Kinky Weekend

My Girlfriend and I get into some pretty kinky things, but a threesome with one of her friends taught us both what kinky really meant.

I was in my dorm room talking to my roommate when the phone rang. "Hello?" "Jack?" It was Brenda, my girlfriend. "Hi babe. Where you at? Been looking for you for a while." "I'm at Jill's house. Her parents are out of town for a few weeks and she wants us to keep her company this evening." "Okay. That's cool with me. I'll be over in a few." "Bye." I hung up the phone. "Well I got to take off. See you later, Tom." I Grabbed my keys and headed out the door. "Later Jack." The door closed. I always thought Jill was a little anti-social. She lived in town with the college (what a bummer) so she had to live at home. But now her parents were gone and instead of being out partying she's house-sitting.

When I got to Jill's house, Brenda met me at the door. "Jack," she said putting her arms around me and drawing me into the house as we kissed. "Nice to see you could make it." We went into the living room where Jill sat on the couch in a rather revealing gown. Her long red hair just dangling into her creamy white cleavage. I've always had a thing for redheads, but I had never found Jill attractive until now. I tried to change the subject. "What's the entertainment for the evening?"

"I'll go get them," Jill responded. She got up and disappeared into another part of the house. I sat down in the middle of the couch, and Brenda took up a position on the left of me, leaving Jill her spot on the right. I ran my fingers through Brenda's white-blonde hair. She was almost albino so her skin was as pale as Jill's. "What's she getting," I asked.

"Movies." Brenda covered my mouth with hers, to prevent any further questions. Jill returned with several video tapes and a cloth carry-bag with some yarn in it. I wondered briefly if she was into knitting. Jill put one of the tapes in and turned on the TV. "Brenda says you guys like kinky stuff. Well I have a pen-pal in Sweden who gets these really interesting videos and sends me copies. I have a pretty extensive selection." I was surprised at this, but not at all unpleased. I had been looking forward to spending all night with Brenda, but this just might turn out better.

The picture came on the screen. The dialogue was in a foreign tongue, but what was going on was obvious. A man was in a bedroom with three women, supposedly his wife and two daughters. The daughters were still in their panties, but mom was naked on the bed, spread eagled. The man had a jar of some clear oily substance and was spreading it over his wife's genitals. He worked it around with his fingers, then slid three of them into her. She moaned a little and pushed against his hand. The daughters cheered them on. Finally, the man began to push his entire fist into her vagina. I stared in amazement at the scene. I glanced over at Brenda who was biting her lip thinking about it, then to Jill who was already playing with herself through her gown. On the screen mom had flipped over onto her hands and knees, and one of the daughters' hands had replaced her father's. He was lubing up her asshole with the clear stuff. He slid two fingers in almost immediately, then took them out to replace them with his large cock. The man's cock slid in and out of her asshole until finally he pulled out and came all over her ass. The scene ended. Jill stopped the tape with the remote. "How'd you like to try that one out?" My heart and my cock jumped.

Brenda spoke before I did. "I don't know about you Jill, but I want to be on the receiving end at least once."

"Me too," Jill said, staring at me with a glazed look of lust in her eyes. She got up, stripped off her robe, and reached for the bag of yarn. She pulled out two rolls of yarn from the top to reveal an assortment of sex toys. She returned with a tube of Slippery Stuff, lay down on the floor, and began smoothing it over her pussy. Brenda had already stripped and lay down next to Jill with their pussies facing me. Soon they were both working themselves with two fingers. Brenda reached for the bag of "toys" Jill had and pulled out a rather large double-dong. Jill was really moaning at this point and Brenda motioned for me. My hard-on was straining against my pants, so I quickly removed them and my underwear and moved in.

Brenda positioned herself in front of Jill and I slid the rubber cock into their pussies. Jill moaned loudly sounding as if she would cum soon. I jerked the dildo back and forth until both girls were Cumming loudly. Their orgasms subsided and I pulled out the dildo and laid it aside. I watched the two naked female bodies, realizing my lust for Jill. She had always seemed so anti-social. Now I realize she was probably just busy pleasuring herself at home.

Jill recovered from her orgasm first. "Jack, I need a real cock. Fuck me." She spread her legs in front of me and started playing with herself again. I needed no further urging. I moved in front of her and pushed my cock into her still well-lubed cunt. Jill moaned as my cock just touched her cervix. I slid slowly back out and then slowly back in as far as I could go. Jill seemed to like this.

Brenda was fumbling around in the bag and found a strap-on dildo. She showed it to me and I nodded. She moved behind me and I could feel her fingertips spreading the lube in the crack of my ass. I spread my knees a bit and leaned forward to give her better access. As Jill and I fucked, Brenda slid two fingers into my asshole and worked them around. The almost direct stimulation of my prostate made my cock jump and I almost came. But I slowed down my strokes into Jill until I got used to the sensation.

Then I felt the head of Brenda's "cock" push its way into my ass. We had tried this with hand-held dildos, but the sensation of feeling my girlfriend fucking me up the ass was almost too much. Jill was already moaning in orgasm and the feeling was swelling inside of me as well. My entire body tingled. The cock in my ass felt like part of me, all climaxing at once. I shook as I pumped wad after wad of hot semen into Jill's vagina. I fell on top of Jill, spent, the rubber dildo still deep in my ass.

Brenda pulled the dildo out and took it off. "It's my turn now Jack," she said laying back spread wide. I pulled out of Jill and showed her my limp cock. "That's okay, you'll just have to use something else." She was looking at my hand. "That's right, Jack. Fist fuck me."

I lubricated my hand with the Slippery Stuff and worked in three fingers, then four. She wriggled on my fingers. "C'mon Jack, give me the whole thing." I pulled my fingers out, made a fist with my thumb under the fingers and pushed. I had trouble believing what I saw. I pushed my entire hand inside her pussy. It was unbelievable. She grunted as the fist passed and her muscles tightened on my wrist. "OH GOD!" she moaned.

By this time Jill was back in the game and was sucking my newly erect penis. She moved the lower half of her body toward Brenda who took the hint and rammed her fist into Jill's pussy. Jill practically purred as if returning to some familiar, but ecstatic, feeling. The sight of two girls with fists in their cunts almost made me lose it then, but again I held off. I opened the hand in Brenda's box and wiggled the fingers. Brenda Exploded in an orgasm that shook her entire body.

After Brenda stopped Cumming, I removed my hand and moved around behind Jill. She had replaced me in Brenda's pussy, and was shoving a well- oiled finger in her asshole.

I re-lubed my cock and spread Jill's ass cheeks. She grunted as I pushed into her hot rear with my throbbing erection. Her ass was nice and tight and practically milked me for cum. I looked to Brenda, who was now getting fucked in the ass by one end of the double-dong, with Jill's fist still in her pussy. Brenda pulled her hand out of Jill's cunt and started fingering my asshole. I shoved my left hand in to replace Brenda's. I opened my hand and Jill started to quake with a building climax. Brenda was getting extremely adamant with her moaning. She had worked four fingers into my asshole, and now she shoved her whole fist in. I was stroking myself off with the hand in Jill's cunt through the tissue of her rectum. When Brenda finally started to cum, she jerked her fist in and out of me and I blew my wad then. The feeling of the hot cum spurting in her asshole was finally too much for Jill, and now all three of us were a heap of orgasm. We all collapsed on top of each other, exhausted." Same time tomorrow night?" Jill asked.

"Sounds good to me," Brenda replied. "I still haven't had a fist up my ass."


Later on that evening we awoke and started watching videos again. The first video was about a girl (about 15 looking) who went into a whore house posing as a boy. Again a foreign film, but this one had English subtitles. The girl was in a hat and loose clothes to cover her femininity. A tall, voluptuous blonde walked into the room and started to undress. The girl, Bobby (Bobbi), touched the woman's breasts in wonder as she removed the underwear she had on. The woman instinctively reached for the "boy's" crotch. Not feeling a bulge she removed the hat revealing the girl's long light-brown hair.

"You're not a boy." The girl looked frightened. "Helga, there's a girl in here that thinks she's a boy," the woman called to another room.

"I've got just the thing." Helga, a large black-haired woman, appeared in the room with small bag. She looked at Bobbi. "So you think you're a boy. I'll show you what we do to little boys." Helga and the other woman stripped Bobbi naked and put her on the bed face down. They tied her spread eagled and f***ed a pillow under her middle, raising her ass into the air. The blonde proceeded to spank Bobbi's ass with her hand. The hand came down on her buttocks, smacking loudly. At first Bobbi protested, but before long she was thoroughly enjoying the spanking. The spanking stopped, leaving her creamy cheeks red. Helga pulled a narrow dildo out of the bag and strapped it on. She lubed it with something and got on top of Bobbi. She shoved the dildo into Bobbi's asshole as far as it would go. Bobbi moaned loudly and started to wiggle her ass. The dildo pulled out and plunged in again, this time deeper than before. She continued to hump the cock into Bobbi's ass until Bobbi was moaning loudly in ecstasy.

The other woman went into the bag and pulled out the remaining toys: a long thick rubber dong, a double ended dildo with vibrator base, and a really big butt plug. While Helga continued to hump Bobbi's ass, the blonde put on a camera show, spreading her ass-cheeks wide and inserting four fingers into her tremendous asshole. Then she shoved the huge butt-plug into her ass. She got behind Helga, shoved one end of the double dildo into her pussy, and the other end into Helga's asshole. Helga took the rubber dong and shoved it into Bobbi's lonely pussy. The group moved as a single mass for a while until Bobbi screamed in orgasm. The sound of her enjoyment set off the other two women and they all collapsed in a quivering heap of orgasm.

The video went off and Jill was the first to speak. "That's one of my favorites. I even went out and bought the Butt-plug just like the video. She showed us the device, much larger in real life than on the screen.

"What else do have in there?" Brenda asked, pointing at the bag.

"You might like these." Jill threw her a wad of rubber. Brenda unfolded it revealing that it was a pair of rubber panties with two dildos mounted inside.

"I like to wear them to aerobics classes. I get a really GOOD workout. Try 'em on." Brenda slid them up her legs. She spread her legs apart then, and pushed the larger of the two rubber cocks into her pussy. She motioned to me for assistance. I bent her over a cabinet and spread her ass cheeks.

"Allow me," Jill said. She had a tube of Super Anal-Lube in her hand with some sort of tube attached to it. "It's an applicator," she said before I could ask. "You'll love it." I spread Brenda's buttocks and Jill slid the applicator deep into Brenda's rectum. She squeezed the tube quickly, almost emptying it into Brenda's ass.

"Ummmm. Feels like somebody just came in my ass."

The End

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3 years ago
That was a great story.. Thanks for the share
3 years ago
awesome story.
3 years ago
Mmmmmmmm - nice one - very horny story and full of pervys funLUVers - I'd like to get some of that kinda action - hmmmmmm
3 years ago
Love the into are all you say and so much more. Keep the stories and vidoe comming. A beauty should be shared and told of her charms.

3 years ago
Great I would love to be on the receiving end of her strapon
3 years ago
Great story, thanks!
3 years ago
very good