A lads trip to the Casino and lucky 17

It was while I was married and living up in UDON half way between Udonthani and Nongkai. Well me and 3 mates booked a trip over to Loa to go to the Casino.it was a new trip started by one of our Thai friends where we lived. So it was going to be a3 day 2 night trip to a Casino just out side Venten, Our wives said that we should all go and enjoy so we and help out our Thai friend with his first run so we did.
So Martin the weekend came we set off at 7:30 and was at the Boarder Crossing Freedom bridge by 10am crossed over and at 11am was on our way to the Casino resort arrived there about 1pm Friday it is in a Beautiful vale with high hills both sides and a big Lake at the end of the Vale 20K from Veinten.
Well we all Checked in we had bought some bear Loa at the duty free so stock up all our fridges with 6 beers each then went to have a look around the resort the rest of the party was made up of Thais some we knew other we just meet they all made a gang way for the full on gaming tables we looked around tried a few slots won some Bhat and hit the Bar ordered a round of cold one that was soon followed by 2 more.
When I go the forth round the waitress ask why we were drinking out in lounge bar? I said it was the first bar we saw. She then smile so cutely at me and ask if we had looked in the main Casino where Loas public could not go in against the Law. I sad yes she said then why did we not drink at the players bar in there. I said that we never saw it but why she asked?, She just smile and said if we drink at that bar as Casino guests it was a free Bar!Lol! So I took my 4 small beers back and told the lads and we agreed to go find it so we did.
The players bar stocked only big Beers and sprits but was 100% free So we had another round there. Made a plan over beers for the night hit the rooms after this rest then come down for Dinner spend some time on the slots out side then meet at up at the bar around 9.30.
This we did Martin had Dinner then Split up to do the casino crossing paths on and again I gave my self a 1000 Bath limit got 500 bhat tokens and never had to get any more buy the time we were to meet I had won 10,000 Bhat take out the 500 I was up 9,500 result met at the bar told thev guys some of then had won some were down.
So we settle in the bar a nd started drinking, we got on well with the bar keeper a young Loa guy. So Martin there we were knock them back having the crack then at 10:30 pm the bar shut not only that bar but all the resort bars the Loa bar keep let call him jap told us this was to stop Guests get too dd d***k and also make sure that they played the tables we asked if there was some place out side we could go he said yes but it was about 10k away. He told us he was on the early shift the next day and if we wanted to go then let him know and he would fix it up.
we told him we would think on that said our good byes and left had 30 more mins on the game machines I won another 2,000 bhat then we whent to one of our room and hit the duty free beers getting them from 2 of the lads room. we drank and chatted over japs offer. we were a little bit interested but had just meet the guy! In the end we said we would all sl**p on it and decide in the morning but did agree he was a member of staff at this five star(that was a joke) Hotel Casino and he himself had said what a good job that was and how luck he was to have it . So we turned in foe the night.
So we work in the next day had breakfast just chilled out chatting over the night before. The plan for the trip was a full day/night at the Casino. we decided to explore the surrounding area and check out the lake so round 10am we head out it is a scorching morning and for after walking around taking photos and shit for a bout 1 hour 5o we decide to stop at a small cafe shack and get a cold one this turned in to a round each at 20 baht a can why not.
After this we head back to the resort got back at 1:30pm lunch was at 2:30pm so hit the slots I did my 5OO Baht and by luch was up another 1,500 sweet! The other guys had all come away up as well so with the and the beers all were in a good mood.
We had long lunch (it was all you can eat Buffet) we decided that as none of us where out and out gamblers unlike the Thais in the party we would go talk to jap and take up his offer. So we went and had a round in the players bar and made plans with jap to go to this club he told us of. his shift ended at 6pm so we made plans to have an early Dinner and meet him at 8:30pm in the players bar as staff he could use that bar. It was now only 4pm and none of us were for hitting the Casino so retired to one of the room sat out on the balcany and finish the Duty free beers.
Then showered went for Dinner and hit the players bar at 8pm,( get some free bers down first) jap turned up at 8:30 we had one more round this taking it to 3 rounds since 8pm,(hey it was free right!) jap said he would order us a car he came back said it would be 25 mins till the car was there so hell one more free round!
The car turned up and we went off with jap to find this club, it turned out to be a Loa Karioke joint very nice with hostesses in tight little skirts and fuck me pumps sweet we had made sure the car was going to wait for us we had had jap talk to him and book him all night and hell we took the diver in with us got him a small beer told him to just sit wear we could see him so he sat with a big grin on his face eyeing up all the girls we knock back a few more round with girls singing in the back ground the longer we drank there the more friendly the girl got with us we bought them a bottle of local rot gut about 150baht no probs by the end of the night we all had at least one sat with us or on our knee. I had this nice young firm bodied thing sat on my knee and another d****d my left arm leaving my right hand free for my beer Lol, At 12pm in Loa all pubs and clubs shut down be you can buy take out so we got some beers 2 each and more rot gut for thev girls talked bar fine they jap said that hotel would only let us bring one girl each back so with my beer glasses on I looked over the two that were foundling me and the little lean thing on my lap felt great so that was that.
So we pick the driver up and jap payed the bar fine around about 150 per girl and went back to the Resort the girls had to sign in show id then up to one of our rooms with the booze for a bit of a party well the little thing I had brought back jumped stright back on my knee and started to french kiss me rubbing against me. I stood this for 1 beer then taking her by the hand said it was time to turn in got bmy other beer and took her to my room we had done the ground work how much in the bar so payed the 1,000 for the night and fucked her brains out!
Next morning woke up with one look at that that lean firm body d****d over me well smooth brown skin little buds of tits and dark downy pussy had me hard again and I slid my hand down and slow stroked her clit till she was all wet and let out a little moan put no my rain coat and slipped in to her we fuck away me on top, her on top finishing off doggy from the back god was she tight I reach the point of no return pulled out ripped my condom off and shot my hot fresh load over her little brown Ass Yes. Showered got dressed I the cold light of day and with out my beer glasses I notice how young she looked(now you know as well as me Asian weman all look younger than they) but this seemed too you so I as her how old are so it took some doing but I got there in the end I said me sii sip hok (46) you and pointed to her she smiled and said sip jet(17) shit that young she could be my Daughter crap!
Anyway deed done now no way back so went down meet the guys and other bunnies over breakfast then give them a hourb in the casino I gave my girl 500 baht of tokens told her to pick the gamres and we split 50/50 came away with 2,500 I took my 500 back and 1,000 for me an extra !,000 for her the put them in a taxi and that was it.
So Maztin that is the tale of me ending up fucking my lucky 17 year old girl in Loa.
38% (3/5)
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