. I pumped her like mad, making sure to keep the noise down. After several minutes, I shot my load of come deep into her at the same time she came herself.

I left her bound for a while, enjoying the idea of having her tied like that, the come leaking out of her cunt. The thought of someone coming in and seeing turned me on. My cock became hard again within a few minutes.

Another fifteen minutes passed before I finally dropped my drawer and plowed her once more. Man, what a rush. Leah was coming again, and I joined her a few minutes later. I couldn't believe how horny this had gotten me. After coming in her again, I dressed and untied her. She dressed and gave my a long, lingering kiss, thanking me for taking care of her needs.

She has also given me the strangest night of my life. I went over to her place for the evening, bringing along some of my captivity items. She led me to the bedroom and told me to strip. After laying me on the bed, she started to tie my hands to the bed board.

'It's not fair that I'm the one who's always restrained.' she said.

I couldn't argue with that. After securing me to her bed, she took her cloths off to show me what she had on. A tight fitting red leather corset, red stocking and red spiked heels. She then straddled my face and ordered me to eat her out. I did it gladly, bringing her off quickly. She then me gagged with a scarf, mounted my rod and gave me a slow ride. After blowing a large load off, she dismounted my sperm covered cock and told me she'd be right back.

After several minutes, she returned, but she wasn't alone. She brought Dee in with her. Except for a white garter belt, stockings, high heels, Dee was naked. Her arms were encased in the black leather arm sheath, her ankles in leather cuffs with a chain between them, a large padded leather gag between her soft lips and a thick leather collar around her neck with Leah holding the leash.

'Dee said she wanted to experience a man while in bondage.' Leah said. 'I wasn't sure who was suppose to be tied up, so I decided to bind the both of you and give you two an experience you'll both remember the rest of your lives.'

Leah made Dee get on the bed, with her face at my crotch. The gag was removed from her mouth and she was ordered to suck my dick off. Dee did as she was told, Her sweet lips encircled around my rigid and wet cock and she slowly and wonderfully suck me into another incredibly huge orgasm. I came very hard and long, but she swallowed every drop before she was pulled away and gagged again.

Leah removed the chain from Dee's legs and help her to straddle my face. Dee's pussy was already very wet and tasted so sweet as she rubbed it over my face. I was ungagged and joyfully brought her off twice before she was pulled off me and I was gagged again.

This time, Dee was placed straddling my cock. Leah made her rub her crotch against my hard cock, teasing the both of us until we were both begging for it. Leah smiled, enjoying her domineering roll over the both of us.

Finally she took pity on us. I was slid into Dee's wet tunnel and she lowered herself onto me. She began bobbing up and down, fucking my rock hard cock. Her tits bounced as she fuck me like crazy. It took a while, and she had two really strong and loud orgasms before I finally blasted another hot load into her tunnel. This set Dee off into a final orgasm. Exhausted she collapsed on top of me. What a wild fuck it was.

After a moment, Dee was removed from the bed and her legs were chained again. Leah examined my limp cock, pleased she worn me out. I was untied, permitted to dress and e****ted to the door, I caught a final glance of Dee, bound and gagged, with Leah holding her leash. I'm sure there was more in store for Dee that night.

Leah has given me more things to write about than imaginable. I have pictures and video tapes of her being bound while I do all sorts of things to her. She loves crazy and wild ordeals. I do my best, and she tells me how I satisfy her. She keeps my interest too, for I never know what's going to happen. I look forward to each time we meet, for I know it will be an eventfully time.

Finally, there's Janet. She started here less than a year ago. She nineteen, this being her first job out of high school. The best way I can describe her is she's very cute, kind of like a puppy. She's petite, with mid-back length wavy blond hair, green eyes and a cute little smile. Her pert breasts, small waist, a adorable ass and slender legs are splendid. No one thing is outstanding about her, but like I said, she's just so darn cute.

We became friends before I ever got my fetter around her body. I never really had intentions of getting into Janet's panties. At the time, I had my hands full, plus she was a lot younger than me. It just kind of happened by accident.

It started one day at lunch. Shortly after she started, I went to the cafeteria for lunch and saw her sitting by herself. I joined her and we began to talk. Over the course of several weeks, we be friends, even going out after work for a drink a couple times.

After a few months, Janet signed up for a computer course. She asked me if I would help her with her studies. I gladly said I would. So, over lunches and at nights, I coached her along.

Then, one warm Saturday afternoon, she was over at my place. We had just finished writing a computer program. I offered her another lemonade and we went to the living room to relax for a while.

When she sat down on the couch, something nudge her in the thigh. She reached around and pulled out a length of rope. It must have left there from the night before when I had Leah tied up naked and rolling around on the floor. I felt so embarrassed. She looked at it funny for a moment.

'What is this doing here?' she asked.

I took it from her. 'I don't think you really want to know.'

She looked at me kind of funny. 'What do you mean?' she asked.

I had to think for a moment. Do I make up some kind of lie or do I tell her the truth. I didn't know what she would say or think if she knew. But I decided to tell her. Sooner or later, she might find out what I do to her co-workers. Then what would she think.

'It's for bondage.' I said. What's that, she responded. So for the next few moments, I told her about bondage. I told her how I enjoy girls tied up. I also told her that they enjoy it too. After I finished, she took the rope from me and asked if that was for real. You bet it is, I said.

'I've never tied it.' she said. I then asked if she would like to give it a whirl. Surprisingly she said she would like to try it. So I took the rope, tied her hands together and began teaching her a new course of study.

For the next few minutes, she tried to get her hands free. She said she couldn't see much excitement in it. I had to explain that there was more to bondage than just the hands being tied. She said she wanted get the full experience. Got to admit, she is adventurous.

I went and got more ropes. This time, I bound her hands behind her back, tied her legs together and placed other ropes on her. Now she was restrained. She could move somewhat, but she couldn't get free.

She started to get into it, and said she was enjoying it. For the rest of the afternoon, I tied her this way and that. To chairs, sitting on the floor, standing, so many different ways. Later, I put a gag in her mouth. That's when she really go into it. She said she felt completely helpless then. It was a feeling she liked.

After a few hours, we finished. We didn't have sex. In fact, it wasn't for quite some time before we finally had sex together, and it was after a bondage session was complete.

Janet became my bondage model. I would try various way of tying her, different positions and different styles. I use varies gags on her too. She's so limber, (she's a part time dancer) that she can do things I can't do with the others.

She usually wares cute little outfits. Sometimes, it's shorts and a tee shirt. Other times, she wares a teddy, pantyhose and heels. No matter what, she looks so cute, with the ropes and such around her. She prefer ropes, but she likes the straps and arm sheath too. But for some reason, the ball gag is her favorite.

The first time we had sex, Janet was wearing a match set of garter belt, panties, bra, stocking (which I bought for her) and heels. We just finished a wonderful four hour session. She asked if I enjoyed our time together. I said yes, giving her a hug. Then, she looked up at me. I couldn't resist, I just had to kiss her.

Before I knew it, I had carried her to the bedroom and had removed her bra and panties, leaving her in her stocking and heels while she was busy removing my cloths. We got in bed and fooled around. Janet was great, responding to whatever I did to her. We sixty nined and she came quickly. She finished me off with a combination hands and mouth, letting my come gush on my belly. Later, I slowly screwed her as we kissed and fondled one another.

Since then our time together consists of several hours of ropes and such, then maybe finished off with a gentle session of love making. Sometimes, she bound, sometimes she not. It depends on our mode.

So that pretty much tell you about my ladies. They keep me busy, and I keep them happy and fulfilled. Leah knows about the others, but the others don't know about each other. I'm glad for that, but sometimes it hard to juggle them. My apartment is a good place to bring them, for I have my supplies there. But with the neighbors I have, I've got to be very discriminating in my activities.

I'm in the process of saving for a home. It will take time to save up for the down payment, but it will be worth it. Then, I will make little modifications to the place. Hooks in the ceiling here and there. Furniture that will accommodate having bondage devices attached to them. Things will be discreet, almost hidden.

But one room of the house will be turned into a fantastic playroom, where I'll install all sorts of securing items. A captivity rack, loops in the walls and floors. Pulleys and assorted hanging contraptions and, of course, a closet full of ropes, chains, gags, leather and other restraints. It won't be a dungeon, but a private place of confinement of the securing of lovely ladies.

You might think that I have all the fantasies I can handle. But I do have one that I think will never come true. You might be able to guess what it is.

I wish that I could get all four of my ladies together in one place and one time to have them all tied up for one long, wonderful weekend of bondage.

They'd come there one at a time. I'd get the first one in some kind of sexy lingerie or seductive outfit, tie her up and take her to a bedroom where she is to wait. Then the next arrives and I do the same until all four are in the room. Then, I bind them different ways and to each other. It would be wild. I would even have Leah help do some of the binding before she'd receive the same fate.

I figure that I'll soon start loosing my harem. Brenda is using me for a fill in for her husband. Soon, she'll start feeling guilty and cut it off. Janet will find some guy closer to her own age and start a relationship. I hope she continues her sessions in bondage with him. That'll be one lucky guy.

As for Leah, I figure she will soon grow tired of me and go on to something else. It'll take some time, for I keep coming up with new and creative ideas of trussing her, but it will happen some day. She might even marry, but that's doubtful.

That leaves me with Susan. She was my first, and she'll be the last. She's not the most exciting, but that doesn't matter, for I think she's the best. We have a normal relationship, and I really enjoy that. She likes to be with me for the simple reason of being with me. We have fun together, do things, go places together.

She a passionate, giving lady. I give back as much as I can to her, for she's one of a kind. Maybe one day, things will work themselves out so that we will be together for a long time. I don't want to loose her and I'd gladly give the others up for her.

But for now, I'm keeping all four of my ladies happy, bound as I see fit and keeping them sexually satisfied.

The End

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3 years ago
Awesome. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
lucky bastard!!!
3 years ago
Really good story, though the wiiiiide spacing was a bit much.
3 years ago
Brilliant -- as all your stories are! More, please!! 5 Xs.

3 years ago
amazing story.well done
3 years ago
Great story! well told keep them coming!