A Firm Spanking

He turns down the lights, so low my eyes search for him walking toward me, the soft glow of four candles and the fire now the major source of illumination in the room. Tori Amos sings her piano ballad over the speakers, my excitement grows with every note. The wine glass feels heavy as he stands before me, his chest and arms glistening in the soft light. My head feels light, possibly from the wine, but also from what I know is to come. I set down the glass as my heart pounds in anticipation. He motions for me to stand, and as I do, he takes me in his strong arms and carries me to the brass bed, and turns me over.

As my arms release his broad shoulders, he gently sets me face down over the brass railing at the foot of the bed, a large pillow already in place to cushion the hard railing. His large hands, so big and so strong, gently remove my camisole, exposing my naked body to the candlelight. He steps back, removes what remains of his own clothes and I turn my head to watch him undress. I lay amazed at his brown, shiny skin and the rippling of his muscles. Naked, for a moment he stands admiring my body, and I can see that I am beautiful in his eyes.

Already aroused, he looks like a Greek statue staring at what is to be his. Without a word, he moves forward and gently strokes my bottom. I shiver in spite of the warm fire, my juices running down my leg as he slowly, tenderly, massages my bottom and my thighs, his easy caresses belying his powerful arms. He stops caressing, holding his hand in place over my right cheek, and I know it is time.

He brings back his arm, and slaps my right cheek, cupping his hand and rubbing it after the blow. He moves to my left globe and spanks it, again rubbing the sharp sting away before moving back to the right one. After only two smacks, I can already feel the heat diving from the surface of my tender skin, through my body to the core of my sex. He brings back his arm again, and smacks my right cheek. The blow is harder than the last, but I know that they will get harder still. Moving back to the left, he brings his palm down again, his massive hand nearly covering the entire cheek. As he rubs my nate, the tips of his fingers explore the crack between, down, down, until he is almost touching... And then the right cheek again, his strength beginning to show. And the left, again. The heat becomes intense, and I start to moan, softly at first, then louder as the number and power of his strokes increase. Just when I think I can't take another, he stops, and I feel the cool air, my bottom hot from him. He walks across the room, and returns with a thin belt, no longer than a c***d's belt to be sure, but powerful in his hands. He asks me if I am all right and I respond positively. I trust him, whatever pain I feel will be short compared to the pleasure that is to come. He stands before me, his small strap in hand. He doesn't double it over, instead just letting it fall to his side. Again, he admires me for a moment, increasing my apprehension, my fear, and my passion.

He brings the strap back and then forward, lashing fire across my loins. I bite my lip to avoid screaming, but the pain brings my heat to a new level. Again, the strap snaps and this time, I cannot restrain my voice. I can feel the two stripes of fire independently. He brings it back and forward once more, the small end finding the crack between my cheeks, and I let out a small scream. And again. And again. And again. My screams compete with Tori and the strap, and once again, when I am sure I cannot stand another, he stops. Across the room again he goes, as I softly weep into the feathery pillow, the heat between my legs almost as great as my welted bottom. He returns and again stands over me, but rather than fire, this time his hands deliver ice as he squeezes the cream out onto my right nate.

He again massages my cheek, this time delivering the cool cream over the raised ridges of the strap marks. The pleasure joins with the pain, and before he finishes the first cheek, I burst, the fire consuming my body. The massage, as gentle as the wind, calms me, before the fire starts again, and again. Once more he lifts me into his arms, and like putting a small c***d to bed, he gently lowers me onto the satin sheets. For the last time, he stands, adoring me, and I am languid with anticipation, lounging on the silky satin, my head resting on the soft pillows. Finally, he leans over and kisses me softly, luxuriously, his lips and tongue exploring my mouth, salty from my tears. I tingle with anticipation, as I surrender to him. His hands, made soft by the cream, cup my breasts as I moan with pleasure. His kisses became harder now, his taste mingling with his masculine scent, as he explores my lips, my face, and my neck. His desire strong, and his control going, he is at once upon me, his chest flattening my breasts, his arms and legs holding my body firmly against the satin. I reach down to touch him, to encircle his throbbing member, but I'm too late, he is already inside me. He rides me now, thrusting deep inside me, his control but not his power, completely gone. The pressure builds until the white hot shards of orgasm take us both into a world of complete and utter bliss.

The End
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